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Video of commercial fire in Enterprise, Alabama. Fire started in gym and spread to adjacent businesses.

 Photos from the fire

At least five businesses have been destroyed or damaged in a fire reported just before 7:00 this morning on South Main Street in Enterprise, Alabama. First arriving crews found flames and heavy smoke at Lanny’s Gym. A man who lived in the back of the gym is, at last report, unaccounted for. The fire also left a number of families homeless who live in apartments in some of the buildings.

Here are excerpts from an article by Carole Brand in the Enterprise Ledger:

Occupants were inside the gym when the fire started, according to a witness. Herring said all but one man had been accounted for at 10 a.m. Thursday when flames and smoke spread from Lanny’s to Scorpion Karate Academy, Care South, Jada’s Restaurant and the apartments.

Jada’s owner Dale Hundley said her and some of her staff were inside of Jada’s at 5 a.m.

“We always come in early to prepare for lunch meals, but after a while, we heard popping and crackling sounds,” she said. “Then we smelled something like wire burning and that’s when we came out the front of the building and saw the flames at Lanny’s Gym. It was horrible.”

Hundley said as the employees exited the building, “firefighters told us to get out of the building. We knew that a couple was living in an upstairs apartment in the next building, so we went and got them and they had a lot of artist paintings, so we helped them get some out. It’s bad, but I had this bad feeling yesterday and this morning. I was afraid something would happen. I can’t explain it.”

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  • LtFD

    What about the “getting ahead of the fire” part of the operations? How about using the truck to accomplish a trench cut on the primary exposure side while the line(s) get inside an uninvolved exposure. Trench cut above, pull ceilings below, lines inside to stop the spread, and maybe a ground level master stream at the front of the fire occupancy to slow it down a bit. How did that elevated master stream into the first fire occupancy help with exposure protection?

  • Vern

    It sure appears that this particular F.D. has never successfully attacked a cockloft fire. Everything LtFD said is right on the money. I will add that as seems to be very common in many of the videos that I view here, the attack is being conducted using undersized and underflowed streams. The aerial master stream is simply pushing the fire laterally throughout the cockloft. If a department insists on using fog nozzles for structural attacks, the nozzles should be set on straight stream and supplied at the correct pressure.

  • BH

    I agree with the trenchcut approach, but I will say that it doesn’t appear, from teh video anyway, that they had the manpower to do much of anything.

  • ct103

    I worked for this department for 14 years they have 33 line duty personell total and are lucky if they have 9 on duty for three stations. I now work in a dept. that has near 200 personell I know you guys are all probably also from larger departments but you do not know what the situation was when they arrived not enough personell to make an entry safely and it had ventilated and begun to loose it structural integrity there are fire walls between the buildings. So monday morning QB’s lets see your fires and see what you have done wrong.

  • carol

    Are you kidding me. no oone has said anything about my son who died in the fire.Had a benefit for lanny bwho lost a businssthat was not legal ,.so the town close there eyes .On top of that  took three days to find him.of course you have to reailize it was new years eve .theres so much more i could say but not right now!