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Fireground audio & video from Mobile, Alabama house fire. Four firefighters injured.

Fire destroys Bush Avenue duplex in Mobile

Here is what Firefighter Close Calls is reporting on this fire:

Three (now four) firefighters were injured while fighting a fire at a duplex in Mobile just before 1930 hours last night. The firefighters were burned when the fire “flashed” as they were trying to exit the building. One firefighter went to the hospital with second degree burns on his thumb. Another firefighter has blistering on his arm and ears while a third was burned on his neck. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

Below is some of the fireground audio from Read more about the fire here and here.

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  • Rake

    A question… if an interior attack was attempted why does it appear in the video that so many windows are still intact in this house? Lots of fire + no ventilation = burned firefighters.