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One from Gary, Indiana: Fire department finds burning home.

We haven’t checked in with the Gary Fire Department in a while. Here is what Edward Malik wrote with his video of a fire yesterday in the 2300 block of Cass:

It is amazing that nobody called the fire department on this one! Battalion 7 comes across the radio advising of a working house fire at 24th and Clay, on arrival first due Engine 12 grabbed a hydrant and made short work of the fire using two lines. Nobody was injured at the fire scene.

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  • Ralph

    Ed does a great job covering Gary FD and the areas around NW Indiana and NE IL…GFD does some kicka$$ work with very tight resources & a VERY busy city.

  • 30+ on the job

    I must be getting old but that fire is screaming at me for a deck gun operation. Nothing to gain on this one and little should be risked. In two to three minutes this would be lights out especially with a plug right down the street.

    If you have have that many fires why waste personnel resources dragging hose on something like this?

  • Fire21

    I know this was a lost building even when they got the call, but look at these numbers:

    At 2:29 on the tape, an engine arrives at the end of the block.

    At 3:52 there are 2 engines at the end of the block.

    At 4:21 (two minutes after arrival on scene!!) supply hose is finally being laid. Was there hydrant trouble we’re not aware of?

    At 5:15 water is finally applied.

    I sure hope they aren’t this slow on all their runs. And I do agree that a deck gun was in order…if for nothing else than to kill the fire faster and get back to the house!

  • Molly

    2 mins 46 sec is an ok time from arrival to water being applied. The layout seemed to linger on a bit, but no real rush needed for this fire. Things always seem slow from the comfort of a chair at home, but when it’s you at the scene, time flies by. Do some timed evolutions one day and see what you’re getting. You’ll be surprised.

    Not a great deck gun application. Too many trees in the way.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, at least they all took a little time to donn B/A’s (and that’s definitely a first for them!)… but not a single one of them took the extra time to finish the process and actually donn the mask and breath air?!?!?

  • 30+ on the job

    “Not a great deck gun application. Too many trees in the way.”

    Look at the clip in the 7:00 to 7:40 period. Plenty of open space to utilize a deck gun. You have to think when spotting apparatus and maybe not park in front of one of the three trees on the Alpha side. Try not to make this harder than it is and work smart not hard. You learn this when your engine runs 5k+ calls a year.

    Be safe

  • BOB

    Yeah I have read a couple things on here slaming our department..All I have to say is come ride with us and see the CRAP we have to work with. We are issued tan gear most of its black from getting USED!!! A rookie after his first will fight more fires then anyone in the country with the exception of Detroit. Our administration is horible, do you think we don’t want better equipment and chiefs! We take what we can get and make the best of it. In regards to one of your other JACKASS posts on the basement fire at the bank it was 100+ DEGREES OUTSIDE SO FROM ME TO YOU QUIT BASHING OUR DEPARTMENT YOU JACKASS! WANT IT BETTER FOR US DONATE ABOUT 40 MILLION SO WE CAN GET A FEW NEW STATIONS AND TRUCKS…WERE NOT ASKING FOR A RAISE JUST BETTER CONDITIONS TO WORK!