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Two from Gary, Indiana: A basement fire and a car fire with the quote of the day.

Above, is a house fire from Saturday in the 3700 block of Delaware in Gary, Indiana. The photographer writes it was a basement fire that traveled through the walls into the attic.

Below, is a car fire in the 2100 block of Virginia Avenue, also on Saturday. Why I am running it is the comment heard on the video at 3:54. After a tire explodes, someone yells off camera (officer or driver?), “What did you jump for? It ain’t nothing but rubber.” I am sure many of you have heard something similar to that line at some point in your fire service career. 

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  • Fire21

    Ref the car fire: The initial firefighter did not have a helmet on…No head protection, no eye protection, no flash protection!

    None of the firefighters used breathing protection, and this against one of the most plastic environments we face!

    Has none of those people ever heard of exploding bumper mounts, or hood lift cylinders, or A/C systems, or other pressurized components of modern automobiles? That’s a lame comment, “It’s only rubber”. It’s all a life hazard, is what it is!

  • Froster Gump

    Mam always said “Stupid is as stupid does”. Lt. Dan most have not been on the house fire or the car fire!

  • Crowbar

    Someone should send the Gary FD a ticket to the 1970s.

  • depchief62

    Dave, it is incredible the lack of any apparent SOPS this Gary FD have in place. Its 2010 and the LODD deaths just reached 2,
    were looking at a couple more, years down the road. I assume scba’s are optional, the red helmet offers no leadership,even he has no scba, wonder if they wear seatbelts. I use these Gary clips to illustrate to my members how not to do the job so they do serve some purpose. Perhaps the GFD chief should become a member of your site, its nothing I would want my
    staff being front and centre and sharing incompetence with the net world and beyond. As for the yodel who yelled its only rubber, I wonder if he even has any professional firefighting qualifications, they must just take them off the street. I attend FDIC annually and know there are some top notch dept’s in Indianna, this isn’t one of them, thank god no one was injured. Stay Safe, Use your PPE, Live Longer.

  • TX LT

    WOW… As I sit with my 2 yr old son in my lap, all I can think is how it is most important to come home… we spend money on SCBA and PPE to help make that so….why not use it?

  • Doubleflash

    Wow! Would not want to work anywhere near that department…

  • tom

    This is the second video i’ve seen in 3 months were they attack a fire by going through the basement window???!!!! What the hell are these guys thinking. An on another note i guess they liked the windows on this house the only took out 3 this thime instead of the whole building. In a nut shell oh my god someone please help them.

  • Bob Rossisgod

    Wow you guys are morons, I would gladly work for Gary….they go to work all the time. I suppose if you just talk about going to work, and by going to work I mean reading books to kids, then maybe I could see your point. Yea, you should have full PPE for cars, but not sure I would paint the whole department with that brush. As far as basement fires from the windows, maybe the first line was holding the interior stairs while the searches were being made, then the fire was knocked down from the windows due to floor conditions or what have you. Hard to monday morning QB the call without all the story…..I’m sure your department, that one time, at that big grass fire, did a much better job..but Gary gets lots of work and their probably doing things right most of the time….and when then not it could be because they are broke as a joke and manpower is crap for them right now.

  • C.W.

    Being “broke as a joke” or short on manpower is no excuse for not doing things right ALL THE TIME, instead of most of the time, if anything it is MORE of an excuse to strive for “perfect”. Money has nothing to do with culture- ask Charleston. Gary is breaking alot of basic FF rules here in these videos, lets hope the crews shown are the exception.

  • Fyrecapt

    Lets hear from a Gary FF. Any Gary FF’s want to comment?

  • smoknfyr

    Gary, What the heck is going on??? Going thru basement windows, fighting car fires with no mask, no helment? Check out the video with the magnesium fire…think about it Bros!

  • Nate

    Seriously Guys,

    It’s 2010…what the heck are you doing? Use your heads, and your ppe…the days of “billy bad a$$” are over…you are embarassing yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Nate, Stick to EMS