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House fire last night in Athens, New York: This was around 7:30 PM at 31 North Franklin Street. No injuries reported. Athens Chief John Greco told the Daily Mail’s Susan Campriello this was the first fire for the company’s recently purchased aerial ladder - The ladder, he said, allowed firefighters to reach the roof and vent the fire with no delay. “We didn’t have to wait for an aerial to come,” he said.

Alabama firefighter burned in flashover: Firefighter Casey Hinsey with the Duncanville VFD was burned on his hands, arm, neck and face during a flashover at a house fire Wednesday night. Read more here and at

Helmet cam captures magnesium flare at vehicle fire. Click the image for the video from Croft, South Carolina.

Helmet cam captures magnesium flare at vehicle fire. Click the image for the video from Croft, South Carolina.

Career change offered to firefighters instead of lay offs: Volusia County, Florida officials want 18 firefighters to become correctional officers. They would likely have first dibs if positions later opened up in the fire department. Click here for details about this unusual offer

East Texas on edge over church fires: Eight such fires since the start of the year are being investigated. Click here for details

Charges likely in bar fight: The Daily News says to expect criminal charges against some of the group of firefighters involved in a fight inside Brooklyn’s Salty Dog. The paper reports it happened after someone spilled a drink on a firefighter. A large group of FDNY off-duty and retired firefighters were at the bar for an annual dinner. Here’ s more. Watch the story here.

Kind of like a firefighter who is an arsonist: This story from my friend Tom Jackman in The Washington Post really has nothing to do with fire or EMS, other than my analogy. Still, it is worth reading. A respected anger management counselor in Fairfax County, Virginia is facing federal charges for pulling a gun on two men he believed were blocking his car. Those men turned out to be U.S. Marshals. Read more.

Fireground audio as infamous night spot burns in Tennessee: Video and radio traffic from a fire at a vacant night spot in Memphis with a notorious past. Check it out.

Radio traffic from CO close call: This is the story from Salina, Kansas where the initial EMS providers on the scene needed rescuing themselves. Click here.

Looking back: Firegeezer has been running a feature with that title in recent weeks that showcases vintage ads from Fire Engineering. Take a look.

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  • Howard sprague

    The building is completely involved in fire and they choose to use 1.75″ hand lines and fog nozzles … The initial line on the ‘A’ side was operated at a 45 degree fog pattern for almost the entire duration of the video. The two lines on the ‘B’ side were clearly under pumped. Remember … the longer you let this building burn, the better the chance that it will fall down. Couple that with the fact that these people are operating inside the collapse zone (I guess because their tiny, garden hose – like streams won’t reach if they had set up where they should have) and you run a high risk of killing and seriously injuring a bunch of well meaning but poorly trained people. A deck pipe, portable deluge sets or 2.5″ lines (all pumped properly) would be the correct choice for this incident.

    It amazes me as to how many people like to dress up and masquerade as firefighters. Where have all the real firefighters gone?