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House fire last night in Missouri. Video from Sedalia.

Read about the fire in the Sedalia Democrat

Two parts of a video from a fire last night at Deer Lake Estates outside of Sedalia Missouri. News reports indicate the fire started in the flue of a wood stove and that the homeowners initially tried to extinguish it. Firefighters from Pettis County, Green Ridge and Cole Camp were on the scene.

The fire apparently attracted the attention of a lot of drivers on nearby Highway 65 where cars were pulled over to the side of the road so people could see the blaze.

The video was done by the webmaster of a site called There are further details on that site and a bit of back and forth in the comments between a firefighter and the webmaster over how the incident was reported.


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  • Dean

    time to roll that 1-3/4 up and go get some snacks

  • Anonymous

    Where do todays firefighters get their training? From a cracker jack box! Why stand in the front door of a heavily involved 3000sq ft house with a 1 3/4 line flowing 125gpm? You might as well not show up. Big fires require big water. Leave the small lines on the rig and pull the duece and a halfs on this one! They have a water supply established from a folding tank with tankers suppling. The only way that fire will go out is with enough gpm applied quickly enough!

  • als195

    can somebody get them a grant to replace those steel airpacks

  • tom

    if your gonna use that much water watering the roof your gonna need a lot of tankers, they kept running out of water too many times. show a good tanker shuttle was not in place. An what was up with the deck gun just watering down the roof instead of putting it through the windows.