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Heavy fire conditions in Gary, Indiana. Garage and house with exposure problems.

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  • Aussie Joe

    Wow, a limp 1 3/4″ as the initial attack line on a well involved house. At least they put the grass fire out beside the house.

  • fire prevention capt

    Looked like a master stream “blitz” attack would have worked better. Is it me or does Gary Indiana have a lot of fires?

  • Friendlybob

    Does Gary EVER use a deck gun as an initial attack?? That would help you out trmendously. Try it, you might like it. The last couple of fires, it looks like you’re trying to burn the house down!!!

  • Ralph


    From what Ed says ( the videographer ) they have many many fires. Some shifts 2 or 3 workers a shift. Gary is like a war zone. Vacant structures all over the city. Urban renewal?

  • Non – hoosier

    Gary, is probably one of the busiest working fire areas in the country. They also have serious water problems and while they would probably like to use Master Streams more often it is highly likely they would blow the street mains more often with the total flows of available capacity necessary for a MS. Theses guys are “kick butt” when the risk warrants it. Maybe others should learn from their tactics. I cannot remember the last time they had a firefighter killed, if any in recent memory, and I am not real far away. For what they have to deal with I give them credit for “kikkin butt.”

  • near miss

    gary runs alot of fire with that being said whats up with the red helmet at the door playing bad ass. im not sayin i havent eatten some smoke myself but come on dude that place was jumpin use your head and mask up

  • Anonymous

    One Crew in but no back up line or back up crew.

  • fire prevention capt

    I am a firm beleiver in little to gain little risk. But come on this fire was a bread and butter fire, granted they had an expsoure to deal with, but they didnt put too many hoses on the ground to deal with a two pronged attack. And a good engineer can deal with low water pressures.Even if you couldnt use a master stream what about 2 2.5 solid bore/black this fire out and make an interior attack. Before i go any futher i didnt get the 360 so benefit of doubt. last mutual aid. i am from rural eastern n.c. we depend on it. no turf battles here.

  • Curly from CT

    From what I see with the fire operations in Gary Ind…they kinda suck! Not organized, too small a hose for too big a fire, uncoordinated attack, what appears to be a large amount of free lancing, not a great deal of leadership or discipline. I don’t know how they don’t kill a f/f a week with the large number of fires on video from there? When the basic elements of firefighting are overlooked/ignored, it usually means their problems run all thru the dept. levels bottom to top or top to bottom! They truely “risk their lives” at every fire they go to because of the way they manage those fires