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All for a radar detector: Chief Ron Grogan & four firefighters charged with theft & other crimes. Grogan has been in trouble before.

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It was less than three months ago that we last told you about Eunice, New Mexico Chief Ron Grogan. Grogan had his paramedic license suspended after allegations he fondled a woman in the back of an ambulance.  Grogan got to keep his job, but now he is back in the news.



The chief and four of his firefighters are accused of stealing a radar detector from a crime scene. They face charges that include burglary, tampering with evidence, and attempting to tamper with evidence.

Last time around there were accusations then that the chief was able to keep his job because he is related by marriage to the mayor of Eunice.

Now, the same city manager who made it clear in September it was his decision not to fire Chief Grogan and not the mayor’s  says the chief’s future “is not very promising”.


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  • withheld

    Seems like your newspaper is nothing more than a gossip column.If you report all the truth from start to finish we all know the sexual accusations are untrue. As for the detector it appears there is a city manager along with ex police officer that is filled with more hate and contempt than anyone has ever seen. Lets report the truth. The city of Eunice, NM is on a witch hunt to fire Grogan and they don’t care who they lie to in order to ruin his career. Put yourself in his shoes.Stop and think about this. Do you really think Ron Grogan lacks money ,that he would have to resort to theft? get real