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Quick Takes

Basement fire & frozen hydrants in Gary: This is from 24th & Tyler on Saturday. You will hear one officer having a tough time getting word inside to back the line out.

In Flint, Michigan four children dead: Firefighters say they went right inside the burning apartment on Saturday, but it was too late. Read and watch the story.

Seven dead in Illinois: Click here for the details about a deadly fire in Cicero on Sunday. At least seven dead with possibly others missing. Three firefighters were hurt including one hit in the head after a chimney collapsed. Firegeezer has more details and lots of pictures from Larry Shapiro.

Florida firefighter seriously hurt at crash scene: Firefighter Close Calls tells us that despite using the fire engine to shield the scene of a motorcycle crash a car veered into the area injuring a firefighter and four others. Click here for more on the injuries to Orange County Firefighter Chad Lowery.

Blizzard house fire video: This is the video from last Wednesday’s two-alarm fire in Baltimore where the National Guard’s five-ton truck was the only vehicle to make it up to the burning home. Click here.

Chair purchases called indefensible: Do you remember the story in December about the little used emergency command center in Dutchess County, New York? This is the place outfitted with $1000 chairs that have been featured in Hollywood movies. A memo obtained by the paper that uncovered the story has County Executive William Steinhaus calling the buying of the chairs  “excessive and indefensible”. Read the latest.

Report on fire response finds a lot wrong: A January 4 fire in Cayuga County, New York is receiving a lot of scrutiny over a number of problems with the response. These include closer companies not being dispatched to the call and a firefighter entering the home before sufficient help arrived. Click here for the story.

Memphis firefighter with past now charged with murder: More problems for the Memphis Fire Department. A firefighter questioned about the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend has now been charged with first-degree murder. The victim was shot at a hospital where she worked as a nurse. Here’s the latest.

Pole hole results in lawsuit for CNN anchor:  Someone told me that legend has it that the former quarters of Fire Patrol 2 in New York is haunted. It is now owned by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper who now must deal with his second controversy surrounding his new home. An interior designer took a 17-foot fall down an open pole hole in November and is now suing Cooper. Here’s the story. The last story was about the removal of a plaque dedicated to one of the patrol’s former members who died in the attacks of September 11.

A mess on I-70: One crash near Kansas City during a snow storm yesterday had more than 40-vehicles piling up. Check out the video.

Hobart, Indiana house fire: This is another Valentine’s Day video from Edward Malik who shot the Gary video at the top of today’s Quick Takes.

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  • mikeatmfri

    In the Gary video, in the beginning, you can see that the fire has burned through the siding between each floor joist. It appears that there was no end plate at the end of the joist. Interesting construction, I’ve never seen that before.

  • Curly from CT

    Looks like it was vacant…certainly enough fire damage inside to figure it’s not repairable. What competent incident commander would allow firefighters back inside? It’s a giant dumpster…flood it…float it away! Again fire controls the fire dept. – incident commander does not control the fire ground. Lucky no one got killed or injured. Keep your dress blues ready! Sorry to have to write it.

  • Fire21

    Does Gary not have an arranged signal for crew withdrawal? Why must an officer shout time after time? If all else fails, the officer should go to the doorway and issue the order, rather than stand back hollaring. Oh well, they all got out safely, eventually.

  • Robby O

    Yea definetly not sound fire tactics….If this video was posted on alot of guys would be praising it. Oh well. Very educational video on what not to do.

  • Morknmindy

    Hobart, Indiana house fire: Here’s a helpful hint to the folks who were masquerading as firefighters in Hobart on Valentines Day … When fire has total possession of a dwelling it is best to use ground monitors and 2.5″ hose lines. Further, it is NEVER advisable to attack a structure fire using a 1.75″ attack line that can be easily operated by a single firefighter who is able to stand up straight and not strain against the pressure in the line. This is a clear indication that the line is not properly supplied. This video is yet another GREAT ADVERTISEMENT to clearly show how ineffective fog nozzle streams are on heavy volumes of fire. The fire shows no indication of darkening down when the streams were directed into the front windows initially.

  • Crowbar

    Said it before, I’ll say it again… if the Gary FD doesn’t change the way it’s going they’re going to lose a brother.

  • Curly from CT

    What did the PPV fan say to the fire? “I’ll huff & I’ll puff & I’ll blow the house down!”….or BURN IT DOWN!! You should have to have a license to own a PPV Blower.