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A look back: Raw video from 1987 plane crash in Boston that sparked a 9-alarm fire.

Bill Harrigan is a retired freelance TV news photographer who worked the overnight hours covering Eastern Massachusetts from 1981-2007. Harrigan has his own extensive video library of the stories he covered over that 26-year period. You can click here to  read more details about Harrigan and see his story log, here.

The above video is of the nine-alarm fire that occurred after the crash of a small cargo plane in the Dorchester section of Boston. Here is some of what the New York Times wrote about the incident

A twin-engine cargo plane crashed into a residential neighborhood three miles short of Logan Airport early this morning, killing the pilot and setting off a nine-alarm fire.

The fire gutted three houses and seven automobiles. Three of the 18 residents of the houses were hospitalized with burns, one of them in critical condition.

The plane, a Piper Seneca, was carrying bank notes, checks and financial papers from Teterboro, N.J., when it veered off course and dived into a three-story wooden house in the Dorchester section at 1:08 A.M., shaving off the front of the building. ‘It Was Like a Meteor Hit’.

Below is Harrigan’s video of the aftermath.

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  • Anonymous

    That was spectacular, Dave

  • totwtytr

    Bill has some terrific videos and is adding more on Youtube all the time. Just search under “Fourduce1″ and you’ll see the list. Lot’s of fire video, lot’s of EMS video. Bill is an all around good guy and a friend to public safety workers.

  • Christian Pompei

    I admire your work Dave, I hope you talk about what happened in Chile where an earthquake of 8.8 on the Richter scale, destroyed several cities. I am from to Argentina is difficult to send this Email; Internet is collapsing.
    Find videos Firefighternation or La Hermandad de Bomberos (The Brotherhood of Firefighters) (

  • Kleetis

    Long coats, 3/4 boots, big lines putting big water on the fire, simpler, less ornate fire apparatus, no reflective vests … gee, how were we able to be so effective back then???

  • Bill Hylton

    Great video!! really cool to see how up close and personal he was on the scene. Those guys had their work cut out for them.

  • Bill Harrigan

    Thanks for the article on me and my library. Lots of good videos to come
    Bill Harrigan