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Anne Arundel reduces responses by Dunkirk VFD after collision between two rigs. Volunteer chief disputes police report & makes own accusations about career staff. Crash highlights problems between border companies. Driver charged.

Photos of damage to rigs, provided by Dunkirk VFD

Statement from Anne Arundel County on mutual aid changes and other issues

Anne Arundel County’s notification to Dunkirk about running assignment adjustments

Dunkirk Chief Toby Sealey’s response to Anne Arundel County

 Dunkirk Chief Toby Sealey’s message to STATter 911 discussing police report and other topics

Original article on the collision from The Capital

In the wake of the collision between two fire trucks responding to the same emergency, the Anne Arundel County Fire Department has changed the way it dispatches Calvert County’s Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department on mutual aid calls into Anne Arundel. In a statement to, Anne Arundel County Chief John Robert Ray said the decision to “limit but not eliminate” Dunkirk’s responses was made “in the interest of public and firefighter safety”.

Image provided by Dunkirk VFD.

Image provided by Dunkirk VFD.

Dunkirk VFD Chief Toby Sealey calls the change “flat out dangerous” and says it is “a poor decision that will have ill fated results with due time”.

In explaining that decision, Chief Ray says his department “operates under nationally recognized best practices policies and procedures for both responses to and operations at emergency incidents”. According to Ray, “there has been some deviation from these policies by members of one of our neighboring departments”. Ray is “hopeful that continued discussions and perhaps joint training opportunities will yield positive results, which will allow me to revert to the prior response profile with this company.” 

Chief  Sealey forwarded to an email sent by Anne Arundel County Division Chief H. Lee Cornwell outlining the new mutual aid plan. The email says in part:

… in light of the recent accident at RT255/RT468, our department determined it was necessary to make adjustments to the running assignments. Although we think our meeting last week was promising, this incident is just another example of the concern we have with your company. In summary, any box area where your company is either closest or second due, the assignments remained the same. Box areas where your company was greater than second due, your company has been removed from the running assignments.

Dunkirk’s Engine 51 and Anne Arundel’s Tower 40 collided while responding to a reported gas leak on February 14.  The Capital of Annapolis reports the driver of Dunkirk’s rig, 24-year-old David Stream, has been charged with one count of unsafe driving by an operator of an emergency vehicle. The Capital also cites the police report as saying Tower 40 had the green light and that Dunkirk’s engine didn’t stop at the scene, but continued to the call.

Chief Sealey, in an email to, disputes the police report and says pictures he has provided prove that a diagram on that report is wrong. currently does not have a copy of that police report.

MD AA Dunkirk JeopardyChief Sealey also forwarded his response to Chief Cornwell. In it,  Sealey cites numerous concerns about the relationship between the volunteers at his station and the career staff in Anne Arundel County.

Sealey sent along two images he claims had been posted at Anne Arundel County Station 9. One is a Jeopardy style question that reads “Where do reject Prince George’s County firefighters spend their days off?”. The other is set up as a caution message that uses expletives to indicate Dunkirk volunteers are on the way to mess things up.

Sealey also writes in his email to Cornwell that an individual at Station 9 tossed Dunkirk provided SOPs into the trash can. He adds:

The same individual most likely (is) responsible for comparing a picture of Engine 52 to that of a school bus that transports handicapped children that was posted in the station, along with other derogatory posters and drawings that I do in fact have in my possession, and were given to me by one of your employees that will remain nameless at this time to prevent any retaliation by you or your command staff. Do you condone this type of immature behavior in your stations? Do you condone the hostile work environment that your employees are creating for my men and women? How would you explain these derogatory posters to a citizen that stops by one of your stations to show their kids a firetruck, or a citizen that’s having a medical emergency? Is that the PROFESSIONALISM that you praise that your county and your employees have? altered this image to remove language that may be offensive to some. altered this image to remove language that may be offensive to some.

Anne Arundel County Division Chief Michael Cox, a department spokesman, tells “these images are obliviously inappropriate and an investigation into the matter is underway.” Cox says in a statement,  “Any individuals found guilty of such inappropriate behavior will be dealt with appropriately, in accordance with established departmental policy.”

In an incident covered in January, 2009, the professionalism of Chief Sealey was brought into question after photos surfaced in the publication St. Mary’s Today of Sealey wearing a fire department shirt exposing himself at a Dunkirk bar.

Asked about this, Chief Sealey wrote:

I am aware of the issues in January of 2009, and I have handled the cards that were dealt to me regarding that issue. Is it something to be proud of? Absolutely not. If it takes people (commenters on your site) to beat a dead horse (ref. Jan.2009) to get the point across about how this decision that Anne Arundel County Fire Department is making then so be it.  Once again, just for clarification, this issue isn’t about me at all, which I’m sure that you are very aware of. This is about the safety and well being of fellow Fire, Rescue, and EMS personnel (in) both Anne Arundel, and Calvert County,  as well as the general public.  

Toby Sealey is also a career firefighter in the District of Columbia. In his emails (links above), Sealey apologizes for a late response to these issues because he is recovering from second degree burns received during a fatal fire in DC on February 17. Sealey was released from the MedStar Burn Unit at the Washington Hospital Center on Friday.

David Stream is also a career firefighting with the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department, assigned to Station 24 in Accokeek. Stream faces the possibility of a $150 fine and three points on his license. 

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  • Anonymous

    I really wish the IAFF would take Local 36 off the map. Better yet, I wish the Local I am affiliated with, would leave the IAFF and join the teamsters so this kind of “scabbing” would not exist

  • Anonymous

    finally dunkirk is held responsible for their actions

  • Calvert Citizen

    Boo Hoo Toby. Now your company won’t be able to run into Anne Arundel 3rd due or higher. The world is coming to an end! Why doesn’t your company spend the extra time drilling and driver training.

  • Alex Trebek

    I love the Jeopardy sign! Going through their online roster, it is spot on!

  • Jake_Speed

    “Chief” Sealey, and I use that term VERY loosely, is quite the role model for his band of merry men.
    Those two images are pretty funny, kinda sucks when you hit the nail on the head, right Toby?

  • Lt. A. N. Onymous

    Chief Sealy is making a mountain out of a mole hill. He should attend some public relations and leadership classes.

    1. HIS driver was involved in a property damage accident and left the scene. oh yeah… working fire – all rules and laws go out the window.

    2. He did “suspend” his driver. That was a step in the right direction.

    Most of “the chief’s” actions beyond that are questionable. Toby, being the chief, and his fellow volunteers will always be scrutinized by the actions of any one of his members. The key to preventing this from happening in the future is to identify your “liabilities” and limit them. If that means training and retraining, then do it. If that means taking someone off the “driver list” then do it. Dunkirk VFD, an organiziation that may seem like a boys club to some, is also a part of government and must be held to the highest standards.

  • Jack Johnson

    To the A.A. County personnel from station 9 that printed up the Jeopardy sign- Please print it again with the proper name for the county. It is Prince George’s County. Other than that, it is perfect!

  • Anonymous

    Chief Sealey trots out posters from anne arundle county and trys sink a bunch of carreer folks there. But, when his own out of line actions are called into question he states they have nothing to do with incident in question. If your lewd behavior has nothing to do with the accident then neither does a sign in a firehouse. If you want the signs down, don’t run red lights and hit fire trucks.

  • WFDT

    They can’t even bust balls correctly- On Jeopardy, the answer is on the screen and the contestants must provide the question.

  • Anonymous

    “Do you condone this type of immature behavior in your stations? Do you condone the hostile work environment that your employees are creating for my men and women? Is that the PROFESSIONALISM that you praise that your county and your employees have?” + = KARMA

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If I were a fire chief I believe I would have used spell check and had someone proof read my email before putting it out there for all to read.

  • Sam

    Good for Anne Arundel County. This was a clear case of hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident, an action that is illegal no matter if you are a volunteer fireman or not. There are a lot of “two-hatters” that conduct themselves in their VFD’s in ways that would get them terminated if they did it on the job where they work to earn a living.Tell Sealey and his band of teenyboppers to grow up-just because there is no form of government in Dunkirk to hold them accountable, that doesn’t give them a free reign on juvenile conduct.

  • Anonymous

    The posters are pretty funny, and I think these guys deserve some credit for coming up with a piece of humor that doesn’t offend anyone on the basis or race, religion, sexual preference, etc.

    The real issue is why did two rigs hit each other. I am not a chief, but perception is someone’s reality, and if my department was perceived as unsafe, I would worry about the glass windows on my house, before I started throwing them at the neighbors.

  • Tree

    Yep, Tower 40 stopped at the intersection, checked in all directions, like we’re told we should do, then proceded through at which point they were plowed into by Engine 51.

    Wait! The damage is on the rear of Engine 51… How can that be?

    Would we be having this discussion if it had been two AACo career staffed rigs involved? Have we forgotten that many of the volunteers in MD are career firefighters elsewhere? Suddenly, because they’ve put on a hat that says “volunteer,” they become incompetent rubes?

    Give me a break. If the same guy showed up on his career rig, would he be treated like a pariah, or a brother? I thought so.

    We’re all in this together.

  • Kleetis

    There are voluminous number of stories found on this as well as other websites that describe continuous serious problems among members of the fire service in the Maryland – D.C. area … It amazes me to see the level of childishness shown by some of these people who consider themselves to be firefighters. It seems that the problems are caused by ‘chest pounders” who consider themselves to be the best firefighters and who pride themselves upon racing other departments to fire scenes.

    NEWS FLASH!!! Firefighting (when performed properly) is a team sport. There is no room in the fire service for this “Little Rascals” approach to firefighting. To those of you who are guilty of this dangerous behavior, grow up and become part of the team … If you can’t do that then leave the fire service and join the W.W.F. …

  • Anonymous

    This was a terrible decision by Chief Ray to cut Dunkirk VFD out of Mutual Aide. This was not the way to resolve this particular issue. It only hurts the citizens who call 911. The Anne Arundel County Fire Department truly operates under a “Culture of Safety”. This culture, as explained by FDNY Lt. Ray McCormack, illustrates how the modern fire department puts the firefighter’s safety above that of the citizens who call for help. The AA County Command Staff should check out Lt. McCormack’s video from last years FDIC Conference. My family lives in Lothian, therefore Dunkirk is usually the 2nd or 3rd due company to their house. If my family was trapped in their burning house in Lothian, I am sure the Dunkirk Volunteers would make effort possible to rescue them. Just as Chief Sealy did for the trapped victim in the recent D.C. fatal house fire on East Capitol Street. Meanwhile, the AA companies would be busy forming their 40 man RIT company, correctly erecting their command board, donning their lime green vest, and performing multiple 360′s around the dwelling. Guys, sometimes we are the last hope for the people we serve. If you are unwilling to take the risk that the job presents, then just close up shop or pursue another profession. Otherwise, don’t cut out the folks who are willing to do the job.

  • Charles

    This was a terrible decision by Chief Ray to cut Dunkirk VFD out of Mutual Aide. This was not the way to resolve this particular issue. It only hurts the citizens who call 911. The Anne Arundel County Fire Department truly operates under a “Culture of Safety”. This culture, as explained by FDNY Lt. Ray McCormack, illustrates how the modern fire department puts the firefighter’s safety above that of the citizens who call for help. The AA County Command Staff should check out Lt. McCormack’s video from last years FDIC Conference. My family lives in Lothian, therefore Dunkirk is usually the 2nd or 3rd due company to their house. If my family was trapped in their burning house in Lothian, I am sure the Dunkirk Volunteers would make effort possible to rescue them. Just as Chief Sealy did for the trapped victim in the recent D.C. fatal house fire on East Capitol Street. Meanwhile, the AA companies would be busy forming their 40 man RIT company, correctly erecting their command board, donning their lime green vest, and performing multiple 360′s around the dwelling. Guys, sometimes we are the last hope for the people we serve. If you are unwilling to take the risk that the job presents, then just close up shop or pursue another profession. Otherwise, don’t cut out the folks who are willing to do the job.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Toby, what an embarassment you are. I can’t believe you think that you can question someone who has so much more experience than you do. You look like such a fool; I’m sure you don’t even realize it. Maybe one day you’ll figure it out.
    You may have valid issues with AA County that most people don’t know about. You have shot yourself in the foot with your piss poor letter. I’m sure your attorney can advise you on this too. Please grow up Toby. You make DCFD and Dunkirk look so silly.
    Also, leave PG County out of this. They have nothing to do with any of this mess.

  • Anonymous

    I think its quite funny that through all this, Chief Sealey still doesn’t realize that you don’t leave the scene of an accident. It’s really a cut and dry issue.

  • Rusty H

    I wish everyone had balls and left a name with a post! Look at the pics if dunkirk Tboned T40 the whole side would be mashed in and 51 would have front damage. HMMMM 51 has rear damage and tower 40 has front damage. Do the math. I want to know what AACO does when patch pricks lie on a report? And as far as your teenyboppers and what else your little minds come up with any day of the week Im sure Sealey will take your challenge.

  • the Deputy

    why do you all hide behind a screen name and bash chief sealy?sure we have all had a bit of a childish past,Dave if these people are gonna bash someone please either ensure they have a a real name or delete the comment.i dont know chief sealy but i do think people need to grow some b@##’s when it come’s to bashing someone.

  • You dont know me anyway

    Not here to bash on either department or Chiefs, but the facts or not being seen the way they whould be. One piece had a green light and the other had a red light. Doesnt Maryland law state that you must still slow at a controlled interesction with a red light to ensure that its clear? If involved in a collision, shouldnt units stop to see if all are ok, advise a command officer what had happened and proceed on so command knows what has happened. People are on here quoting Lt. McCormick and using his words of putting us ahead of the public. What if some one on either rig was hurt or killed? There wouldnt have been people there to help the public, two full crews would be taken out of the equation. Lt. MCormick (to me) is talking about our decisions on fire grounds and not giving us excuses to drive like we in bumper cars and take each other out going to the scene. Im only looking from the outside in at the facts given and how they (to me again) seemed to be overlooked. My opinion only and yes I know theyre like assholes……

  • the Deputy

    Dear Mr. the Deputy,
    You’re right. I too have had a bit of a childish past. Especially when I was a child. But when I got older and matured a bit, I realized that everything I learned in life up until that point comes in handy. One thing I learned when I first received my driver’s license, was that if I was involved in a crash, I don’t leave until after any formalities were taken care of.
    I believe most people leaving comments on this forum against chief Sealy, are doing so due to the immature and unprofessional way he is dealing with a crisis in his “organization”.
    You know, as well as I, that if people did leave their real names on this forum, there would be a whole slew of news stories because of it.

    the Deputy (that’s not my real name either)

  • the Dictator

    Chief Sealy is going about this all the wrong way. Instead of fighting any of this, the fact of the matter is that one of his drivers made a mistake and must be dealt with. Why couldn’t he just state that in a press release after he was made an example of. Maybe because, not only is Toby the volunteer chief, but he is also good friends with alot of the club member there in Dunkirk. How can he make an example of someone that he parties with?

  • Ponch and Jon

    Does Toby realize that even if the police report wasn’t accurate in the description of the accident, it doesn’t matter. Dunkirks engine WAS involved and Dunkirks engine left the scene. End of story. What’s so hard to understand about that. I think some people need to take their blinders off to get a clearer view of what’s going on.

  • AACO Paid Man

    Tower 40 comes around a blind turn in the wrong lane of traffic. How was 51 going to see them. Answer that. Stop on red and go if you dont see anything.

  • Tree

    Given that it seems that a lot of the other information reported about the accident is in question, are we really sure that the Dunkirk engine left the scene, or is that just the story some folks would like us all to believe?

  • Merrill W

    Chief 5 has taken the focus away from this incident and brought it onto his poor leadership at ‘the frathouse’. It appears that he has written his statements based on his emotions rather than composing a professional response to this issue. Get a grip Toby. You claim to be this awesome firefighter capable of teaching the world how its done; why not start by setting the example? Whether your driver was right or wrong will come out. You say that you have all the evidence to clear your driver, why not relax and present it in a professional manner? You gain respect of your peers based on how you handle these type of situations. Once you put words on paper (or pose for pictures) you cannot take it back. Your behavior is not the mark of someone who is expected to lead a dept.
    Sounds like chaos prevails at Dunkirk.

  • Anonymous

    The problems between AACoFD and Dunkirk have been ongoing for years. This crash between the tower and engine was just the straw that broke the camels back. Dunkirk blatantly disrespects Anne Arundels officers (both career and volunteer) on incident scenes. That operates as cowboys and frequently asks “what are you going to do take a zero from my paycheck”. They are volunteers and there is no accountability for their actions. Most are career employees elsewhere and would be in big trouble if they acted this way at work.

    Anne Arundel is a very safety conscious department, we all know that. However when they did mount and interior attack on the little road fire Dunkirks cowboy ways led to one of Anne Arundels firefighters being hurt.

  • Truth Teller

    First off lets start with the facts. Engine 51 and Tower 40 tried to both share the same intersection at the same time. Second Engine 51 left the scene of an accident. Third neither the driver of Engine 51 or Tower 40 are members of IAFF Local 36. There is no need to bring that local into this. The driver of Engine 51 is a member of IAFF Local 1619, and broke the law.

    Chief Sealy, I would recommend that you suspend the driver of your engine. Next I would make sure anything that I put out in writing was edited by someone that understands English and grammar.

    As far as AA county taking Dunkirk off their boxes, well that is for them to deal with and live with if something happens to a citizen.

    Now lets look at the most important fact. Nobody was hurt or killed due to this accident.

  • Anonymous

    This gets better by the minute. Truely our worst enemies…

    I was listening to a fire outside of Philly two days ago. A single station was dispatched for a smoke investigation in a house. They had heavy smoke in the house and the chief asked for a company for RIT. Not fill the box or multiple company response but a single company. The engine company, which was by themself and waiting for their other piece to respond (probably a ladder truck) got in trouble and started screaming they were going to find a window to get out. The chief’s response to communications was to ask where the RIT company was (they responded with 2 men).

    The point is taking a mutual aid company off assignments by the AA Fire Chief is not smart and not necessarily in the interest of safety. It is in the interest of political expediency per the Union and the belief that the AA Chief is justified in controlling the operational practices of the County next door.

    The way this is playing out is disgusting, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    The insurance companies should start becoming more involved in the fire service as it was over a century ago and make decisions of risk vs reward. For instance, what is more worthy of indemnification, losing property at the risk of unsafe operational practices either by response (Calvert) or by poor firefighting (AA).

  • Sam

    I guess this is Dunkirk’s attempt to say they weren’t at fault and ergo they didn’t leave the scene of an accident. As far as the idiot driving Dunkirks pumper, I hope the MVA revokes his license. I don’t know what it is going to take for these morons to realize they are driving a 30 ton vehicle not an Indy race car.

  • Ralph

    What is this? Mother Jugs & Speed firefighting? WoW

    Feel the LOVE!

  • Big Frank

    1. Dunkirk left the scene of an accident. Nothing to dispute there.

    2. Dunkirk cannot admit they were wrong and move on like adults, instead they pull their proverbial pants down and expose themselves as immature and insecure.

  • ???????????????????

    wow i really find all of these comments very funny im willing to bet that no one that has responded to this post were there and none of us know the truth and the events leading to the accident but to me and justmy point of view is if there rear end dammage to the dunkirk engine and front damage to the aaco tower that was in the wrong lane to begin with sounds like we know who hit who also i havent seen the pictures so only going off of hearsay but i hear dunkirk had hardley any damage to there unit so man that must of been a severe accident and did the driver even know there had been an accident prob. not I support Dunkirk and Chief Sealey and think aaco is making a big mistake trying to stop dunkirk 5 from the run cards

  • the Deputy

    to the other The Deputy
    what you fail to see is that i am defending him because he was not driving this engine yet he still seems to be catching crap over it,he took action agianst his driver and is looking into the incident according to all these reports,let him do his job as the chief of dunkirk and we shall all see in time what comes of this….and the deputy isnt my real name either but i will post it if i call anyone out.

  • Harris Teeter, MFRI instructor for AA County

    WHO CARES….Anne Arundel County is a wacked out dept anyway. They are cowards when it comes to firefighting. Thank god they have volunteers in the county, they are the only ones with the balls to run into a house fire. Why the hell do you think all the AA county boys leave to join the DCFD?

  • the Deputy

    way to roll over on your dept,mad because you are not the chief anymore?mad because chief sealy tossed your sorry butt outta there?dont bash the man for doing the job you couldnt!

  • the other deputy

    to the Deputy,
    Of course he is catching crap over it. What I was simply trying to point out was that he is catching crap over it because of the way he is handling it. I want him to do his job as the chief of Dunkirk, but he is also doing alot of things that he shoudln’t be doing. Why, atthis point would you write a letter to Dave Statter (aka- the press) and come out swinging? No manager in their right mind would do such a thing when it definitely is not warranted. Just my two cents.

  • Anonymous

    Toby, if you sent that long winded response on your blackberry you have way to much time on your hands. Quit being such a cry baby and please STOP justifying why you and “your men” must run into AA County. Sounds like limiting “your men” from responding into AA County will save lives. While your at it stop trying to tell the AA County Fire Chief how he should do his job. Every time you do, you make yourself sound like a bigger and bigger idiot. You may be a good firefighter and some day when you mature a bit you may become a decent volunteer chief. But if you think you’re equal to a County Fire Chief you think way to highly of yourself. Even with all the credentials you may have, you have no idea what your talking about and you’re better off trying to mend fences then to accuse big bad AA County for being mean to you.

    AA County doesn’t need you or Dunkirk as much as you think. Your response only demonstrates your lack of maturity. Grow up!

  • Jack Jamond

    Lets debate this in a real forum. Early in the am with know Alcohol. All posts on this issue show up. Show your real colors.

  • Jack Jamond

    Know means NO!!!!!

  • Stuart

    It is amazing how much trash talking is going on between the two departments. It doesn’t matter where the damage is on either truck. The trucks hit. One had a green light, one had a red light. Simple. If the one running the light passed the other before they could stop…then it would get hit in the rear as the Tower turned. If the police report isn’t completely correct…that would be because the other truck WASN’T THERE to give their side of the story.

    If AA county wants to cut Dunkirk’s responses that is their choice. They have to limit their liability to responders they can’t control.They will have to readjust their response plans to cover the change. So that’s that. This is a county wide decision, and trying to make it a personal fight is silly. The over the top personalities are clouding the issue, and the irresponsible actions of the Dunkirk chief just make it worse. He may be a professional fire fighter but he is far from a professional chief (which has nothing to do with whether or not he is paid or volunteer)

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  • Charles

    Hey there “You dont know me anyway”, there is a perfectly good reason why I was quoting Lt. Ray McCormack. If you have the slightest clue what is going on between these two fire departments, than you would understand that this debate goes well beyond this little fender bender. This is AA County Fire Department’s method of keeping Dunkirk VFD off of the fireground. I grew up in South AA County, which gave the oportunity to witness more than a few of this so called fire department’s operations. These guys have real niche for burning the roof off of a house. Furthermore, they love to start that PPV well before the fire is properly extinguished. Now, dont get me wrong. AAFD has plenty of good experienced fireman, however the command staff prevents them from doing the job. The Anne Arundel County Fire Department has adopted that “Culture of Safety”. Dunkirk remains a fairly aggressive organization based on speedy extinguishment. The two just do not mix. Hence, AAFD was looking for any excuse to oust Dunkirk from mutual aide. The accident just happen to be the catalyst. The end result of this whole matter; when my parents are trapped in their burning Lothian house, there will truely be no chance of rescue. This is not about paid or volunteer to me. It’s about who’s going to get the job done.

  • The Real Merrill Wells

    Before people on here start running their mouth. I didn’t post that on here today. So Deputy, get your facts straight before you run your mouth about me, or how im this or that. I will never hide behind a computer if i have a problem or something to say. Ive already received like 10 phone calls asking why i put that on here. So, i’ve actually come on here to read what they were talking about. Wow, somebody else who is trying to stir more stuff up put my name on here because they were not man enough. I would hope the guys at Dunkirk know me a little better then that. Thank you for wasting 20 min of my life reading this garbage …whoever wrote that today, im so thrilled i have people out there thinking about me. The Real Merrill Wells!

  • Anonymous

    If Dunkirk VFD leaves the scene of an accident, I don’t trust them to do the right thing on a fireground. Good job AAFD, you should be commended for not putting up with a group of kids playing with big toys. This is serious business and it does not matter if your career or volunteer. AAFD is trying to run a professional organization and Sealy and the boyz are throwing a temper tantrum. Keep them out of AA County not because they are volunteers but because they can’t be trusted to perform safely or in the best interest of anyone other than themselves.
    Calvert County should take a close look at what is going on at Dunkirk, this can’t be an isolated event.

  • Anonymous

    Toby, do you really believe that Chief Ray should have all the volunteer chiefs from Anne Arundel County agree with his decision to limit Dunkirk’s response into AA County, and that Calvert County should have been involved in the decision? He’s not running a volunteer fire department so he does not need to make decisions in a manner that ensures he gets voted in next year. Tell me, how did you go about making the decision to take action against the driver? Whose approval did you need? Did you meet with your board of directors? Other Chief Officers, Calvert County leadership? Was the driver in the loop?

    Here some advice for you, tell Chief Ray you’re sorry, work with AA County to get some training and tell your folks that if they do anything to get Dunkirk in the news, you will personally kick their A–. Then lay low and let this blow over.

  • Embarrassed

    I think some of these posters should have remained in school and received a proper education.

  • Sam

    This whole incident is based upon the supposed “culture of safety” in AA County? My ass, it is about a Chief who has taken the necessary steps to insure that the “animal house fraternity” mentality stays in Calvert County where it belongs.I guess all the supporters of Dunkirk would be singing a different tune if this accident killed one of their family members or a loved one.Just remember, being a Chief of a department is not a popularity contest, so if you don’t like what has happened with Dunkirk, tough.

  • DC Local Guy

    Don’t you love it when a volunteer chief from a Podunk VFD orders the career chief from another county to respond to him by a certain date. And just think, he goes back to being a private in a career department when he goes back to work. Amazing! If I was AA Chief, I’s tell Chief Sealy to take a deep breath and hold it…..I’ll be right with you.

  • Dr. Ben Dover

    Holy Crap! 15054 characters and 2677 words in his letter to Anne Arundel County SENT FROM HIS BLACKBERRY!! He’s going to have to go back to the hospital for Carpel Tunnel!

  • Dumpkirk

    If Sealy is trying to be the safety advocate then why did he get burned? It looks to me like he is grandstanding for his VFD. The fire he got burned on in SE DC is closer to PG fire companies than DC fire companies. Was the next closest companies sent? Next time pick your fights a little better and you might not get burned.

  • AB

    Chief Sealy, I know nothing at all about the Dunkirk VFD, but in light of all the reports about your company, I have come to the conclusion that it is a “Mickey Mouse” frat-house type operation. See?? It’s the perception that counts these days. You are heavily scrutinized in your roll as a career FF in PG, but you get a position of power at your volunteer house and all professionalism goes out the window.

    Man-up!! Admit your driver was at fault and begin repairing the ill-will YOU have created.

  • Abe

    I bet Sealy is a good firefighter. The problem is Sealy needs to learn a bit of leadership for the real world, not the frat house. This isnt school where you can cry to the dean when your chapter gets kicked off campus for a prank like indecent exposure. It doesnt work for you to play macho chief and disrepect everyone out here. The consequences means taxpayers’ property and the lives of good firefighters. Everyone knows you are loyal now LEARN HOW TO BE A LEADER. Sometimes you have to do the unpopular thing like SAY YOU ARE SORRY for mistakes made.
    Turn the Dunkirk ship around and be proud of all firefighters—not your little house. That is brotherhood.

  • Concerned citizen

    As a concerned citizen reading this, I don’t want to hear the blame game coming from Dunkirk. I want to hear real solutions for the future.

  • Mikie Groce

    Thanks for calling me a teenybopper. I haven’t been called that in about 35yrs.


  • Mickey Shymansky

    Hey “Dumpkirk”, I laugh at your lack of “Balls” to hit a man below the belt like you have. First of all, Sealy was burned doing something that AA county knows very little about, and that is fighting fire. The yellow bellies of AA county never get burned because they are always outside watching the fire get bigger while Clavert County units walk on your yellow backs to do your job. Secondly, PG will not cross the DC line because they can not staff thier pieces as we do in DC. You are jeleous because you can not make the grade to be a real man and fight fire in DC. So, you guys can stay as yellow as your apparatus, and continue to be as useful as a lawn oniment like the rest of your members with yellow fire trucks.
    I refuse to hide behind a screen name as you have. Once again to proove to me that you are “YELLOW”.
    P.S. My kids will tell you that real firetrucks are RED. You must be a momma’s boy.

  • Anonymous

    I love the fact that Anne Arundel guys are complaining about career men ticking at Dunkirk, they’ve turned a blind eye towards their members scabbing in PG for years. Even better, Dunkirk IAFF members battling with a jurisdiction that has an IAFF local while they’re ticking. Don’t forget DC local 36 washing their hands of Dunkirk by saying don’t drag them in to it. Local 36 provides scab personnel at Dunkirk and across the area. At least PG doesn’t let this guy drive apparatus and do you think he’s at 24 by choice. You losers are a traveling CIRCUS! I’m a volunteer, wait I’m a career man, wait I’m a scab!
    Make your minds up.

  • Tree

    “Man-up!! Admit your driver was at fault and begin repairing the ill-will YOU have created.”

    At this point, I’m not even sure it was Dunkirk’s fault. Maybe someone can explain why Tower 40 came through the light (green or not) fast enough to clip Dunkirk’s engine (which sustained damage at the rear, not the front) and plow into several cars. Maybe Tower 40 was running a little too fast and without due regard?

    Let’s discuss the incident – things like why the officer who wrote the citation didn’t want to do so, because things didn’t add up (he did so only when ordered by a superior). Things like why the accident report apparently shows Tower 40 traveling in the wrong direction.

    According to what I’ve read, all of Dunkirk’s firefighters gave reports to police at the scene, but none of AACo’s firefighters did so. Aren’t they witnesses, too?

    Chief Sealy’s past behaviors and actions are strawmen here – serving only to distract from the matter at hand.

    I suspect that when the facts finally see the light of day the outcome will be different than it stands right now.

  • Anonymous

    There is a new article in the Capital Newspaper today and Sealy continues to complain that this is all a big conspiracy by AA to discredit the volunteers from Dunkirk. He and the clowns at Dunkirk continue to make the situation worse rather than better. Sealy mentions the derogatory pictures going around the AA County fire stations, which has nothing to do with a hit and run accident his company was involved with. Then he goes on to accuse the AA County Police Department of lying on a police report.

    If Sealy and his men didn’t act like fools perhaps they wouldn’t open themselves up to such ridicule. Toby Sealy, did you ever stop to think that maybe you’re the problem and not everyone else? If not perhaps it’s time you did, you’re running a good organization straight into the toilet.

  • David Skaggs

    Id really like to know how you people consider it “Scabbing” or “Ticking” when Calvert County is the ONLY ALL Volunteer county left in the State of Md??? Yes from the Paragods to the FireFighters its all Volunteer???

  • Sam

    It’s a conspiracy against the Dunkirk VFD by Anne Arundel County-the police are seeking to nundermine the volunteer system. The sky is falling in, the sky is falling in.

  • SkidMarks

    It’s considered “scabbing” or “ticking” because certain people dont like it or its convenient for them to use those phrases in this situation. It wouldn’t be either if it involved their volunteer company. They would then call it “giving back to the community”.


    In reading the comments there is a definite opinionated response of criticism against Volunteers. Now obviously the Driver of the Dunkirk Apparatus didnot demonstrate good Safety Conscious Judgement. However I am also inclined to believe the Driver of Anne Arundel County Tower 40 should have also demonstrated some degree of common sense. By that I mean both units responding had to know when,where the travel route for each was. Both Apparatus should probably exercised a degree of
    driving Defensively, recognizing the fact both units could meet at some point. The culture of safety in Anne Arundel is a good mentality to instill in Fire/EMS Personnel. The idea of
    criticism by either side against each Department serves no real
    conclusion It is I believe a Union (IAFF) issue. The us and them mentality should be ignored. The decision to make running assignment adjustments for an isolated incident is somewhat a knee jerk emotion. Yes this incident could have been prevented, more over serious injuries may have occurred. This isnot only to Fire/EMS Personnel, but the Taxpayers who were out on that particular area driving. The idea of assignment adjustments can only serve to hinder the average Taxpayers who if an unforseen emergency should occur they would be experiencing the worst day of their Life. The actual closes Public Safety Resources would not be sent. In today’s 21st Century Fire/EMS Service everyone goes home should be/must be
    the top Priority in all Fire/EMS Agencies. This incident obviously proved definitive improvements are needed. It was a Blessing there were no serious injuries as a result.

    Thank You

  • The squad

    Dumpkirk just needs to clean house with the Chiefs. Sealy can’t lead, Holzberger couldn’t get it done either. Let’s not even go there on Wells. Where are the seasoned guys at? Miles? Hibben? These type of problems could be avoided if the leadership was keeping the younger guys in line and teaching them how to work with the other companies. You can have all the ‘command staff’ meetings you want Toby but it will be for nothing if the guys riding the trucks are treating the other departments with disrespect. Yes, there is a reason why Stream doesn’t drive. Wasn’t impressive at 10 (seen it firsthand) and from what I hear not too good at 24 either.
    Let’s get it together Co. 5. You guys could have an awesome station down there if you’d get rid of the cowboy attitude. Show some respect to get some respect.
    Start by mending those fences with AA County. Tuck your tail Toby; sounds like you have plenty of time away from work now to fix this situation.

  • Anonymous

    To Mickey Shymansky, you are part of the problem. It is obvious you never graduated elementary school because you can’t even spell. Do you ever think that anyone would ever take you seriously.


    Toby is a good fire fighter and a good Chief! ! I Live in Anne Arundle and I’d be damned if my house was on fire if i want a AA county department coming to put the fire out! ! ! DUNKIRK would be my 1st choice of surrounding stations ! ! ! Seeing from expirence AA county would rather sit there and watch someones hard work burn to the ground! ! ! DUNKIRK has real firefighters and NOT GLORFIED House holders ! ! ! Real men and women fight fire’s. They dont sit there and watch someones hard work burn. Toby was hurt in the line of duty doing his JOB in a busy city. He cannot control where they are sent. Toby cannot control a flashover. That could have happened to anyone. Oh wait anyone but AA county cause they dont know how to run into a burning building. And now this new rule that Dunkirk cant come into AA County to help serve the community? That is BS ! ! ! Vol. or paid we are all here for the same reason to help and serve the people of AA County, Calvert Co and so on. And from the picture’s I have seen Dunkirks Engine (51) has 2 scratches on the back of the engine dont u think if they hit another fire truck there would be more damage. I think AA County is trying to cover up their Mess up and balming it on Dunkirk , Because they are intimidated by Dunkrik and what good members they have! ! ! For now this is all I have to say but trust and believe Im sure my big mouth will have more to say! ! !


    you know sitting here reading all of this whop-la that everyone wants to point and blame sealey and dig him for being hurt while preforming his job trying to save a life since it was reported people trapped(dc fire) but thats what chief sealey does he trys to save lives and knowing chief sealey personaly i support him and dunkirk furthermore chief sealy is an outstanding chief and stands up for his guys and girls threw all and when one has done wrong they are handled as need be i am willing to bet that 98% of the people on here posting stuff dont even know toby nor anyone from dunkirk i cant believe all this stuff i am reading has been blown up the way it has i guess aaco is imtimadated by the hard work and the outstanding preformance of the dunkirk vfd does everyone in the fire service is suppose to be the solution for people in there time of need not the problem and im sorry i have been on the fireground that aaco has ran and it is pathetic and to see faces of families standing there loosing what they have worked so hard for go up in flames while the aaco chiefs need to do there pretty boards and stand outside and put a fire out instead of mannin up and going in and getting the job done and save a home i live in aaco and if i had my choice dunkirk would be the first company i would want to show up at my house due to i know the job will get done and they will try to save everything i have worked so hard for unlike the yellow belly aaco firefighters or so they call them selves prime example the fire in lothian estates if it wasent for dunkirks aggressive approach that house would of been a total loss a few years back instead of 2 rooms when dunkirk arrives to see a line laying at the front door and 2 aaco guys standing there saying you guys go ahead thats just sad dont get me wrong north aaco has some very good crews and are not scared to get the job done but southern aaco id be better off spitting on my house to put the fire out then depend on them to get the job done chief sealey you have my support and so does the rest of anne arundel counties real heros the dunkirk vfd i want the truth of the accident and none of us on here know the truth unless you were there or on the unit and then you can say what did and didnt happen but boy from the pictures i seen david stream did nothing wrong at all did he leave the scence i do not know if he did and knew there was an accident yes thats wrong if he didnt know thye hit since dunkirks engine only had minor damage in the rear of the unit then no he wasent wrong or did he stop boy i have read several diffrant reports saying two diffrant things so i do not think anyone on this fourm can say anything about it so anonymous that wants to say something to mickey about spelling you can have i fied day with me but you know what i wont loose sleep over it

  • Ret. 3rd BFC

    He got burned trying to effect a RESCUE .Oh thats right you guys only worry about “ticks” or “scabs”,not what a real fireman does How about taking some pride in what the fire service was established for FIGHTING FIRE ,not as a make work program and F the”culture of safety”1

  • This Guy

    well anonymous, Im guessing he got his point across…. since all you can do is bash his spelling and have no intelligable argument for his opinion. I still dont understand how being a volunteer in an all volunteer system makes you a bad person just because you also do it for a living.

  • sid polish

    55. “The fire he got burned on in SE DC is closer to PG fire companies than DC fire companies”

    You are an assclown! Engine 30 is located at #50 49th street NE. Just 4 blocks west of this address. The rest of your post has been disregarded because your facts on “distance” were as far from correct as your assumptions about the fatal fire.

    Sid Polish

  • Amazed

    Maybe the Dunkirk supporters should stay in school and get a proper education in writing and spelling instead of hanging out at the Romper Room (Fire Station) and pounding on their chests about how great they are. Get an education.

  • Local 36 Bystander

    Me thinks he got burned trying to go down the interior basement stairs while an engine company was preparing to enter from the exterior basement entrance? Don’t think that is the proper SOP for DC, but what do I know?

    As far as the Shymansky comments go. I hope that isn’t really him. And if it is, a real class response. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Can’t imagine what your fire reports look like. And don’t you have a market to burn down?

    Seems to me that Local 36 members should stay out of this one. We don’t have a dog in this silly fight.

  • SkidMarks

    “Culture of safety”??? Nothing is unsafe if you don’t actually do it. There is a reason PPE and SCBA is issued. But, then again, I guess the best way to ensure you don’t run out of air is to not put on the pack and go in.

  • Sam

    Please Dunkirk supporters…use some of your beer money on spelling and diction lessons.

  • Anonymous

    I worked for AACO for 2 years. I don’t know how to say this politely. They are a bunch of clowns and cowards.

  • P.G. Co. Public School educated

    I’m sure Chief Sealey is proud to have you in his corner. Your post was quite possibly the longest run on sentence in history. That incoherent, rambling diatribe (I know that word is above your IQ, so look it up in the dic•tion•ar•y) contained more misspelled words and grammatical errors than a five year olds book report.
    So, PLEASE, put down the crack pipe, take off your Kentland T-shirt, wipe that brown stuff off your nose, and go enroll in one of the remedial English night classes taught by Phil Newman. Until you graduate, stick to just reading the articles and looking at the pretty pictures.

  • Sam I Am

    What’s all this got to do with whether AA County is aggressive or not? The issue at hand is the fact that AA County decided to limit Dunkirk’s response into their county because Dunkirk thinks they are Kentland South. The fact is Dunkirk broke the law when they left the scene of an accident,plain and simple. Now this attempt by the Chief of Dunkirk to detract from the issue at hand by saying the police filed a bogus report and that there is a conspiracy against Dunkirk is insane. Ask him what would happen to an apparatus driver downtown if he got into an accident with a piece of apparatus and failed to stop- I’ll give you a hint- he would be looking for other means of employment.My advice is for the Chief of Dunkirk to accept the responsobility that his driver was WRONG and in the future strive to do better and be more of a team player rather than some rogue cowboy. You would be surprised how much more respect you garner from other people.

  • Annonymous

    take off your Kentland T-shirt, LOL that is too funny!

  • Anonymous

    “Local 36 Bystander says

    Me thinks he got burned trying to go down the interior basement stairs while an engine company was preparing to enter from the exterior basement entrance? Don’t think that is the proper SOP for DC, but what do I know?

    Seems to me that Local 36 members should stay out of this one. We don’t have a dog in this silly fight.
    on February 25, 2010 @ 8:55 am.”

    Maybe you should follow your own advice. Where you at the fire? Do you know that he went down the basement steps? We don’t have SOP’s we have SOG’s and where does it say a member of a Truck Company attempting a rescue is not allowed to go down basement stairs.

    You are right. We should stay out of this. Some assclown brought up the idea that PG should have been dispatched to E. Capital Street because they are closer. They are not. DC responds to DC addresses no matter what volunteer company might think they are closer.


  • Get An Education

    Maybe the Dunkirk VFD can hold spelling and writing classes for their members so they don’t seem so uneducated. Where is Jerry the Clown? Engles. He would fit right in!

  • Anonymous

    I worked for AACO for 2 years. I don’t know how to say this politely. They are a bunch of clowns and cowards.

    You are so right. All 800+ of us are cowards and clowns. I guess that’s why a real hero like you doesn’t work for us anymore. Thank you for gracing us with your presence.

  • D. Clime

    In relation to the accident, I will make no comment as I was not on E51 or Tower 40, nor was I the Officer who took the report. It is not fair of me to pass judgments without being witness to any of the said events.

    I will say however the following as a witness to the fatal fire on East Capitol Street;

    Mr. Bystander,

    Your assumption that Toby was burned while desending the interior basement steps, against an opposing attack line, is impossible. The interior basement stairs were burned out and non existent. Toby did however attempt to make a rescue via the rear basement entrance at the request of family member standing in the yard. Your fellow “bystanders” had been in verbal contact with the victim just seconds prior. Until you have been faced with that situation, please save your “assumptions” for around the kitchen table with your fellow “fireman.”

    To those who are making jokes, or wishing anything other than a speedy recovery for Toby; do not ever refer to yourself as a member of the brotherhood, EVER!


    I wish a speedy recovery and look forward to your return to work. It is a privilege to work with you and is comforting to walk in the firehouse and see your riding out the door with me.

    Doug Clime Truck Driver DCFD T17#4

  • PGFF for Life

    Lets face it: DUMPKIRK is full of PG has beens, wanna bees, and rejects. They are trying to turn a one horse town VFD into a little Kentland. The reason Toby is crying about getting knocked off the boxes in AA County is because they don’t run squat in podunk DUMPKIRK. My sources say Calvert County is going to soon step in and squash DUMPKIRK, Stay tuned!

  • Local 36 Bystander

    FF Clime,

    The burned out stairs weren’t discovered until much later into the incident. Why wasn’t his partner burned during the rescue attempt? And don’t bother talking about the brotherhood and Toby in the same sentence. Rather than just stay quiet and let the investigation pan out, he decided to take shots at the IAFF members in AA. Guess the brotherhood ends on Eastern Ave.

  • Sam I Am

    What does this guy injuring himself on his job have to do with this incident. He may be a good firefighter but it is obvious he is lacking skills to be a Chief.


    Ok already enough ignorant juvenile bias ile words. The idea of whether or not anyone who may be a Career Firefighter in another jurisdiction and Volunteers in their home jurisdiction is in no way any raeson to associate what occurred with Dunkirk and Anne Arundel County. What is the most important issue is that Dunkirk realize their way of thinking and actions arenot acceptable. The issue of Mutual Aid is an important resource for every jurisdiction. Obviously Anne Arundel County has the Firefighter Safety/Everyone goes Home
    Mentality and Professional Performance Attitude within their Personnel. Dunkirk should already have or now make an all out effort to get together with Anne Arundel County Authorities and
    make themselves aware of the expected Responses/Conduct when running into Anne Arundel County. Both jurisdictions here have the same objective. “Provide the best Level of Professional Standards in Fire/EMS” to the Taxpayers. This true whether Anne Arundel responds Mutual Aid into Calvert County and vice versa. The outrageous criticism of Career vs. Volunteer is unacceptable today. The thought of Career being better than Volunteer is nonsense. There are some good well Trained Career
    Firefighters and there are some good well Trained Volunteers.
    “Any Career or Volunteer with the mentality that they are superior should keep in mind The Volunteers who criticize Career, and the Career who criticize Volunteer Just may at some time be in an un forseen May Day May Day Dreaded Call. The bottom line here, A Career Crew or a Volunteer Crew just may pull one of those individuals out of a Burning Structure.
    The negative comment about Kentland, just FYI to those individuals “Last Year a Kentland Volunteer Crew Effected the Rescue of a PGFD Career Firefighter”

    Have A Nice Day

  • Flash

    Sam sounds like a complete fool. I am also a paid maid and proud of it and working with the Vollies. I have been a vollie many years and have been paid for 22 years. This was an accident and all know it. Dunkirk is a excellent company. I also vollie in PG and am a Dep. Chief. You idiots that are in the local are fools anyway. What can they do for you? Get real and remember where you came from. Even though I am paid most paid men would not make a Pimple on a Vollies butt.

  • D. Clime


    Based on the claims you are making it appears you were on the scene on the 5200 blk of East Capitol. So with that being said, please come out from behind the vague name and provide the proof you have to your accusations. If you would prefer to slither behind a moniker, please refrain from making any statements. You will ultimately end up embarrassing yourself. Something tells me you are used to that however.

    And if your REAL struggle lies within your own identity issue within the fire service, please ask Danny McGowan or the family members of the late Fred Perry(RIP Brother), about Toby’s devotion to the Brotherhood. Until then, please just limit your damage control to a minimum, for your own sake.

  • Sam I Am

    Me, a fool, hardly. Obviously, you are not proud of it or you wouldn’t slander yourself by thinking of yourself as a “paid maid”. What can the Local do for me? Obviously, a lot more than your Local has done for you. Mine got me a real nice retirement package, did your Local get one for you? My Local also gets some pretty good benefits packages also, how about yours? Yeah, I guess I am a real idiot.

  • Flash

    Yeah Sam you git it right!! u is a FOOL!!! You’re package does not compare to mine. It is apparent all u can do is sit around and bitch with your little panties in a twist. There is more to life than crying all the time. Oh I am sure you never cleaned a bathrrom or mopped a floor while working because you’re above that. Man up and Grow up and move along and let the real men and women do the job because fools like u can only whine!!!!!!!!


    I would like comment on theissues focused upon here. All the comments seem to be nothing more than opinions criticizing individuals and Anne Arundel County and Dunkirk. I am appalled at the comments made about “F” Firefighter Safety”. In case anyone who may not know the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation put together the Firefighter Safety Effort. This is to assist Fire/EMS Agencies to recognize the absolute need for
    all Fire/EMS Personnel to be protected while on the scene. The idea of SCBA/Pass Device Driving with caution etc is to help reduce the LODD’s that occur. Reading these comments it’s like the Hatfields and McCoys. The incident in question will be investigated and the Truth will come out. As far as referring to a jurisdiction where there may be Border Stations from an adjacent jurisdiction, Each Jurisdiction has specific policies and Procedures to follow. The Term Mutual Aid means there is an agreement if you will a pact between jurisdictions to ensure proper Fire/EMS Protection. This entails maintaining good Response Times. The comments about the DCFD incidents yes
    there are bordering Stations from PG County, Montgomery County. It is the decision of the DCFD authorities to utilize their resources first. As far as Anne Arundel County and Dunkirk, keep in mind the Primary Jurisdiction has the final decision about which Mutual Aid Responses can and will be utilized. This incident in question was an unfortunate circumstance. As was commented I also believe both Apparatus Drivers share some guilt due to lack of common sense in responding. Anne Arundel County and Dunkirk need to sit down and understand from both jurisdictions that SOP’s and Response Procedures must be adhered to at all times. Dunkirk needs to realize this, and understand their Mutual Aid Assistance must be in total accordance with Anne Arundel County. ie; Equal Training by both Depts. It’s time now to take a step back and rethink opinions of who,when,where, why,whynot the future Responses can/must be Professional in all aspects. As far as making fun of a person’s Grammar, spelling that is juvenile.
    The comments about IAFF, The Unions are in place as a Labor Force to protect employees working conditions and other job assistance as may be required. Which union is better is also
    juvenile. Come on people, take a step back. Where are the Priorities? What is wrong with you people? Get it together now, before an unforseen un wanted incident happens that may impact Firefighters, and/or The Taxpayers.

    Thank You


    Maybe Toby Sealy should take the publice relations class offered by his company Box Alarm Training. I certainly hope he doesn’t teach the grant writing class after reading his letter to AA County!!

  • Anonymous

    most talked about story ever


    With Respect to previous comment (s) specifically lambasting a person’s Grammar/Spelling. You maynot like nor agree with the person. However the person commented on what he believes/perceives as what did/didnot occur. Making sarcastic ignorant words of vile intent aganst some, because perhaps that person may/maynot be as well educated as the individuals who so quick to chastise. Another comment as was stated “F” SAFETY is without doubt a most unwarranted ignorant statement for anyone to make. Today’s Fire/EMS Service emphasizes Firefighter Safety Everyone Goes Home, with one Objective. “ACCOUNTABILITY” Everyissue confronted by Fire/EMS Personnel today must always be focused in total with the Safety of how they perform their job duties. The Term Safety reflects everything from (1) Health/Wellness, (2) Wearing Turnout Gear at all times while responding/operating on the Fire/EMS emergency scene. ***There is no more running jumping on Apparatus Trying put Turnout Gear on while Responding.***
    (3) EveryLearned/continued Training Techniques is designed to
    help Firefighters/Paramedics Serve The Taxpayers with a degree of certainty/confience about themselves. (4) Responding Apparatus, must at all times be Safety Conscious with Defensive Driving and knowing the Response areas, and the other Responding Apparatus. All Apparatus Responding must have
    reason to think and perceive that unit probably will encounter
    another unit such was in case. Both Drivers Engine 51 and Tower 40 obviously either didnot know to realize/understand this fact, or the old “Let’s beat them in”. You be the best Trained/Knowledgeable Firefighters/Paramedics around. You may be of the mindset you know your job and can get it done correctly. If you donot arrive on the scene safely you cannot
    perform your Basic Body of Knowledge Job Responsibilities. This is TRUE for CAREER and VOLUNTEER. “The Accountability
    is the same for both”. I believe the individuals who wrote “F” Safety are Veterans within the Fire/EMS Service, you know better. Think about your words and yourselves.

    Everyone Have a Nice Day

  • Tim

    I am a Dunkirk resident who works for AAFD and know Toby Sealey personally. I ran mutual aid calls with him and there was never an “us vs them” attitude. We worked together and got it done without all of the BS discussed here. I think it is unbelievable to attack him (or anyone else)for getting burned in a fire trying to save a life. As far as brotherhood, I haven’t met many people who understand and act on it the way he does. I’ve seen him extend assistance to brothers/sisters in different departments (both active and retired) simply because of the fire department. Once he became chief here, I know he has worked to change the frathouse image of Dunkirk. Some of the comments here against AAFD will only undermine the hard work he has put into that and push this back even further. I just think there is too much of this “us vs. them” mentality when we need to work together. If this is about TW40 and E51, that is one thing, but if it is just bashing people for volunteering in Dunkirk (where that’s all there is) it’s completely differet. I for one would work with Toby any day and know he would have my back.


    The previous comment speaks volumes of exactly what the actual Fire/EMS Service Reflects. The us and them mentality obviously is from strict believers in the IAFF. The Union has a specific
    job obligation to the membership. The sarcasism and vile words against anyone or any Department shows a narrow mindset. Igf the IAFF would focus more of their effort in maintaining good work condiditions and once again Firefighter Safety Everyone goes home. They have absolutely no concern nor any reason to speak about the Volunteer Sector is/isnot doing. The incident in question like was previously mentioned is about what occurred in an isolated incident. Both Engine 51 and Tower 40
    must in all reasonable thinking, aspects share equal blame for what happened. The media Reporting did in some ways shame the Fire and EMS Professional on going day to day operations. The
    Anne Arundel County Command Authorities and the Dunkirk Command Authorities must realize reducing the Mutual Aid Responses serves no one any good. By reaching out and both Depts listening and learning about what is to expected in all Mutual Aid Responses into Anne Arundel County, and vice versa.
    This is the 21st Century. A professional Approach is an absolute must for all to contine to function in serving the
    average Taxpaying Citizens.

    Thank You

  • Jimmy

    So i have absolutely zero knowledge of Calvert County or AAC. An incident that I do have knowledge of is the fire on East Capital Street. Sid already hashed out one of my worries. PG is closer? Not so much, 2 city blocks away from the firehouse.

    Number 2 issue. Toby entered the basement via the interior stairs? They entered the basement via exterior steps due to the report of people trapped in the basement based upon information given by our communication as well as a family member in the rear of the residence when himself and the other fireman went to the rear. Good decision on going to the rear due to the second due trucks response from 8 Engine. Smart or not, we face life of death situations on a daily basis. You can’t fault a man for trying to give the gift of life to someone who was bed ridden and couldn’t get themselves out. Based on the family member stating they had voice contact with the individual inside, I think it was a very courageous act on FF Sealy and Doughty!

    These two fellas should be commended for there efforts, not bashed on any note. Great job fellas, the tradition of DC’s Finest continues on with your great effort. Get well soon FF Toby!

  • Anonymous

    wasnt dunkirk banned from the convention in ocean city because of the way the were acting?

  • 30+ on the job

    Firefighting and managing are different skills sets. If he is such a great Chief at Drunkirk why is he not a Chief for DCFD? Lack of experience, education, not qualified by DCFD? Why does it all change when we cross a jurisdictional line? I have seen this too many times and the result is usually the same.