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UPDATED: Trooper Daniel Martin’s lawyer says Paramedic Maurice White Jr. is a “danger to the community”. Watch raw video of press conference.

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Above is an almost 8-minute version of the press conference. Click here for the entire 1-hour and 9-minutes (well worth listening to get all of the details of Trooper Martin’s defense).

June 16 update: Paramedic White says Trooper Martin should have badge and gun taken away

Paramedic White’s attorney responds to Trooper Martin’s attorney

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Trooper Daniel Martin’s attorney has spoken and he blames the May 24 confrontation in Peden, Oklahoma on Paramedic Maurice White Jr. Attorney Gary James said that White repeatedly got in the way as Trooper Martin attempted to perform his duties during the traffic stop of the Creek Nation ambulance.

White’s attorney has responded to Monday’s press conference saying his client was responding to unlawful actions by the trooper.

Here are excerpts from Tulsa World reporter Manny Gamallo’s latest story:

James said Martin had tried to talk to the driver about the failure to yield and the finger gesture but White kept interfering between the trooper and Franks, despite repeated requests by the trooper for White to get back into the ambulance.

It was after those repeated requests that Martin attempted to arrest White and a scuffle broke out as the paramedic attempted to resist arrest, James said.

A second scuffle broke out on the side of the ambulance as the trooper tried to arrest Martin again. Right or wrong, James said, the trooper had the authority to arrest someone. White didn’t have the right to fight the trooper back, he said.


James also released photos showing bruises and welts on the trooper’s arms. The photos were taken four days after the incident, James said.

“A person who’ll fight an officer is a danger to the community,” James said, adding that White is a “danger to the community.”

He also urged reporters at a news conference to check into White’s background, noting that he had worked for the Muskogee and Mayes County EMS systems.

Martin has been on paid administrative leave since June 1.

He has undergone repeated threats, such as drive-by shootings, and people attempting to hack into his e-mail account since the May 24 incident, a video of which was recorded on a cell phone and posted on the Internet.

It was because of those incidents that he requested to be put on administrative leave, James said.

Paramedic White’s attorney, Richard O’Carroll, talked with KOTV-TV’s Tara Vreeland about Monday’s press conference. Here are excerpts:

“He could have let the air out of this completely. ‘I was wrong and I’m sorry and it was a mistake,'” said Richard O’Carroll, attorney for paramedic Maurice White.

“Everything on this needs to relate back to why are we here? One man is there protecting a patient and one man is there abusing his authority and throwing his weight around,” said Richard O’Carroll, attorney for paramedic Maurice White.

But, who was abusing who may be up to a court to decide. At a news conference, Gary James, the attorney representing OHP Trooper Daniel Martin, showed pictures of bruises that Maurice White allegedly inflicted on Martin. James says White resisted arrest, but O’Carroll says not so fast.

“He was lawfully behaving against an unlawful action and in this state, that’s appropriate,” said attorney Richard O’Carroll. “In Oklahoma, what we call a Wild West state, if the policeman’s actions are inappropriate, you have a right to reasonably resist.”

The next big question in the debate is what will happen next?

“Given Trooper Martin’s attitude on this, I believe that I am going to have to instruct him as to what is right and what is wrong in this state. But, my client takes a different point of view, he still hopes that the government will handle this so he won’t have to, but I’ll definitely do it,” said Richard O’Carroll, attorney for paramedic Maurice White.

Attorney Gary James asked those at his Monday news co
nference to look into Maurice White’s history in Mayes County and Muskogee.

O’Carroll said there’s nothing untoward or inappropriate.


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  • Tom

    Yet this same attorney attempted to explain his client's actions by saying he (Trooper Martin) was suffering from the effects of returning from duty in Iraq. It sounds like Trooper Martin is the danger to the community and someone needs to get him some PTSD help, before he hurts someone.

  • Anonymous

    The trooper is far more a danger to the community as we all saw him totally out of control. He had no business stopping the ambulance in the first place besides he had no business showing off for his wife and trying to be a big shot for her.
    Mr. White showed much control in a situation that was caused by the trooper and in light that the trooper was assaulting him he should have, and could have, taken the trooper down. That little trooper would have been a hearten cop if Mr. White didn’t use great control. He would be my first pick for my team.

  • Ray

    It's pretty clear who the danger to the community is. No amount of spin can alter what we've all seen; facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

    White had a duty as a supervisor to be outside the ambulance. As the senior emergency service worker on the scene it was his responsibility to advise Martin that there was a patient in transport and that interference with the transportation is illegal, so that they could resume the providing proper care to their patient.

    The message by Martin's attorney is reckless. The message indicates that Martin has not learned from his mistake and prefers to take a punitive route against a civil servant doing his job correctly and to the best of his ability until Martin improperly interfered.

    I had a measure of sympathy for Martin, because I heard that he's recently returned from the madness in Iraq, but the attorney's message quashed that. Martin obviously needs to learn his lessons in another capacity, like behind a broom in a closed government building away from decent people.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a smear job to me. The whole bit about "looking into White's background" is irrelevant. Not that the press won't go and do it. Who knows, maybe there is something there. But the fact remains that White is employed as an EMT, so he probably has some minimal qualifications and professionalism (ie- limited brushes with the law). Regardless, everyone has seen the video now and the fact, as eloquently stated by the DA is that Trooper Martin's behavior from the onset was inappropriate.

    Heck, most people wouldn't think that a failure to yield had even occurred meriting the pull over. And, as we all know, flipping off the cops isn't a crime.

    I think Maurice White could have handled the situation better, but clearly he was frustrated when Trooper Martin failed to acknowledge that they were working a medical issue and could deal with the problem later. The video clearly shows that Trooper Martin is not hearing what he is being told, but is focused on enforcing his authority over the driver.

  • Anonymous

    Having watched all the available videos, it's clear to all that Trooper Martin was out of line and PM White clearly identified himself as the officer in charge of the ambulance and acted in a professional manner right up until Tpr. Martin grabbed him without provocation. A jury of peers is going to have an issue with PM White's behavior and is going to slam the OSP. It's probably best to go for the "Mea Culpa" as soon as possible….

  • Mark B

    Well, The Trooper hired himself an Ambulance chaser did he!!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they are trying damage control. Thank God the family got everything on video. I think White would have been treated so differently if they did not.

  • Anonymous

    Ok so it is now the medic who is the bad guy You have got to love lawyers.From my view this super trooper needs to go away to jail
    Some say oh well he just came back from millitary duty he was PTSD My be so the give him a rubber gun and badge and let him protect a water fountain. PTSD hlaf my states MP unit has been in Iraq about 3 times now and have seen heavy combat . Most work as law enforcement none have pulled ambulances over to show how big or small thier private parts are . This super tropper hates the fact that EMS is here we are the bad little step son they must drag to a call because they can't shoot the sick ( and yes i have had issue with LEO on scenes ) Just because you enforce the law does not give you the right to be above the law

    But I belive the outcome will be OHP will give this tropper the medal of valor for is actions above and beyond the call of Duty and RAGE for stopping the dreaded failure to yeild ( because I want to take my Pt to the hospital)

  • Jay911

    Trooper Martin and those defending him (i.e. his lawyer) and/or vilifying Medic White clearly do not understand the paramilitary organization of EMS and Fire agencies. Just like the fire captain has the final say on a pumper (and has been arrested before for disobeying a cop's orders, and been awarded damages because of that), the crew chief on an ambulance has the final say and is the person the trooper should have been talking to in the first place.

    Hopefully some time soon, sanity will return (or arrive in the first place?) to Oklahoma.

  • Anonymous

    So the Trooper has hired hinself an Ambualnce chaser! Couldn't help myself too obvious!

  • Anonymous

    Give me a BREAK!!!, This cop needs FIRED and NEVER to be hired by NO Police Department. Period!!!. The Medic "CLEARLY" Said "I'M IN CHARGE" unless other states are different then mine, The" MEDIC" is "IN CHARGE" Again this cop was doing NOTHING more then acting like a HOT SHOT and needs to be FIRED and take some anger classes on how to treat people and act normal..

  • Anonymous

    The story is played out Dave.

  • Anonymous

    Paramedic White very CLEARLY and calmly said at the on set, we've got a patient and "You can take me to jail when we get to the hospital."

    How is it an endangerment to the community when a medical professional very calmly says, I will surrender once I have met my duty of care to my patient?

    The danger to the community is the individual who is completely ignoring the patient and acting like a 2 year old.

  • Eric

    Why did the officer wait four days before taking pictures of his "injuries?" Insert your own joke about chain of custody here.

    Nice golf clubs, Gary.

  • Anonymous

    The Atty said "A person who'll fight an officer is a danger to the community". If his client was the paramedic instead, wouldn't he say "A person who'll fight a paramedic is a danger to the community"?

  • MD_EMT21740

    The problem here is the simple fact that the Trooper Stated. They were not running lights so they have to abide all traffic laws. And I agree about the comment of the Paramedic ignoring the patient. The Paramedic should lose his license for ABANDONMENT which is what he did leaving the patient alone. The Paramedic also got in the way of the Trooper doing his job with the Driver. The Paramedic is incharge of care, the driver is incharge of the safe transport.

    The Trooper may have been aggresive, but when you have one person being defiant and a crowd gathering….. The tension get thick!

  • Anonymous

    Well now we know that cops can read well enough to post here. Go figure!

  • Anonymous

    All this did was give the story legs for another week. If this ambulance chaser had not made his statement, this story would be over with by end of the week…now we got more stuff to make fun of!

    STILL no one has asked why a stolen car is considered an emergency! Running lights and siren ALWAYS puts the other people on the road in danger ALWAYS… Maybe the ambulance companys lawyer should ask about charging the cop with reckless endangerment. High speed code 3 for a stolen car???? Oh come on!

  • Anonymous

    State Trooper Daniel Martin should go to prison and get some of what he was dishing out.

  • Kurt

    Why was the Trooper Going at least 100 miles per hour on a small road when clearly there was no real emergency at the original scene he was called to. Was this a joy ride to impress the wife? He is the danger not the EMT. I only heard reason from the EMT from the start, "Arrest me at the Hospital"

  • Anonymous

    Paramedic White is my hero! I've been working in EMS for 16 years-EMT-I…and we have to put up with many forms of abuse from our patients, but we are also taught to keep our cool.
    This trooper is the one who is a "danger to society"! This attorney says that the trooper knew the medics, had worked with them often. Then why, if he had a problem with them, didn't he just go to the hospital and discuss this then, after they had turned over patient care? Paramedic White was clearly the professional here! He stated several times "I'll talk to you AFTER I have turned my patient care over".
    The trooper knew where they were going, why not follow them there? The trooper knew them and their company, why not complain to their supervisor if he had a problem with them?
    From what I saw in all the videos…the ambulance did not break any laws. So the EMT did not see the trooper for a "few seconds",as he had a car in front of him that was pulling over, he definitely did not want to take his eyes off vehicles in front of him, as some tend to slam on brakes when the hear sirens.. but when he did, he pulled over to let the trooper pass.
    If he had radio contact with the ambulance, (he did have a smartass comment to them over the radio) then why didn't he ask to speak with them "after" they had delivered their patient?
    This whole situation sickens me…and makes me very thankful that we have a great working relationship with the cops in my area, because we have to work together daily.

  • Anonymous

    When this story first broke and I saw the first video I thought that the trooper was extremely wrong. But after looking and listening to the other side the paramedic was way out of line, abandoned his pt. and took this I answer to no one attitude. The trooper was talking to the operator of the vehicle. He should be arrested for assault and the trooper should be given sensitivity training. But honestly I was quick to judge and everyone should do as statter said and watch the full video. Sometimes one video does not give the complete picture it takes several to make a fair conclusion. I am curious why this paramedic has worked for so many agencies.

  • Anonymous

    If police departments are considered paramilitary organizations. Isn't the organization only as strong as its weakest link? To be a member of a law enforcement organization,would it not be prudent to employ only those with honesty?

    Is it not true that good judgment is a prerequisite for those that make their living as law enforcement officers?
    Good judgment is the ability to ascertain the seriousness of a situation. The ability to put ego aside. Having the ability to safely make good decisions based upon astute observation.

    If so,Trooper Martin has failed at an incredible level. He failed to listen to the EMT ( several times) that there was a patient in the ambulance. He failed to consider his own safety-as well as the safety of others. The video doesn't lie ( In fact,that's why police departments use them to capture criminals) .Ergo,he has no credibility after reading his version of the events and what the video has captured. The man is a liar.

    He's also a liability to the department.

    Trooper Martin will do this again. Unfortunately,next time,Trooper Martin (due to his inflated sense of ego) will not only cause the senseless death of a civilian,he may (because of his lack of maturity,inabilities, and lack of understanding of the seriousness of his duties) actually cause the death of a fellow officer . The last thing any military and law enforcement organization needs is a hot tempered,immature,reckless, egotistical,and blind individual within its ranks. The chain of command is only as strong as its weakest link. Martin needs to be fired.

    If the department is unwilling to fire Martin,perhaps Oklahoma has a much,much more lower standard for their officers than most of us had previously realized.

  • Jorge

    INCREDIBLE! Talk about a power trip!!

    HELLOOOOOO THERE IS A PATIENT IN THE AMBULANCE!!!!!! Let them go to the hospital you trooper a-hole!!!

    How many times did the EMT tell him about the patient, about 100?

    The trooper should be arrested and fired!

    This Cop is no different than a freaking Taliban militia Soldier who has to beat the crap out of a woman for not covering her face "because it's the law"

    Man I hope they sue the city , the state trooper dept for Millions and Millions of dollars, they are so frggin backwards

  • Anonymous

    My daughter just graduated law school and I hope and pray that she will never feel compelled to resort to such grave distortions of facts on the behalf of a client as Attorney Gary James has done.
    1) Trooper Martin may be a “good man”; however, he was terribly WRONG in this situation. No attempts toward assignation of Mr. White’s character will change the facts of this situation. People, please review the facts of THIS situation.
    2) Mr. White as the paramedic in the unit was in charge of the patient’s care AND was legally responsible if this care was NOT received. Please note that Mr. White attempted to return to the ambulance very shortly after his initial exit. Count the seconds. If Trooper Martin had placed handcuffs on Mr. White who would have taken care of the patient?
    3) The absence of ambulance lights and sirens does not equal the lack of an emergency situation. My son was transported to a hospital via ambulance a few years ago. The first few minutes of the transport were without lights and siren; however his condition changed and lights and siren were later used.
    4) Law abiding Oklahoma citizens are terribly frightened by Trooper Martin's behavior and the OHP chief's lack of appropriate disciplinary actions.

    Please Trooper Martin, for the well-being of the people of the state of Oklahoma, admit your wrongs, apologize, and receive treatment; it is the manly, courageous, and right thing to do.

  • Anonymous

    Wow the way i see it is the Trooper was so mad about the ambulance not pulling over for him. When he made it to the gas station he was there for all of what 10 15 seconds and his anger was boiling over so bad he didnt care if the other officers needed help there or not he was going to go show his power and thats what he set out to do. HERE NOW like he was talking to a K9 his first words. towards the end at other side of the ambulance if i was a betting man I bet shooting white was going though Martins head. I feel sorry for Martins Wife. Power Control all the time I bet. I hope he looses his badge for good before he really hurts someone.

  • Anonymous

    Another example of a power hungry law enforcement officer. It's always their way or the highway. You can tell by the video that the trooper let his emotions get the best of him. His testosterone level was so high that he most likely didn't even stop to think about the situation.

  • Anonymous

    The immaturity of Martin is frightening. He actually got on an offical radio and made a smart assed comment to the paramedic. Trooper martin has only been with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for 2 years. Looks like he is another bad seed cop, going from police job to police job – please pull the plug on this guy. Someone can get killed or sent to prison on his word. Scary stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Why would the trooper head back and stop the Ambulance? Why? Why? and Why? He thinks he is above the law!
    Common Sense should kick in and not his emotional power trip! The trooper needs more training….

  • Anonymous

    If this thug is "suffering" from ptsd then why on earth is he walking among normal people with a gun and too much POWER. He should have a rubber gun and a rubber room to live in. This war in Iraq is where our next generation of cop/thugs will come from and this behaviour is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Anonymous

    10 seconds, that is what this incident escalated from and from what I can see it was escalated by the trooper, not the medic. If you are really going to pull an ambulance over for that then you should think about why you are a cop in the first place, because it probially isn't for the right reasons. Now this lawyer is paradeing the "bruises" that the trooper got in the scuffle that he created in hopes that he won't look like the bad guy. Well, what about the bruises on the medic's neck? Let's not forget about that little move!

    If you can't get along with people, never mind other public servants, you need to go away and not be a cop anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope that trooper Martins lawyer is getting paid well to break all the lies down to defend him so well. Just fire him and get it over with he needs mental help send him back to the goverment to treat him for PTSD since that is part of the defense he wants to use.

  • Anonymous

    The attorney is proving to be as big a truth fabricator as Trooper Martin. Facts: 1. TPR Martin's speed was excessive and he outran his siren. 2. Ambulances generally don't have "rear-view mirrors" just side and the trooper was in a blind spot. 3. The medic's "veering" over the yellow line was his moving to the left to pass the car which DID have a rear view mirror. 4. The time it took the ambulance to pull over was not excessive and he did so immediately after passing the car. I'm sure even LE is shaking their heads on this one….

  • Anonymous

    That photo of Martin with the yellow shirt looks like a perv pic from Craiglist.

    Btw,maybe Martin is looking for a way to collect disability.

  • Anonymous

    Like the trooper who arrested a fire captain for blocking a lane, It was all about power to this trooper. As the ambulance was from the rez, and it appears that Maurice had some pigment in his skin, there is no doubt in my mind that there was a racial component to this as well. And this opinion is coming at you from a white 50 yr old redneck hick from the land of the dirt people. I am tired of LE treating us (fire EMS) like crap every time they get a burr under their saddle. I appreciate that they have a tough job, but so do we. Martin is a discrace to his agency and a threat to his community. Shame Shame Shame on him. His peers should uncircle the wagons and make him come clean.
    Thanks for letting me rant.
    I would post my name, but I know that I would pay for it on the street.

  • Anonymous

    It looks to me, as can be viewed in the video that the bruise occured when the trooper slamed his shoulder into the side of the medic unit trying to get his hands around the medics neck. When did it become lawful to strangle people? Better yet, how can any reasonable person offer any defense for the troopers actions? Maybe he would be better suited working for Wackenhut guarding a lumber yard on the midnight shift.

  • Anonymous

    Why did it take four days for him to take a picture of the bruises? And a better question is why did it take his attorney so long to do an interview. Guess they had to come up with answers and stories that favor the officer. Videos don't lie, they cannot justify the troopers actions.

  • Anonymous

    The first question here is if the patient in the ambulance was the trooper's mom, how would he have handle the situation.
    The ambulance driver did move over once he cleared the vehicle on the side of the road.
    The second question, is it against the constitution to flip the bird at an Oklahoma State Trooper.

  • GabbyMedic

    From a Paramedic's point of view, I am more disturbed after watching Trooper Martin's dash-cam. Trooper Martin obviously has never driven an ambulance. 1)The rear-view mirror is mainly used for keeping an eye on the EMT/Medic in the back and doesn't give the driver a clear view like most standard vehicles 2)Trooper Martin pulled over an ambulance that caused him a 10 sec. delay, really 3)Was all that yelling by Martin necessary? He does have anger issues, Can we say PTSD 4)Initially, I didn't have a problem with Paramedic White stepping away from his patient, but, now, I do. Trooper Martin's unprofessionalism kept White away from his patient longer than it should have. He (White) could have made his point without irritating Trooper Martin even more, and that was unprofessional also. Still, there is no doubt in my mind that Trooper Martin's actions caused a delay in getting a patient to higher medical care. How would Trooper Martin feel if that was his wife in the back of an ambulance and another Trooper pulled it over for a MINOR DRIVING INFRACTION! Trooper Martin, admit your actions were wrong and learn from it (to error is human) and fire your attorney or anyone else who feels it's ok to pull over an ambulance with a patient in the back. Did we forget to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid?) FOLLOW THE AMBULANCE TO THE ER.

  • db

    The trooper may be an angry good ole' boy but the EMT made things worse. Watch the video and listen to what's said. Had he stayed in the ambulance and left the cop yell at the driver for a minute everything would've been fine and they would've been on their way to the hospital. But the EMT obviously thought he was "the man" and was going to assert his authority over the trooper. Hmmmmm…I wonder who has more power in this situation???? Had they both stepped back and taken a deep breath…they both would've realized they were acting like idiots. In this case, the idiot with the most power (The Trooper) wins. And like it or not, the facts (and the video) all point to him being right! There is no other conclusion to be drawn here.

  • Anonymous

    Thats US people, you make an torturist and killer in Iraq and a year after you bring him home as a trooper. Very smart!

    I think the white people of America still has such big problem with the afro-americans that they think they can behave like this – just like some decades ago.

    Fire the ass of a trooper I say!

  • Vin

    [quote]Attorney Gary James said that White repeatedly got in the way as Trooper Martin attempted to perform his duties during the traffic stop of the Creek Nation ambulance.[/quote]

    What exactly were the trooper's duties and what were the EMS crews duties?

  • AgentJayTee

    This officer is completely in the wrong. His duty is to protect the citizens of the United States, yet he placed a woman's life on the line. Why? Ego.

  • db

    Trooper Martin may be an angry good ole' boy but EMT White made things worse. Watch the video and listen to what's said. Had he got back in the ambulance or at least backed up a little, the trooper would have yelled at the driver for a minute and they would've been on their way. They could've had a good laugh over beers that night about the "angry" trooper who gave them a hard time. But the EMT obviously thought he was "the man" and was going to assert his authority over the trooper. Hmmmmm…I wonder who has more power in this situation???? Had they both stepped back and taken a deep breath…they both would've realized they were acting like fools. Sorry to say…but EMT White is a big guy and he looked ready for a confrontation. In this case, the fool with the most power (The Trooper) wins. And like it or not, the facts (and the video) all point to him being in the right even if we admit to how outrageous this whole event is. At no time in the video did the trooper seem out of control. He seemed a little petty and foolish for wasting his time and reacting in anger. But he made his demands loud and clear and you could tell he knew he was on video. Plus, with all the family members huddling around and video taping, it made the situation that much more confrontational and hard to control. The trooper did open the back of the ambulance and assure the patient that she would be taken to the hospital very soon. I think Trooper Martin and EMT White should get together and have a beer and forget this whole thing ever happened.

  • Anonymous

    If this jackass trooper came back from Iraq, then he should have been more respectful toward the EMT. Medics/Corpsman always risk thier own lives out on the battlefield to save our troops. And if he was a war vet, then he should do the right thing and call off this stupid lawsuit.

  • ryan

    To me I think both sides are at fault. The trooper should have listened to the EMT's when they said they are taking someone to the hospital and to please follow them and deal with it there. White should have listened to the officer and let the driver and officer take care of it. Trooper Martin and Mr White made a situation worse and I think both should be fired.

  • Tim

    Road rage by cop, plain and simple. I would like to know where in the OHP's Policies and Procedures it allows troopers to engage in road rage. And I hope someone in the news media DEMANDS that (Storm) Trooper Martins work history be released to the public.

  • Watchdog

    Ask yourself: What on earth would ever present a situation where a choke hold is used on a fellow first responder? IF a homeland incident ever occurs would you want this fool responding?
    What would you have done if this trooper had been in your face? This EMT did an outstanding job in restraining himself. (I can't say I would have been as calm in the face of such stupidity from the trooper). The trooper needs SERIOUS COUCH TIME-and should be removed from the force. Keep in mind this unbalanced person has a gun on his hip. God help us all with a fool like this in a squad car. Thankfully-a bad incident was caught on video.
    His lawyer is a pathetic example of "spin" going into a "whiffle bird" situation.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this idiot EMT loses his job over his lies. We've now seen the dashboard cam evidence and this is yet another example of an individual who has blatant disregard for the law and openly lies to make false allegations.

    It's time for scum like this to start paying for their mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    This trooper is a loaded gun waiting to go off. He needs to be taken as far away from the public as possible. We don't need jack booted thugs as peace officers. I also think there's a lot a racism in this, as it is a Creek Nation ambulance with a black EMT. Seriously I would like to see EMT White press charges, he has all the evidence he needs in this video to get this ASSHOLE off our streets.

  • Anonymous

    Shameful conduct on both sides. The Trooper was more wrong for being unable to control himself and deserves a lengthy suspension. The paramedics were also wrong and deserve a shorter suspension. C*ck fights don't belong in public service, period. The Trooper instigated the incident by making unnecessary comments on the radio. If the Trooper can not handle some moron making a hand gesture then he doesn't deserve to be a cop. He needs to grow up and should receive mandatory anger management if he wants to keep his job.

  • Concerned Oklahoma citizen

    Quote from earlier today:

    "I hope this idiot EMT loses his job over his lies. We've now seen the dashboard cam evidence and this is yet another example of an individual who has blatant disregard for the law and openly lies to make false allegations.

    It's time for scum like this to start paying for their mistakes."

    Obviously posted by soon-to-be-ex-trooper Martin…what a moron! I'll bet it takes him two hours to watch "60 Minutes!" He's just pissed off because his ego won't fit in the Crown Vic, and the OHP won't give him a Suburban. "Moron Martin" is the reason Denny's has picture menus!

  • Anonymous

    Watching the first video, it appears they are both wrong. Watching the second video makes it clear that the Trooper lost control of himself and allowed his anger to cloud his judgement. This man must be removed from the steet immediately as he is a danger to the public. The academy is designed to weed these bad apples out. The department needs to re-evaluate its training protocols forthwith. It is clear the ambulance's windows were closed when the trooper passed. It is quite probable they didn't hear him. Notice how quickly they pull over the second time. Yes, I am sure the driver gave the Trooper the finger. SO WHAT! That is NO excuse for the Trooper to lose control of himself. Yes, the EMS personnel acted poorly but the Trooper was so far out of line I am personally shocked. This Trooper is an embarassment to law enforcement.

  • Anonymous

    If the Trooper's speed exceeded 60 mph he outran his siren and the ambulance (which clearly had its windows up in the video) didn't hear him. The car ifo the ambulance probably had its windows open or simply saw the ambulance in the mirror. I wonder if the Trooper should have downgraded his response since it is clear an emergency no longer existed at the original call. Since he barely spends just a few seconds at the scene before chasing the ambulance he never had time to check with his "brother" officers. It seems obvious that he lost control and had a hard on for the ambulance crew and needed to prove he was "badder" than them. Shameful conduct by a LEF. It sad the OHP hasn't taken responsibility and is instead backing a rogue cop.

  • samva777

    The Trooper is a danger to the public and should not have the power of life and death over the citizens. Its a total waste of taxpayer money to hire some crazy policeman like this , The Trooper should also be prosecuted for assualting and trying to falsly imprison the EMT, He grabbed the EMT by the throat. This Trooper is clearly a danger to civilized people.

  • Anonymous

    That cop was acting out of emotion which would mean he is unfit to be a officer. His duty is to serve the community not his hurt ego…

  • Anonymous

    I do feel for the trooper. I respect him for serving but in this case he was in the wrong. He went way over the line to prove his point. One thing has not been made clear in everything i have read or seen. WHY was his wife with him while he was on duty. In my state you can not have someone in the car with them. I am not going to say Medic White was totally right but he is in charge of all aspects of his ambulance. Not just pt care but his partners driving. In the video he tries his best to explain this to Trooper Martin. Which fell on death ears. An to the people on here that are saying Medic White was the one who was wrong. Please go visit your local EMS an learn the rules they have to abide by. It is strict. But to end my views on this story Trooper Martin should be sent for treatment of his ptsd an retrained. Then maybe get back to work. Medic White was in the right an nothing should become of him. Dont forget to thank your EMS an Law Enforcement Officers when you see them. They serve the public with little or no priase an it is not for the money they do it.

  • Joe Vargas

    As a 29 year police veteran, trainer, and academy instructor this is a case of an officer allowing his ego to get in the way of his professionalism. He allowed his emotions to get the best of him and has embarrassed the profession of policing and his agency.

  • Anonymous

    The officer stated that the paramedic "interfered" with the performance of his duty, well the only performance I saw was him berating the driver…how professional…if he was performing his duty, an explanation of what the offense was, and possibly a ticket should have been issued, not a verbal tirade!! He was clearly out of control and deserves to be severely reprimanded.

  • David

    Officer Martin committed the crime of “felony assault”, when he manhandled a paramedic performing his duties, by placing him in a choke hold. He also committed the crime of interfering with an emergency vehicle – running with or without lights.. There can be no “resisting arrest” or “assault against an officer” if the officer’s actions and motivations were criminal…

    Let’s take this one step further. The only person that was legally "in charge" here was Supervising-Paramedic White. He would have been well within safety protocol to have subdued a dangerous Officer Martin with a couple punches to the head. His medical authority in this situation would legally SUPERCEDE a hotheaded, out of control highway patrolman. But until now, Oklahoma hasn’t yet found a need for its Emergency Medical Personnel to carry tasers so they may protect the safety of their patients…

    I suppose Officer Daniel Martin, in his position as Oklahoma State Trooper, can attempt to "arrest" anyone – but that does not make it legal or otherwise reasonable in the eyes of the law.. His obnoxious, barking demands to Mr. White were about as valid as an officer demanding a fireman to throw a baby into a burning building…

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.. Shame on you Daniel Martin! Your gun and badge please? Your days of impersonating a peace officer are truly over…

  • Anonymous

    PTSD or not, this trooper definitely acted unprofessionally and should be taken off the road until he gets the shrinking of his head that he needs. Since when has it been appropriate for spouses to ride in the vehicles while the officer is on duty? Not in Missouri, too much of a distraction.
    The first inquiry when he pulled over the ambulance should've been if they had a patient on board. That would've explained a lot as to why they didn't pull over until the other car did. First rule in Evoc is safe driving . All of us know that the faster the vehicle is going, the more you outrun your siren. SAFE driving is the first priority which is something that the trooper wasn't abiding by.
    I'm suprised that the family of the patient isn't going after the trooper for inhibiting patient care. Not all patients who are serious require lights and sirens during transport.
    The fact is that the trooper was in the wrong and things wouldn't have escalated to the point they did if he would've just followed or gotten on the EMS frequency(which his atty said he had) and asked if they were transporting a patient to the hospital. If he REALLY wanted to have the discussion or fight(whichever he was looking for to flex his muscles) then he would've at least had the chance to simmer down and think about the different channels of reprimand to use. It's quite obvious to me that the trooper has an ambulance chaser for an atty who doesn't know diddly squat about EMS Laws and the consequences that could be rendered.
    I'm actually quite impressed that the LEO's posting on here can spell ….that's a relief!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s just examine the trooper’s actions prior to pulling over the ambulance.

    1. Did the level of emergency the trooper was responding to warrant the type of response, mainly speed, on a single lane road?
    -was anyone’s life originally in jeopardy? Do you think that the trooper perhaps put his life, his passenger’s life, and the community's life in danger by proceeding at such a rate of speed on a single lane road – "risk a little to save a little, risk a lot to save a lot."

    2. The trooper was behind the ambulance for 24 seconds, (his lawyers time) I would argue its closer to 16 seconds (nether here nor there). Do you think that is an unreasonable amount not to notice the police car behind him?
    -I do not, while ideally he would have seen the police car approaching and yielded immediately, it is not uncommon for this to occur. Anyone who has ever driven a diesel vehicle, with a two-way radio knows that other sounds tend to be drowned out. Additionally, with the driver driving the ambulance how often do you look at your mirrors. I personally scan forward direct 95% of the time, pay attention to intersections, driveways ect. Then every 20 seconds check my mirrors (hmm pretty close to 24 seconds).

    3. The trooper made a comment on the EMS channel to the tune of check your rear view mirror. Was this comment professional and in the best interest of the trooper and the OK State Police?
    -It appears to me that the trooper did not use proper radio procedure (identifying himself) and was the trooper authorized to transmit on this band. Also, if the trooper positioned himself in the ambulance drivers shoes for just 1 second maybe he would realize, some ambulances don't have rear view ambulances and the ones that do it is positioned on the patient and one cannot see through the window for patient privacy reasons. Furthermore, if you tailgate an ambulance in such a manor that the trooper was doing, the tailgating vehicle is mostly obscured from the side view mirrors (including the part of a vehicle that may contain a light bar)

  • Anonymous

    1. A white male veteran from IRAQ with stress syndrome, is a trooper from now

    2. An African American hardworking paramedic

    3. A fat ass white lawyer

    And the African American has to go to Jail now.

    Time to tick 1, 3

  • Anonymous

    I haven't seen much discussion about what started this whole mess to begin with……the trooper claimed that the driver failed to yield the right of way.

    Clearly, the video shows that the ambulance slowed down, and pulled onto the shoulder as soon as possible (considering the car that was obstructing his ability to pull over sooner). This traffic stop should have NEVER taken place to begin with, and the trooper should be severely disciplined for his claim that the ambulance failed to yield the right of way.

  • Anonymous

    I find it hard to believe that the driver shot a bird at a law enforcement officer. As a paramedic I know it's important to show respect to each other because it may be my back that the trooper's protecting on the next call. The paramedic was wrong for getting out of the truck and leaving the patient alone. That was abandonment.

  • Anonymous

    Why does everything have to come down to race?? Please.. Don't get me wrong the officer was in the wrong in my opinion but it had nothing to do with race.. There is more "reverse Racism" today then anything else.

  • Anonymous

    What trooper martin did was unfit for the situation. He did not even listen to the emt's stating that a patient was in the vehicle. His ego has gone to his head and has affected his ability to do his job properly. therefore, he should be fired. A patient's health should be the first priority, as it was an emergency.

  • Anonymous

    anyone who doubts that the ems driver gave the trooper a "1 finger salute" is naive. the fact is, it does NOT matter. the trooper MUST remain in control of his emotions at ALL times regardless of speach or gestures. the trooper failed miserably in his duty to protect & service. His conduct was disgraceful! It would have been easy to follow the ambulance to the hospital and discuss the matter AFTER the patient had been transferred to the hospital. the trooper admits he knew the crew & the service so there was no harm or danger to the public by waiting. Further, he gravely endangered the potential well being of the patient. Clearly the trooper is unfit for duty. His decision to run hot to the original call makes me wonder if he has any good judgement skills at all.

  • Tom

    The whole point of this discussion should NOT be to argue the merits of the medic vs. the ridiculous actions of the Trooper. I believe there are enough discussions on this point, and I believe most fair-minded rational people understand that Medic White rose to the occasion and exhibited a professional demeanor throughout the incident. That's not the point of this discussion. The point I want to discuss is, WHERE are our leaders in EMS, and why aren't they using the loudest megaphone to extol the reputation of EMS, to demonstrate to the public that Medic White is but one of many professional pre-hospital clinicians, and to show that our field is one that, despite the most difficult of circumstances, we continuously act with the most professional of standards while protecting the health & safety of our patients. Where are you, Mr. Cherry? Mr. Kirkwood? Mr. Porter? Mr. Dubin?? Why aren't you on TV, newspapers, hell–TWITTER convincing the public that EMS professionals are charged with protecting our patients sometimes under the most extreme circumstances. In Maurice White we have a shining EXAMPLE of professionalism under stress. Paging Dr. Bledsoe? Dr. Cantor? Your silence is deafening. Yet when a Paramedic or EMT gets caught acting unprofessionally, it is all over the news and we are left defending our profession.

    All of us complain that we in EMS aren't always held up to the same regard as doctors and nurses. Yet we must endure extenuating circumstances to serve as our patient's keeper. The public's response to the OHP v. EMT incident has been clear: when anyone, including a cop, interferes with our duty to protect and serve the patient, the public's safety is jeapordized. And the public counts on us to protect them during some of their most vulnerable moments: when they are flat on their back tied-up on a cot inside the back of an ambulance. Like physicians, we must attend to our patient no matter the circumstances. Now comes Medic White, whose duty was challenged, yet remained stoic and professional throughout the incident. You would think that our EMS leaders would use this example to demonstrate our mission and standards to the public. Are you there, Jerry Johnston? Pat Moore? Connie Meyer?? Yet…. nothing. Nothing from NAEMT Advocacy Committee Chair Kurt Krumperman (, nothing from Will Chapleau( and nothing from NAEMSE president Angel Burba (, Donna Tidwell (, Walt Stoy (, Linda Honeycutt (, or our new NAEMSE president-elect Chris Nolette (

    Am I wrong here?? Or should our leaders step up and use this incident to elevate the reputation of EMS, and to show others in our field that Medic White is the very example of professionalism under fire. THAT's what I think this discussion should be about.

  • Anonymous

    I work Full Time Fire and Part time for an EMS service. Between the tow I hvae attended 2 EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operation Course) over the last 3 months and many others previously.

    They all teach the same thing. Emergency Lights and Siren do NOT give your the right of way. They are only ASKING for the right of way.

    From viewing the vidoes it looks like the ambulance pulled over as soon as it was reasonalbly prudent. Those box ambulances don't stop on a dime like passenger cars you know. Not to mention the need to brake and steer smoothly for the patients comfort.

    If the trooper really wants to see people failing to yield he can come ride with me when I am driving ambulance.

    As far as the EMS crew the main thing I would say is that the driver should have never pulled over. He should have radioed dispatch and passed along that they had a patient and contiued to the hospital.

  • Anonymous

    i think its funny how (martins) attorney said the ambulance veered towards the center line when its clear as freshly windex cleaned window they moved to the shoulder.

    i really hope this trooper loses his job.

    and please say what you want about him bein a over in the carnage overseas. im in the military along with plenty of other family and friends hell i knew a trooper here in florida and know a trooper here in florida who have been deployed and they act like civil humanbeings so for his attorney to blaim some of it on from being deployed is b.s. in my book

  • Matthew M. Schumacher, EMT-B

    Clearly the Trooper failed to exercise good judgment. It would have been far easier to follow the Ambulance to the receiving facility. await for them to turn over patient care and then speak to the Provider in charge of that unit and rectify the issue at hand. Yes it was wrong for Paramedic White to leave his patient unattended for that length of time, but he was merely trying to get his unit back en route to the Hospital so his patient can receive definitive care.

    The trooper is the issue here. Had he exercised some common sense and allowed the situation to be dealt with later on all of this could have been avoided.

  • Anonymous

    ""1. A white male veteran from IRAQ with stress syndrome, is a trooper from now

    2. An African American hardworking paramedic

    3. A fat ass white lawyer

    And the African American has to go to Jail now.""

    Haha your a freakin idiot!! This paramedic is a damn joke, hardworking my @ss.

    All you people need to get a life!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If EMT was concern for his patient-then why did he remove himself from the back when HE SHOULD OF BEEN TENDING TO HIS PATIENT???? Office Martin- my hat off to you!! Maurice White shame on you….do you have any hidden acts of rage that we need to knwo about?

  • Mike

    After working in EMS and Fire for over 20 years I have come to the conclusion that no world is perfect. The trooper should have followed the ambulance to the hospital and carried on the discussion of who is right or wrong. The medic got out of the unit after it took so long to get back on the road so he could get his patient to the hospital, he was trying to do the sensible thing and put and end to the mater on the side of the road and finish after patient care was turned over to a higher authority. What the trooper needs to think about was what would have happened if the patient had died while he was showing his authority on the side of the road or after he had arrested the medic and took him away from patient care. Sounds like a big liability that he did not think about, or one that his superiors have not thought about. I can see the headlines now " The Department of Oklahoma State Police pays family $5 million dollars for the negligent death of their beloved mother after ambulance was stopped for failing to yield right of way and Paramedic arrested on the side of the road"

  • Harrison of The Sea

    This is Disgusting! Bring Justice to our Fellow Americans! That State Trooper is as far from the "law" as one could get! Arrest him and put him in Prison for as many crimes as possible. They are there to protect and serve!

    "The easiest way to know that you are in a police state is when one mans power trip becomes more important than another persons life."

  • Anonymous

    Trooper Daniel Martin is a danger to the community simplily because he lacks to most fundamantal judgement that any law enforcement officer is required to present at all times. He does not know when to be seen and not heard. These cowboys are insensed at the least little thing and lose all perspective as to the most important objective which is to not make a situation worse that it was, unnecessarily.
    This trooper is a first class idiot and he is lucky that my family member was not in the ambulance.

    The attorney is also an idiot in that all he knows how to do is quote laws that never should have entered in to the picture. This should have been addressed by a mature officer with the application of some common sense.

    I wonder what he would be spouting off if it was his mother in that ambulance. I also wonder what the stupid cop would be saying if it was his wife or mother.


  • Anonymous

    If he was in such a hurry, why didn't he just take down the plate and vehicle number and deal with it later? He didn't stay long at the "emergency", barely a minute. And he ran that stop sign, making a lefthand turn across traffic, probably without using his turn signal, too. And he didn't use his siren when he went after the ambulance. He's obviously a control freak. He should lose his badge.

  • Anonymous

    When did it become ok under any situation for a paramedic to step out of his truck and abandon his patient? No I don't agree with the stop but if the paramedic was doing his job, rendering care to his patient & allowed the Trooper to do his job none of us would be sitting here writing these pointless comments would we?
    I've been on a truck for 17 years and there is nothing NOTHING that's says it is ok for me to leave my patient in the back of my unit while I put my 2 cents worth in about a traffic stop. Was his partner not able to voice the fact that they had a patient on their unit? Why did either of them even get out of their vehicle? Is it not standard there to stay inside your vehicle & allow the Trooper to approach you?
    If the medic didn't want trouble with the Trooper why did he stop rendering care, step out & ask for it?
    They both were wrong ~ simple as that

  • Anonymous

    Aww, poor baby powice officer, your bruises look really sore. Did you have to not choke out innocent people for a few days and let that heal up?

    Police crack me up, first they act super tough but then when they have to try to argue their police brutality they are the first to act like they were in SO much danger, and how six of them couldn't have possibly restrained a 14 year old girl without giving her the taser eight times.

    Give me a break. You look like a real sorry tw@, Daniel Martin.

  • Anonymous

    I have been an EMT for 10 years. In every medical emergency with EMS, the unit commander is in charge, even in with the presence of law enforcement. Even so, there was a patient and who in the right mind would pull over an ambulance with a patient and their family? Martin should be dismissed from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.