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Update: More on Delaware volunteer struck by hit & run driver

Photo from The News Journal, Spec

More information from Chief Billy Goldfeder at The Secret List

Official statement from Delaware City Fire Company issued on Monday

Some new information from The News Journal on Saturday’s crash that injured Delaware City Fire Company’s Michelle Smith. Here is the latest article by Ira Porter:

Police have identified two people injured when they were struck by a driver following a motorcycle accident on U.S. 13 near New Castle on Saturday night, and officials said they are still searching for a BMW driver who fled the scene in another car.

The initial accident happened when Edward Reiss, 30, of New Castle, lost control of his 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle while riding south on U.S. 13 at School Lane, in front of New Castle Airport, about 9:50 p.m., police said.

A Delaware City emergency medical technician, Michelle Smith, 30, arrived and began to treat Reiss.

Then, a New Castle County police officer came to the scene.

The officer noticed a 2004 BMW 760 speeding in his direction and got back into his car to avoid being struck, according to state police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh.

The BMW then sideswiped the officer’s car, Whitmarsh said, but also lost control and struck Smith and Reiss, who were both on the ground.

Whitmarsh said the BMW stopped on the shoulder of the road, but shortly after another vehicle pulled up alongside and the driver got inside it and fled the scene.

Smith and Reiss were taken to Christiana Hospital for serious injuries and are listed in stable condition, Whitmarsh said.

A 500 foot stretch of the road was closed down for four hours.

State and New Castle County police are investigating.

Michelle Smith from Delaware City Fire Company website


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  • crs224akameema

    Um, let me get this straight, without having a definitive time line: the police officer saw the speeding car coming and got into his vehicle and left the EMT and patient on the ground – did he at least shout a warning or anything? Then the car struck the police car and continued on and struck the people on the ground, came to rest and 'shortly after' another car came along and the driver got in to it. Where was the police officer while this was happening, still hiding out in his car? Or maybe it was so badly damaged he couldn't get out of it? Or maybe he first went to help the people who had beens truck? Or maybe he just didn't do anything? Seems to me something is left out of either this story, or the officer's actions. I hope the EMT was not badly injured and that her recovery is swift and complete.

  • Anonymous

    This whole story sound really fishy and I agree that it seems something has been left out. Poor Michelle and her family. I hope she makes it out of this but it's not looking good for her. My prayers are with her family and please find the person responsible and bring justice for this poor woman and her family!

  • John R.

    Geeze, what'sm with the animosity tword the PD? True, the initial version of the story does not make sense. Does it ever? Blame that on the media for not knowing enough to even ask the right questions. The whole tory will out in a few weeks. Until then I council patience.

  • Anonymous

    the police officer was just about to exit his car when he saw the oncoming car. even if he had have yelled something she wouldn't have had time to react. this is the fault of that driver who fled, not the police officer. pray for her family during this tragic time.