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Quick Takes

Austin raw video: This is somewhat early amateur video taken yesterday morning in Austin, Texas after Joseph Stack crashed his plane into a building housing the IRS. Our coverage from yesterday is here. Firegeezer was also updating the story through much of the day.

The must read story from Detroit: It immediately was overshadowed by the events from Austin after I posted this one from Detroit News reporter Charlie LeDuff. Still, it really is worth taking the time to read. LeDuff visited fire stations, apparently against Detroit Fire Department rules, in his effort to determine how money allocated for firehouse repairs was used. He found it was used, but apparently not for fixing the fire stations. The response from fire department officials is quite interesting. Here is the story.

Collision between two fire trucks that appears to be a hit and run: Dave is kicking himself for not finding the time to follow this one after receiving a tip a few days ago. If you haven’t done so already, check out the coverage by the Annapolis Capital of the crash Sunday between a fire engine from Dunkirk in Calvert County and Anne Arundel County’s Tower 40. Police report that charges are pending against the driver of Dunkirk’s engine (whose driving duties are currently suspended). The police report indicates that Tower 40 had the green light as it was responding though an intersection and was sideswiped by the Dunkirk rig. This pushed the tower into two other vehicles. Witnesses say the Dunkirk engine kept going to the call, but Chief Toby Sealy says his firefighters are indicating they didn’t leave the scene. Here’s the story.

$6.2 million discrimination & harrassment award to LAFD firefighter overturned: The 2nd District Court of Appeals says Brenda Lee, a black lesbian firefighter, failed to exhaust administrative remedies. Read the latest.

Dispute between volunteer companies over newspaper ad: In November we told you about the ousting of Fire Company No. 1 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Now, they have taken out an ad urging citizens to vote against the $25 million budget. It has estranged them from two other volunteer houses in the Cherry Hill District. Here’s the latest

One fire officials answer to slow EMS response times – lie about your symptoms: We just came across an article from earlier this month where a deputy fire chief in Erin, Ontario tells people to exaggerate their symptoms when calling for an ambulance so a fire truck can also be sent. This is his answer to sometimes hour long waits for an ambulance to arrive on the scene. It is a technique that we all know has been widely used by citizens who want a faster EMS response in some of our largest cities.  Here is the original story. Here is the response from paramedics who believe this is not the answer to the problem.

Backdraft in Chicago injures four firefighters: It happened during a house fire yesterday afternoon. Firefighter Close Calls and Breaking News Center have the details.

Indiana firefighter arrested on arson charges: Lee Yoder is a volunteer firefighter in DeKalb County, Indiana who has been charged with setting three structures on fire. Here’s the story.

Three-alarm church fire in East Baltimore: Fire destroyed the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church on North Milton Avenue yesterday morning. Here is our coverage.

Two-alarm NJ house fire: Some early video of a fire yesterday at 332 Demarest Road in Oradell, New Jersey.

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