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Mayday after floor collapse sends five Maryland firefighters into basement of burning home. Details, pictures, video & firegound audio from Anne Arundel County.

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Watch slide show of images from the fire

The ladder used to bring firefighter out of the basement. Picture courtesy of

The ladder used to bring firefighter out of the basement. Picture courtesy of

Five firefighters fell into the basement of a burning home in Deale, Maryland this afternoon. Anne Arundel County Fire Department  Division Chief Michael Cox tells that a ladder placed through the hole of the collapsed first floor into the basement by a rapid intervention crew allowed three of the firefighters to get out on their own. Chief Cox says they were not hurt.

According to Cox, two other firefighters from Anne Arundel County, one career and one volunteer, had to be removed by firefighters. One of those firefighters was flown to Medstar in the District of Columbia with serious, but non-life threatening trauma.

The second firefighter went to Calvert Memorial Hospital in Prince Frederick with relatively minor injuries.

Anne Arundel County firefighters were dispatched to the house fire in the 5800 block of Little Road with crews from Calvert and Prince George’s County shortly after 1:30 PM.

Click here for Part 2 of the audio from

The call came in as a report of a chimney fire with heavy smoke conditions throughout the home. The only occupant inside the house was able to escape. The first firefighters found heavy fire and smoke coming from Side D of the home.

After the mayday was cleared the 9NEWS NOW helicopter arrived over the scene. The chopper caught images as the Maryland State Police helicopter took off for Medstar. Smoke could be seen coming from under the roof and a crew soon opened the roof.

Tankers and a second-alarm were called early into the operation. A third-alarm was sounded after the mayday.

More details as they become available.

MD AA Deale hous fire

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  • Anonymous

    Good fortune and thanks for the rescued brothers. Watch the video and you will see crews operating inside with a handline and also outside, at the same time, squirting water at nothing.

  • DC Firefighter

    Lets just be thankful that everyone is OK before all the Monday Morning QB’s come out and offer their unwanted opinions on how they would have saved the day.

    Glad that no one was seriously injured. May all our brothers have a speedy recovery.

  • Anonymous

    The Lt from engine 9 did a fantastic job! She sounded like a HUGE asset on that fire. Professional sounding and well educated. She had the right idea the whole time. Good job. Why was the plan deviated from and going offensive taken on? 1st engine clearly said were gonna go defensive.

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  • Anonymous

    Yea thats it DC firefighter…..wouldnt want anyone to analyze this so that others can learn from it….A firefighter from such a prominent department I would expect more of.

  • DC Firefighter

    Anonymous-learning is an excellent tool that these website blogs can be used for. The fire service can only benefit from using them as learning tools where members from different departments can discuss different tactics that they used on an incident. Specifically, the way that another Anonymous member did when they discussed the performance of a Lt. on this fire ground and then asked a question regarding the tactics that they heard on the audio. However, your statement “Watch the video and you will see crews operating inside with a handline and also outside, at the same time, squirting water at nothing” reeks of patronization at a time when we as fellow firefighters should be concerned with our brothers safety and recovery first and then learning why they ended up in the basement on this incident.

    A few questions you should consider before you begin to present your opinions. 1) Were you there? 2) Do you know first hand what happened? Do you know someone who was there that can offer you some insider insight? 4) Why were the crews directing their hose lines in those directions? 5) Were they ordered by their Officer or IC to direct them there? If you can answer any or all of these then maybe you can make the statement that you made, however a photo, video clip, or audio only present a portion of a situation that all too often people treat as the whole picture.

    If you were truly interested in learning from others experiences then there is a way to do that that doesn’t attack them or their department before all of the facts of the situation are brought to light. If mistakes were made on this fire ground that led up to or caused this Mayday situation then I am sure that those will come to light in the coming days, and then there will be plenty of opportunity for you to offer you expert wisdom and educate the rest of us.

    Oh and DC a prominent department…maybe once, we definitely have a proud history and rich tradition…but it’s not like that anymore, if you only knew what it was like on the inside, things are definitely different from what they used to be.

  • Thankful

    Shew…That was a close one…Glad that all our Brother’s and SISTER’S were O.K. Will use this for training…Stay safe

  • Fire Marshal (Retired)

    Thank God our brothers and sisters are ok. This is another vivid example of why EVERY firefighter in the world should be vigorously promoting properly installed and maintained fire sprinklers systems for each and ‘EVERY’ Structure. Incidents like this, South Carolina and some many others would be far and few between.

  • Small-Town

    DC—Thanks for keeping it real while others shamelessly attack you for NO REASON. It’s not obvious who’s bean turned down by the more “prominent” departments ehh. Safety first. Trust your training. Risk vs reward and all the rest. Get well soon “Maryland”!!!


    Thank God for watching over these brothers and sisters in an event that could have turned out alot worse, you truly are blessed. I as a firefighter wish that brothers and sisters and others would just stop saying what could have been done different and just be thankful for the blessing. I have taken Firefighter survival and rescue training with the Ky state fire rescue training, my instructors said never get comfortable in what your doing and never let your gaurd down. To all my brothers and sisters just remember keep your gaurd up at all times and come home to that wife, husband, or the children that call you theirs. Maryland I speak for myself and others when I say I am proud of you guys for keeping the will to go home at the end of the end of the day to your community your firehouse, your friends, your family.

  • Texas Gordo


    Well said.

  • D

    Why do we as firefighters take the time to look at what went wrong as opposed to the incredible job these firefighters did in saving their own. We almost went to another funeral for several firefighters. Great job Lt. 9 for showing how a calm, professional leader handles an emergency. Great work on the rescue and there is a cold beer waiting for everyone at our firehouse for you. Cheers.

  • j

    anonymous-you saying brothers to purposefully exclude the Lt. from your best wishes, who clearly is a woman, is shameful and scary-I know everyone than knows anything would choose her over you six ways to Sunday-go home little boy and stuff your outdated thinking and scary righteousness where the sun does not shine-your thinking is what keeps the fire service from being the best it can be-grow up

  • Houseblu23

    D.C. your comments are well recieved up here in southern N.Y. As a Fire Instructor and 30 yr veteran Volunteer I can’t help but agree with you whole heartedly. I just spent a few hours with some brand new firefighter’s dealing with fireground communications and they were all directed to listen to the audio from this latest close-call. Lt-9 was a prime example of a member remaining cool under extreme circumstances. Glad all are ok

  • John M

    First of all I am thankful everyone got out and pray for a speedy recovery to those injured. Great job by Lt. 9.

    Secondly, this first comment on this blog I don’t believe is correct. I too thought the same thing at first (hoselines operating inside the second floor and from the outside at the same time) but after a closer look the hose stream you see coming out of the roof near the chimmney is actually coming from outside as well from the crew at the right side of the base of the chimmney. Look at video at 4:20 and it clearly shows this, although briefly.

    A perfect example of why you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

    DC firefighter, again, well said.