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Firefighter told to park elsewhere. Hartford, Connecticut fire station off limits because of political bumper stickers on SUV.

Click the image to watch interview with Firefighter Mike Di’Giacomo.

Click the image to watch interview with Firefighter Mike Di’Giacomo.

Image and story from WFSB-TV:

Firefighter Mike Di’Giacomo said his SUV is banned from in the firehouse because the bumper stickers he has on it, displays his political views.

Di’Giacomo said he has never run into a problem like this in the 10 years he has been with the department.

The bumper stickers read:

Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot

I’ll keep my guns, freedom and money. You keep the change

Obama Bin Lyin. Impeach Now

CN Hartford bumper stickerDi’Giacomo said that because of them, he’s not being treated the same as everyone else in his firehouse. He said, “These are just my political views. It’s freedom of speech as far as I’m concerned. It’s my personal vehicle.”

Di’Giacomo said on Tuesday night, a supervisor told him because of his stickers, he could not park his SUV inside the firehouse anymore.

Parking is allowed inside the firehouse on a first-come, first-served basis.

“He (Di’Giacomo’s supervisor) said that the union, corporation counsel, and downtown were all in agreement that I could not park inside of the firehouse anymore. However, I spoke to the union president this morning and said he was not aware of any such agreement and that I was welcome to come down and file a grievance, which I will do,” Di’Giacomo said.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News asked the fire department about the incident and was told to submit questions to Chief Charles Teale in writing.

Di’Giacomo said no matter what Teale’s explanation is, he will not remove the stickers.


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  • Anonymous

    Sounds like he pissed off some Obama supporters. So much for free speach.

  • Mr.Natural

    Maybe I am missing something. I know Hartford is a total craphole. But the wording of the story “…inside the firehouse” kinda makes me think that this nimrod Di’Giacomo doesn’t understand that it’s a city firehouse and his political views are not condoned and supported by the city. Now, the story says nothing about him parking outside, which I think is the nationwide norm. I think this is also a case of bad reporting, something is missing.

  • C Gough

    sorry you toolbag, but INSIDE the firehouse is a city building and supposed to be sterile of all political, sexual, and religious para…however it’s spelled. Park your toolbag Gas-GUZZLER outside. He’s probably one of those 2 and 20 guys.

  • Texas Gordo

    I’m a yellow dog Democrat here in the Republican bastion of Texas, and I think this isn’t cricket.

    I might disagree with FF DiGiacomo’s views, and although they aren’t original, they aren’t offensive, and they are on his private vehicle. And truth be told, political bumper stickers always make me laugh. I happen to be partial to “Republicans for Voldemort”.

    Seems to me that a private vehicle parked in front of the station with “offensive” bumper stickers would have generate more eyeballs if it were on the public street, and since I’m sure there is an IAFF sticker on that SUV somewhere, it would probably get noticed as well.

    I’ve parked my Subaru Forrester amongst a field of trucks for years now. In plain view are my Birkenstocks, a copy of Das Kapital, and my Sierra Club and Nancy Pelosi bumper stickers are in full view from the parking lot. I also make sure that when we go on a grocery run that we bring our reusable bags (made of hemp).

    Evidently the residents of my fair city, and the men I work with are grown-ups and can handle dissenting opinions.

  • EMS247

    So I could see the Idiot one being slightly offensive, but they have nothing on the rest…

  • Vic Silverfish

    This is nuts! I am a HUGE Obama fan, and this firefighter is clearly a bit misinformed, but this is America and it is his right to let everyone know how misinformed he is! The Chief is way out of line here.

  • Anonymous

    If he were black and it were a sticker about a white politician it would be ok.

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  • Old Time Chief

    Silence the critics anyway you can… yet another page out of Stalin, Hilter, Mao, & the Khamer Rouge’s book of tactics!

  • Anonymous

    Well sounds like this department is getting ready for a payout. Firefighters have won this fight before.

  • Anonymous

    its simple here is what is going to happen. A new memo will come out of the chief’s office saying no one, department wide, may park their vehicles in the fire houses anymore. Case closed end of story.

  • CraxyD

    Hey, here’s an idea, if the stickers are on the rear of the vehicle, have the guy back into his parking space.
    “So I could see the Idiot one being slightly offensive, but they have nothing on the rest…”
    You wouldn’t believe all of the ones like that for President GWB

  • Mr.Natural

    I don’t agree with his view. He does have a right to post any rediculous thing he wants on his bumper. But to think he’s entitled to something is crazy. Now if they are allowing guys to park their cars in the firehouse with the opposing political view, yeah they’re gonna lose in the form of a lawsuit. Its a shame you guys think that politicians actually do anything for Firefighters, republican or democrat.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused…Exactly when did indoor parking become a first amendment right guaranteed by the constitution? Exactly how is he “suffering” by not being told that he will no longer be able to park his vehicle inside?

  • bob onthis

    HE HAS A RIGHT TO EXPRESS HIS VIEWS AND IF THEY LET EVERYONE ELSE PARK IN THE BUILDING HE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT ALSO. JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL OBAMA=(one big azz mistake america) SLAMS IT TO YOU.Thought it was america but it looks like it is becooming a socalistic country bug goverment will remove all vets have fought for

  • missing America

    Das Fuhrer has long arms that reach into every burg in this once fair U.S.A…. Their leader and his minions shall try their best to usurp our Foundations…

  • mary

    I hope he never backs down. Freedom of speech. I’ve seen FAR worse bumper stickers, billboards and tee shirts in the world

  • Anonymous

    BObama is six letters. BHO is three letters. 666. Think about it.
    911 is three digits. 911 is a date. Think about it.
    How is babby formed?

  • fyrecapt

    Guys, it is freedom of speech! whether you agree with his beliefs or not, he is allowed to drive his car onto city property. They cannot discriminate. We went through back in 2000. The dept found out we (the Firefighters) are allowed to have whatever stickers we want on our vehicles. ITS THE LAW. As long as he is not actively participating in on duty politics, he will prevail.

  • Anonymous

    “THEIR” leader?? “THEIR” leader?? Who is this mysterious “they” you speak of??? What do you mean by “THEIR” leader? Are you speaking about President Obama?

    What makes you think that such a seditious statement is somehow….patriotic??? President Barack Obama was elected by a majority of Americans last November. Our founders that you right-wingers speak of designed the elective system of representation which resulted in his election. Ironically, YOU seem to be too dense to even understand that your wish to overturn that election by proxy is anathema to the tenets of the constitution those very founders shed blood to create!

    Yes..America held an election, and Obama received the majority of votes. That makes him OUR president — not mine, not yours, OURS, regardless of where you stand in the political spectrum. As a patriotic American, no matter what you think of the man, the patriotic American thing to do is to AT LEAST have a basic respect for the office! That is how we roll in America, and if you don’t like it, this isn’t a fascist state…you are free to leave.

    Honestly….When did it become okay to be a screaming whack-a-doodle just because you listen to (and get your marching orders from) right-wing talk radio?

  • http://CaptJAA James A

    What is the department’s policy on bumper stickers? Is it in print and or available to all the firefighters in the department? If political bumper stickers are forbidden who gets to decide which bumper stickers are political and which are not?

    Policy should precede action or reaction to someone airing their political views on their personal vehicle. People will continue to express their views on everything no matter what is popular or who is in office. I hope we can learn to discuss our differences of opinion without name calling. If we disagree, accept that fact and learn to talk about things which unite us rather than continuing to emphasize that my view is the only correct view.

  • Don

    They threatened this on Army posts when Clinton was president. More change.

  • Conservative FF

    “the patriotic American thing to do is to AT LEAST have a basic respect for the office!”

    I spit coffee all over my keyboard when I read this. What kind of basic respect for the Office of the President did the loony left show GWB for 8 years?

    Liberals are fun to watch with their child like view of the world. The only problem is when dimwits vote them into office and they end up taking freedoms away from us and attempt to run our lives.

  • Robert

    Anathema?! Anathema. realy. Anathema? Liberals are soo funny. Sport what you want on your vehicle. When they ban you from parking in the city building they better ban them all. or maybe only the ones with bumper stickers on them. How about the ones with rust spots on them? Oh I forgot they all got turned in for cash for clunkers.

  • Tom Dockery

    Perhaps the Wise Latina should decide this one.