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EMS union prez isn’t buying fire chief’s explanation of cutting at firehouse

DC fire officials insist there is nothing more to the stabbing at the Georgetown firehouse Tuesday night than “negligent horseplay”. Now, Kenneth Lyons, president of the union representing civilian EMS workers in the District of Columbia tells STATter 911 he isn’t buying the official explanation of the incident that was outlined in a statement by DC Fire & EMS Department Chief Dennis Rubin.

Lyons identifies the injured man as Ed McLaughlin, an 18-year member of the department, who is currently an EMT-Advanced. Lyons says McLaughlin was not participating in horseplay before or after Lt. Lawrence Clark pulled out a knife. Clark was at the quarters of Engine 5 to pick up his gear for an overtime shift at Truck 5, stationed at the Palisades firehouse.

Whatever the motive, no one disputes that it was Clark who was swinging the knife in McLaughlin’s direction on the front ramp of the station. McLaughlin needed ten stitches to close a wound on the top of one of his hands.

DC Fire & EMS Department spokesman Alan Etter said that McLaughlin did not wish to press charges and that police did not arrest Lt. Clark. Lyons claims that McLaughlin is likely to swear out a warrant for assault on Friday.

Lyons is upset over what he says was a delay by Lt. Clark’s bosses in placing Clark on administrative leave. According to Lyons, Clark was still working at Truck 5 for a few hours after the incident.

In Wednesday’s statement Chief Rubin wrote, “two of our employees were involved in what has been characterized at this point as ‘negligent horseplay’ by investigating law enforcement”. He continued, “One of the employees, both of whom were on-duty, brandished a small knife and in the course of this ‘playing around’, cut the other individual across the hand”.

According to Lyons, Ed McLaughlin told both the battalion chief and deputy chief who initially looked into the incident there was no horseplay.

Contacted Wednesday evening, department officials stood by the statement issued earlier in the day.


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  • Anonymous

    perhaps the LT can call the police chief and ask for some professional courtesy and get off – just like the rube did last week. Bottoms up !!!!

  • Anonymous

    boys will be boys what is all the fuss about…I have been hurt before from horse play we cleaned up the mess and paid for stuff to get fixed…this modern fire department sucks…I quit

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mr Lyons, what about a couple of AFGE memebers arrested off duty and still in a patient contact status????

  • Tom B

    Please do quit.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, what's the world coming to when a company officer can't lacerate an employee's hand in good fun? Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

  • Anonymous

    Ed tell the truth and be a man and make your own decision your not kenneth lyons puppet

  • Anonymous

    what makes you think Ed isn't telling the truth. Oh I see you must be a **. and Mr. Lyons is not by any means a puppet master he is looking out for his members. Please don't throw stones regarding PCS of any employee with this department it just might hit your glass house.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently Ed told the truth at the ER. The ER called the police since they are a mandatory reporter. Just as all at that fire house are mandatory reporters of crimes.
    That is the rule for EMT’s of all levels. Oh but not all in the department are EMT's, or want to become EMT's. Those folks passed on the Kool aide.

  • Anonymous

    amazing, as if DCFD doesn't have enough problems that you have to make problems/matters worse. Boys will be boys!! They should not of been playing around anyway; that's when injuries happen. Accidents happen, that is why they are called accidents. Make peace and put everyone back to work!!

  • Anonymous

    I bet if it had been you there would not be boys will be boys, I bet you would want things to be handled no other way if a EMS provider messed around with a knife and you received a injury you would be blowing your horn to beat the band. Please

  • Anonymous

    you can take your :if had been me crap and stuff it: if it had been me I would not of been bullshitting around and if it had been me I as previously stated by Mclaughlin and Clark that it was an accident and let it go. Who gives a f…!!! Sh.. happens. Yes I agree that it should not at work, but when people get bored, people do STUPID things, as such a stupid thing has happened. You need to get over it.