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House fire in Michigan. Early video of fireground operations from Saginaw.

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  • Anonymous

    Uhmmm….hey Chief, arent you supposed to do a 360? and why the window? Force the door so that you have an easy escape route! Gees thats why you have all that fancy equipment!

  • NJ Steve

    Here's what I would have done differently:

    1) Not blow stop signs
    2) Force the front door
    3) Have a man on the line ready to go in
    4) Vent rear windows
    5) Advance the line & extinguish fire

  • Anonymous

    Wow. This looks like a case of "let's smoke up the interior as much as possible." They are lucky it didn't flash over when they busted the windows without doing a sizeup first!

  • Anonymous

    Take out all the windows, BUT save the door. If they only waited 2 more seconds the first man in would have unlocked the door for the hose team. Duh!

  • Silver fox

    just curious why breaking all the windows,anybody hear of try before you pry just asking seems like alot of damage for not

  • Anonymous

    look's like AA county M.D

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me that they saved the structure. It wasn't even close to flashing by the looks of the smoke. You didn't get to see the arrival shot, so how do you know they didn't do a size-up? Bottom line is that nothing happens perfectly or by the book. Good job guys!