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UPDATED: Two Fairfax County firefighters struck by EMS supervisor's SUV at crash scene. Radio traffic from the scene.

Slideshow from crash scene

Two Fairfax County firefighters were struck by an SUV driven by an EMS supervisor Tuesday evening as they attempted to help a cyclist who had been hit by a car. The injuries are not life threatening.

VA Fairfax Firefighters struck

Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department spokesman Dan Schmidt says a captain responding to the crash as EMS 401 was behind the wheel of the SUV. Engine 404 and Medic 404 from Herndon were already on the scene. The EMS 401 vehicle was described as moving slowly through the area when the collision occurred.

The incident took place near the intersection of Wiehle Avenue and Dranesville Road just before 8:00 PM.

The cyclist and one of the firefighters were flown by helicopter to Inova Fairfax Hospital. The other firefighter was taken by ground to Reston Hospital Center. Both firefighters have been treated and released. No word on the cyclist.

This recording from includes both police and fire & rescue department traffic.


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  • Anonymous

    So much for the culture of safety that is Fairfax. They forgot to set up the hot zone.

  • Stuart

    two curious items here…
    1)How did he not see them? Are they not supposed to be wearing something that marks them at night in the road? Wouldn’t he be looking for people…his people?
    2)They flew one of the fire fighters to INOVA. It mentions later that both fire fighters were treated and released.I am just wondering about what they saw that made them think he required being flown.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad that both chiefs on the scene are in way over thier heads. The deputy has a nice shield on his helmet, but he doesn’t even know the days of the month ie. take home cars incidents. Oh the ego is a wonderful thing….right Mike?


    The EMS Captain stands about 4ft. zero and probably couldn’t see over the dashboard of their massive over priced Escalades.

  • CMG691

    as if we don’t have enough to worry about with the general public potentially hitting us, now we got Captain John Q Jackass coming in hot. There is no reason to have to read crap like this, what a disgrace. Way to go Fairfax.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t work for Fairfax, and I am sure no one involved with this wanted this to happen. It amazes me that people who were not on the scene and are relying on media reports and condensed audio from an Internet scanner are willing to throw two chiefs, a captain, and an entire department under the bus. Don’t say “yeah well this hasn’t happened in my department.” You better add “yet” to the the end of that sentence. We all work for agencies where everyone is perfect and no mistakes occur when another agency has a mishap. Glad to see that all the Perfect Firefighters are reading STATter911. What would we do without you??

  • Flash

    Another reason to rely more on the Volunteers in Fairfax. Uncalled for with tis happening. As a Fairfax resident we are served by Volunteers and they are the best!!

  • Anonymous

    “Let he/she who is without sin throw the first stone”! What happened in this incident was an unfortunate, regrettable accident…I repeat,an ACCIDENT!! How about a little bit of compassion for a fellow firefighter since we are suppose to be such a great brotherhood??

  • Anonymous

    To all you Fairfax haters….especially the vollie-pop who has delusions of grandeur and job envy, take a look at what happened in Spotsy. “Bread and butter,” right? Yeah, you volunteers are the best. I am sure that family feels their donation dollars were well used.

  • Flash

    poor boy get over it. we don’t hate you. we just think you are trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!