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Raw video from deadly basement fire in DC: DC Fire & EMS Department photographer Vito Maggiolo was on the scene Monday night at 9th and Kennedy, NW as firefighters attacked a fire in the basement of a boarded up home and found a victim. Attempts to revive the woman were not successful.

Must see video of extrication by neighbors: One of our regular readers points us to this story from Ft. Lauderdale where a man was purposely run over by the driver of a car. Neighbors jumped in and not only held the driver for police, they joined an arriving cop in lifting the car off of the victim. Click here to see the story.

More from the love thy neighbor file: has the story of a spontaneous shovel brigade on a high priority EMS call during the snowstorm in Waynesboro. Firegeezer has a similar story from Massachusetts where the shovel brigade was joined by a convoy of snow blowers to help free an ambulance.

A timely call in Richmond: Also from, the story of a house fire as snow was falling late Friday night in Richmond. According to Lt. Shawn Jones, the department’s PIO, crews were ordered out of the home about 60 seconds before there was a partial collapse of the roof. Click here for details.

Nativity scene back at Charleston, SC fire station: It is now okay for Station 12 in Charleston to restore its Nativity scene as long as symbols of other holidays are part of the display. Read a rather lengthy article on the controversy from the Post & Courier.

DA to look at FDNY EMTs’ actions: Prosecutors in Brooklyn are looking into whether the actions, or possible inaction, by FDNY EMS workers is criminal. Read the latest on the break time controversy

Who ya gonna call? Sal, of course: Credentials aside for a moment, Cara Buckley of  The New York Times believes the name alone may have been reason enough for Chief Sal Cassano to be appointed  FDNY’s new commissioner. Check out her reasoning.

A big issue for the new commissionerWatch the story of a lawsuit from a man burned trying to do the job of firefighters by attempting to rescue his neighbors in Queens from a burning home. The suit says the fire department was delayed because of an error involving the Unified Call Taker system.

Former battalion chief loses sex discrimination and retaliation lawsuit: A jury ruled in favor of the Kanas City (MO) Fire Department in a lawsuit by Kathleen Kline, a former battalion chief. Read details.

A blogger gets promoted: Check out for some good news from a fire blogger. While there read the latest from Ray McCormack.


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  • DC FF

    Great video from the DC fire. Like how the FF wear all their gear when the are using the saw or forcing entry. What is the Chief officer gonna do with the photo he took of the victim on the stretcher? At least he checked his camera to make sure he got the shot. Maybe he will sell it to TMZ.

  • Ralph

    Great work by DCFD. Saddened by the loss of life. DC FF, no disrespect, but sometimes in the heat of battle (such as a known person in this fire) we ALL sometimes forget to don FULL PPE. Yes, they should have had it on, no argument there. At times the situations just dictate imidiate action. I`m all for not showing pt faces or info on camera. The shots I saw, the patient wasn`t identifiable. But I still think that may have been a good idea NOT to film the pt. In EMS we expose and start treatments on a patient that should not be shown to the public. If not for anything but respect of that pt.

  • Matt

    Nice use of PPE on the “working” basement fire. I think I noticed gloves, nomex hoods, eye protection, and even a helmet missing on this one. I’m not trying to knock guys for being in a rush, but injuring yorself isn’t worth it. I guess I just expect more from firefighters whom you expect to be paid professionals in our Nation’s Capital. Maybe they just need more supervision or should get dressed prior to goin’ to work.(I think the 60 sec. or less PPE drill is learned in rookie school!?) It’s just not worth hurting or losing one of our own over inexperience and letting our adrenaline get the best of us. BE SAFE OUT THERE!

  • Twigger

    DC FF Maybe photographing Pt was to be used in the investigation forthcoming. I know any fatal fire I’ve been to the deceased where photographed but not for public viewing.

  • Anonymous

    The person who was photographing the victim was the fire investigator doing his JOB.

    You guys amaze me sometimes, you see a series of pictures or 30 seconds of video and believe that you have all the information you need to know what the entire story is.

    The early minutes of a fireground is a rapidly changing, dynamic situation. Unless you are there when we arrive and stay until we leave keep your judgements to yourself.

  • the Deputy

    i agree with the above!

  • Crowbar

    Anonymous has a point, but I don’t think anybody with a chunk of debris in is eye or melted ears will agree with him.

  • Brian

    The guys that were not “dressed” were the Technicians driving the Trucks. They normally do get dressed but the situation made it a little different for them this time. All you Monday morning quarterbacks need to worry about your own department and not ours. We get the job done and rarely have injuries from our performance on the fire ground. We all take risks we sometimes should not. Including the guys bashing us. Until YOU and your department can say you’re perfect, then stay out off our fire ground and we will stay out of yours.

    PS…. No firefighters or EMS were hurt in the making of this film…………………

  • DC FF

    So the guys with no gear on are forcing the doors, using the saw while the guys who are dressed and ready to go are behind them watching? Shouldnt it be the other way around??

    Of course you dont get injured, you are to “proud” to report your injuries. When ya fill out the report and it says if you had your gear on you have to mark no. When the guy gets hurt with the saw and he is not dressed ya think there wont be questions?

    Glad I am not in your department.

  • anonymous

    Brian then have have your boys scabs stay out of PG then, how about that.

  • Perfect fireman, perfect fire department, perfect world

    My Department is perfect, that now qualifies me to state the obvious. The way you talk makes it sound like “technician” must be like an uneducated fireman, a novice, a plebe, a probie, “not yet a front line fireman” who doesn’t know the basics of his job; ie wear your gear on every call. Must be like ” a municipal waste technician=a garbage man,

    Remind me to not incorporate that technician thing into the volunteer fire service, hell even us idjits knows to put on the dern gear.

  • boy scab

    @anonymous: How’s that PG pay scale and retirement, the best in the region, feel? How do you think that PeeGee county, the poorest county in the region, can afford the most lucrative firefighter’s contract? I’ll tell you…..volunteers. So, every day you go to work, every day you get paid, and every day you’re closer to retirement, you should thank the volunteers, even the “boy scabs”. Hell, especially the boy scabs.

  • DC Firefighter

    I realize that all you haters out there that are first in line with your “you guys are do’in it wrong” comments aren’t used to seeing this type of work done on a fire ground. In DC when we show up and the building is actually on fire, our first instincts are not “how can we burn this thing to the ground”. No, no no I know hand out the vests, and sector out our jobs until the fire gets full control of this structure and then any occupants who are inside will have no choice but to succumb to the fire and smoke. Then we can justify not aggressively doing our job of saving Life and Property. Viewing a video or photos with images of fireman who are aggressive and get the job done must be a total shock to you guys, almost alien like. As most things that are shocking you feel like talking about it, to deal with it, and get your feelings and emotions off your chest. You feel the need to impart your perfect wisdom, which has been painstakingly gathered through years of Brunacini worshiping and seminar attendance rather than years of fire ground experience. How about a deal, when we need help going defensive we’ll get on here and ask for your advice and expert knowledge, but since we’re talking about an aggressive interior attack, we really don’t care what you think.

    The companies arrived on scene of a working structure fire with a report of people trapped inside. They went to work and aggressively combated the fire, extinguishing it (before the structure was lost), and removed one victim who unfortunately succumbed to smoke inhalation.

    So the truck technician should have had on some protective clothing, fine, we’ll make sure to yell at him really mean like. We just don’t want to hear it from people whose working knowledge of a saw consists of checking it during the morning check. Fine you don’t like the way we operate, no problem, don’t come work for us. We don’t like the way your departments operate either (we like to put the fires out before they get to the basement), so we won’t come work for you. I don’t know where all this hate and jealousy is coming from…but I am so thankful for the outpouring of concern for the well-being of the fireman in our department.

    This is the best job ever!

  • anonymous

    DC Fire Fighter well put. I too am guilty of not wearing PPE when duty calls for it. We do the same. We have the same fires you have except ours burns longer. We have the same organized chaos you do except yours is more organized. Where our problems lie is when there is no fire happening the two factions collide and hence the animosity towards each other. Thats the difference.

  • Brian

    Anonymous says: “Brian then have have your boys scabs stay out of PG then, how about that.”

    Well once again the illiterate speak from PG. This has nothing to do with PG County. Besides if we want to Monday morning quarterback PG it would require a whole other thread.

    You chose to go work for a COMBINATION career/volunteer department. You knew what you were getting into before you got hired there. If you don’t like it quit and move onto a department that is all career. Otherwise get over it or get used to it.

    This video has nothing to do with volunteers and career. This is an all career department that is getting the job done (PG would do the same thing under the same circumstances. I have seen it with my own eyes. They are just as aggressive as DC) So instead of trying to stir up a loosing battle from PG, why not acknowledge the hard work of you BROTHER firemen instead of acting like a 3 year old?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! A guy with a screenname of DC FF is glad he is not a DC Fireman???? So let me guess you were all set to get hired got on here to run your mouth pretending to be on in DC and then it didn’t happen so now you are bitter at the Big, Bad, DC firemen. News flash its obvious that you couldn’t cut it here in DC anyways so change your screenname and stop impersonating a DC fireman its disrespectful

  • DC SGT.

    Who cares about what we do in DC. Do we bash PG when they burn down garden apt bldgs. every other week ? No… so stop concerning yourselves with what DCFD does. If you are so concerned with our tactics then get hired, get promoted, and make change…. on a side note I’m a Sgt. with DCFD and a proud volunteer in Charles County…ain’t life grand !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Does a lumberjack or construction worker wear PPE when operating a saw??? I think not.

  • Matt

    It’s amazing to watch how this whole conversation got turned into a career vs volunteer battle with a bit of PG bashing thrown in. This has nothing to do with PG County or being a volunteer. Or does it? I have full knowledge of the duties of a “Technician” and I won’t beat him up for his lack of gear. It is in his best interests to wear it, but unfortunately when our adrenaline gets the best of us some of our less experienced folks don’t take a second to take a deep breath and think. Secondly, despite what all of the EGO in the world might tell you, DC is not the only department that fights fires and successfully puts them out on a regular basis. DC is not the only department that has fatal fires. And definitely not the only department that puts them out succesfully without making vacant lots out of the property. To state such an alleged fact disrespects all the other departments around the country who fight the same devil everyday and walk away to talk about it. Statements indicating that everyone wants to be and act like you are self serving and embarrassing. If you want to sound like a “TICK” or “SCAB” continue making those statements to everyone. It shows in a few of the chest pounding posts placed above. I also have a good feeling the true salty VETS of DCFD operate in a totally different manner than what was shown in the video. They probably don’t waste their time making posts that will inevetably become twisted, used out of context to stroke one’s ego, and amount to nothing but hate filled chatter. Bottom line is this, from what the video showed (which I’m sure plenty is missing) more than one or two people were not wearing what they should have been. Including one making entry into the basement! It’s a shame that folks don’t just take the extra few seconds to put their gear on when they know they are enroute to a working fire. Stop making excuses and thumping your chests acting like you are a member of DCVFD. Some of the prior posts were just pointing out things that one would expect a PRO to do. Nobody wants to see a brother or sister get hurt when it only takes a few seconds to do the right thing. Think about, it’s not that hard to do!

  • Andrew Griffith

    See, the problem is..the proud members of DCFD dont come on here and start the trash talking. Everytime a video is posted on this website, a bunch of pansies have to come on here and make a mockery of every fire. Im not saying its right to start yelling back, but it gets old coming on here and watching these videos and then reading the ignorant comments made by people who are obviously upset they are not going to fires on a regular basis. From this mans point of view, DC goes and follows their SOPs, makes an attempt at a quick aggressive attack and very aggresive ventilation tactics on every fire. Do they follow every single NFPA safety But as a citizen, i appreciate them making an attempt to save life and property, instead of watching it burn down like i have seen so many times before. Could he have worn full gear? Definitely. Hell yes. Was he SERIOUSLY, without making something out of nothing, in danger…No.

    Thank you for what u do

  • Anonymous

    as stated over and over on here unless you were there and know all of the facts, keep it to yourself. could have things been done differently, sure. but the bottom line is no members were injured and the fire went out. after all isn’t that why we are here!

  • Brokenhearted

    I’m sorry but this needs to be said, this job is inherently dangerous and anyone whose thought it is to question what gear is being worn is most likely not a fireman.

    There are too many people out there losing touch with what we’re here for, it aint ourselves.

  • Danny H.

    DCFD has always been and will continue to be an AGRESSIVE Dept.What needs to be done gets done..Period!!
    Wait on this..Wait on that… Then the building is gone and Loss of Life possibility is increased tremendously..
    DCFD…Doing what NEEDS to be done!!

  • DC Firefighter

    Merry Christmas to All!

  • Joey

    DCVFD is what it looks and sounds like. A bunch of two-hatters with no dicipline! Keep on trying to mask your problems and stupidity quotes of “aggressive firefighting” and “inherently dangerous”. Just do your job without acting like idiots and thinking your in PG doin’ whatever you want!

  • DFD TK2

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!! What a bunch of whining babies in the DC Metro area. If all of the “two hattin” stopped in your area you might just get along better. All I ever hear from you guys is fighting and chest pounding. You are like a bunch of unprofessionals who could care less about the community and just want to turn on the lights of your fire apparatus and make noise. Grow up and act like the firefighters you claim to be! P.S. DCFD stop disgracing yourselves! You are supposed to represent part of the Brotherhood of Fireman not the link that tears apart you region .

  • Anonymous

    Great point..It seems that people are always concerning them selfs with DCFD..