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Delaware city volunteer Michelle Smith dies after being struck by driver who fled crash scene

Michelle Smith, a volunteer with the Delaware City Fire Company, has died from injuries she received at an accident scene Saturday night. While assisting the victim of a motorcycle crash on US 13 at School Lane in New Castle County, she was struck by a motorist who fled the scene.

Police are still looking for the driver of a BMW who abandoned the car and then drove off in another vehicle.

Delaware City Fire Company

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  • Anonymous

    This is horrible news. My prayers go out to Michelle's family and friends, and her brother and sister EMTs and firefighters.
    C. McGowan
    Kensington VFD
    Kensington, MD

  • Texas Firefighter

    I hope when they catch FF Smith's killer they ship that piece of slime to a state with a death penalty that utilizes a steamroller.

    I'll admit to not possessing a great understanding of how the police do their job. But either the car was driven by the original owner, or it was stolen, and has prints. Hey PD, if this were a cop killer you'd be on it. Get with the program and catch this piece of scum.

    And to the @$$hole who asked if she was wearing her vest: Please have the decency and dignity to visit her grave and apologize to her.

  • Al Rodecap

    Our condolences to her family, friends, fellow EMT's, and Firefighters. This is a tragedy to all. Her family will be in our prayers.

    For what little comfort it will bring, her parents, her fire company, and her fellow EMT's are not alone. She is now with God, and her parents are now part of our family as well.

    She will never be forgotten.

    Al & Linda
    Parents of Jeremy Rodecap
    Middletown – Fall Creek EMS – Unit 191
    Last Call December 3, 2005