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Old home in Nashville burns – plus lots more video: It is described as an early 1900s home with narrow hallways. The fire, in the Belmont area of Nashville, is reported to have started on the outside of the 10,000 square foot house, near some shrubbery on Tuesday afternoon. This is one of a number of videos‘s Emily Cyr posted to our player just to the right. Other clips include firefighters making rescues during Warwick, Rhode Island flooding (watch the security guard lock up just before he gets a ride out), the remains of a house that burned to the ground in Lorton, Virginia yesterday, a cabinet shop that burned in Baldwin Park, California and an interview with Tricia Rodriguez, Pasadena, California’s first female fire captain. Look to the right to the player for even more new videos from around the country. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Did flesh eating bacteria play role in premature death determination?: That’s the word from sources in Prince George’s County, Maryland familiar with Friday’s incident where a man was left for dead in his Glenarden home. While one part of the investigation continues, PGFD officials report the two medics have now been cleared for full duty. Here’s the story.

Radio traffic after nine people shot in Washington, DC: has provided the radio transmissions of the drama on Tuesday night after a drive by shooting left four dead and five others wounded. Four police officers were also injured during a car crash. Click here for the fire, EMS and police audio.

More from the tragedy in Homewood, Illinois: Through a family friend, injured Village of Homewood firefighter Karra Kopas tells her story about Tuesday night’s house fire that killed Firefighter Brian Carey and left Kopas with burns. Click here. Here is our earlier coverage.

MI Fint more fires

WJRT-TV's tower cam this morning as the rash of fires continues in Flint, Michigan. Click the image for the station's coverage.

A “Dear Firebug” letter: Columnist Andrew Heller in the Flint Journal makes the case that whoever starting setting fires in the wake of layoffs in the Michigan city is not associated with firefighters. Heller wants the fire starter to knock it off before a firefighter or someone else gets killed. Read his column

And Flint continues to burn: April Fools Day is clearly not a holiday for the arsonist. Five more overnight fires. Click here for the details.

Trio of firefighters in PA charged with arson: Three young volunteers with the Friedensburg Fire Company in Schuylkill County have been arrested on arson charges. Here’s the story.

A two-year-old firehouse may close: In Dover, New Hampshire the Liberty North End Fire Station opened only two-years-ago after decades on the drawing board. It could soon close because of budget issues. Read the story.

Back touching not harassment and city comes down in favor of hazing: I haven’t had a chance to read all of the articles on a jury ruling in favor of the Austin Fire Department after Nona Allen, a new female firefighter, sued. A TV station story indicates this was all about a simple touch on the back heading toward the rig in the fire station. The newspaper story says the city made the argument that hazing of new firefighters is okay. I hope to read more.

With a nod to the calendar, a look at Firegeezer’s formative years in the fire service: This is a definite must see. In what is clearly the inspiration for the TV show Emergency! (seen Sunday afternoons exclusively on, the Geezer himself shows off the documentary that featured Bill and his best buddies as they started on their long, long careers of fighting fires and savings lives. This is very much “old school”. Make sure you click here for this rare treat.

And speaking of Emergency!:  The County of Los Angeles Fire Museum wants help in restoring Engine 51 (the Ward LaFrance). Read more and watch the videos.

Budget busting overtime makes news again: I wish I could get time-and-a-half each time I link to a story on a jurisdiction across the country sounding the alarm about firefighter overtime. Palm Bay, Florida is the latest. Let me fill out my time sheet.

Save the tiger: In the ultimate stuck kitty story (see our posting for a more traditional one that sparked comments last weekend)‘s Gary Sharp looks closely at how the fire department pitched in at the San Franciso Zoo to get one out of the moat. Check it out.

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