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Hit and run driver critically injures Delaware volunteer

Michelle Smith from Delaware City Fire Company website

Michelle Smith, a member of the Delaware City Fire Company working at a crash scene near New Castle on Saturday night, was critically injured by a hit and run driver. The EMT has undergone surgery after suffering head injuries and fractures. Reports are that Smith did speak to those treating her at the scene. also has details.

Here is more from The News Journal:

A 30-year-old motorcyclist was critically injured in a crash on U.S. 13 near New Castle late Saturday, and an emergency medical technician was seriously injured when she was struck by a car while working at the crash scene, officials said.

The initial accident — involving only the motorcycle — happened about 10 p.m. at School Lane, in front of New Castle Airport, state police Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh reported.

A Delaware City Fire Company ambulance stopped to assist, and while a female EMT treated the motorcycle operator, a New Castle County police officer also stopped to assist.

Another vehicle, possibly a BMW, sideswiped the police car and spun out of control, striking the 29-year-old EMT, Whitmarsh said. The motorcyclist also may have been struck by the car.

The EMT was treated by New Castle County paramedics and admitted to Christiana Hospital in serious condition, said paramedics spokesman Cpl. Peter T. Small.

Small said the motorcycle operator suffered head and chest injuries and also was admitted to Christiana.


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  • Anonymous

    Was she wearing her new vest and did it help?

  • Texas Firefighter

    Wow, I sincerely hope that isn't sarcasm. Does donning the vest make you bulletproof from a murderous SOB in a BMW who has reserved their own special spot in hell? No it doesn't.

    I don't suppose my blocking lanes of traffic with the engine will help if a train decides to derail, fly two miles through the air, with a dinosaur sitting on board, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing away at the top of their lungs, but I can understand the principle behind it all.

    Grow-up. Put on the vest. Believe it or not, there are actually white hats who want you to go home at the end of your shift.