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It's all about me.

MeIf you are looking to read something fire and EMS related, move on. This short note is about me. I have informed the management at Channel 9 today that I will be exercising an option in our union’s 2008 collective bargaining agreement and will be taking what is essentially a buyout in early June. It has been a great 25 years in television, but it is time to move on. will continue and at some point soon I will detail what’s in store for me. As always, thank you for your support.


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  • Fire Critic


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  • LindaGail Muller

    Will so miss you !!!!!

  • DP

    Good luck in all your endeavors Dave!

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  • Anonymous

    Well, good luck in whatever you do! Thanks for providing this site, and spreading (usually) positive info from around the fire service.

  • Diane

    Best of luck to you! I hope you’re not going to take my car news buddy (Hillary) away anywhere-ha! I think you’d be a great stay-at-home Dad!

  • Stuart

    Wishing you all the best in whatever comes next!

  • Legeros

    Good luck with greener pastures, Dave! You’ve built a good brand.

  • John Mitchell

    Congratulations! Glad to hear you’ll continue to be a integral part in the daily life of America’s Fire Service. See you in July!

  • Joseph Schmoe

    Best wishes to you Dave. I know you will succeed at whatever the next step is.

  • Sam

    Wipe them tears big guy, ya left it better than ya found it!

  • Mike Ward

    The adventure continues!

    I assume that you will be charging for your autograph at the Firehouse Expo.

    Good luck with that internship on the Opie and Anthony satellite radio show. :)

  • Jimmy

    It never fails Channel 9 continues to run the best talent off, just like they did Gordon, Maureen, Buck and so many others. You were one of the best and will be dearly missed on TV as well as the computer. From someone who grew up a news buff and ended up being a firefighter as well, you were alot of fun to follow. Wish you the best.

  • Dave

    I know what your doing.. your going back to running at 21!LOL

  • Legeros

    And you’re grooming the geezer guys as replacements, right?

    Or just guest hosts?

  • Career Fireman

    Hey, Dave thanks you for bring to the public’s attention, how great FireFighter are. Have fun see you on the Box.

  • Jim Conner

    Hi Dave wishing you the best on whatever is in store for you. It was great having you aboard for those 25yrs. You’ll miss it for awhile but give it time & relax. I’ve been gone almost 5yrs now & still miss the people, but not the treatment & I think you know what I mean after being there 41yrs myself. GOOD LUCK

  • Mark


    You have truly done a remarkable job and took fire when not called for. Please keep this site up and alive

  • Anonymous

    You announce your retirement when PGFD announces they are hiring again? HMMMMM

  • PIO Pete

    Worst Kept Secret – Statter Leaving WUSA…………….Good luck to you and the family – we’ll miss ya, but you’ll probably never be forgotten – your work has been memorable for sure – Remember I know where your PG personnel file is, too.

    PIO Pete

  • Bill Schumm

    Congratulations on an extremely successful career. When you came to work, Donald Paul Hodel was the Secretary of the Interior. You’re going out with much higher name recognition than he has today.

    You were probably a little jittery inside before today, wondering if you should. But now that it’s been made official, you will relax and feel great. And deservedly so. Great show!

  • Fyrecapt

    Congratulations Dave!! I wish you the best in your next endeavor…

  • Dave French

    Very nice run, Dave! My friend in Brown’s Hardware keeps saying you live nearby. My best to you and Hillary. You’ll miss it, as I did and do, but there is much more to life than the “suits”.

  • Charlie French

    They call it the idiot box, and then once in awhile you come across a ray of intelligence. How refreshing. WHat a great loss to the Greater Metro Area. Anyone who can stimulate thought and discussion has a true talent.
    I’m sure you will succeed in anything you do. Good for you!

  • dave statter

    Thank you Dave French. You were one of those broadcasters I always looked up to. I live by the Sears east of FC.

    Jim Conner hope you are well. Nice to hear from you amd thanks for the advice. Hillary says hi.

    Geezer thank you. As always you are absolutely right. Now if you could just straighen out FossilMedic.

    PIO Pete, it may have been the worst kept secret, but it didn’t make the news until I put it out there. Stick with me and someday I will teach you how do that (in exchange for the personnel file with all of those nasty letters from Al Goode).

    Mark, there might be some changes, but the blog will remain.

    Rhett, John M., and Legeros, as always, thank you for your support.

    Career Fireman, FyreCapt, Jimmy, Sam, Mr. Schmoe, Dave, LindaGail, DP and Diane, thank you so much.

    Thank you all.

  • the ear

    Best of luck Dave you will be missed.I am sure you are looking forward to a new “adventure”.

  • Mick Mayers

    Wow. I’m speechless (and that doesn’t happen often). Your site is one I truly find newsworthy and I cite often, so don’t go away anytime soon!

    Of course, I live in Retirement Central (or as we call it, “God’s Waiting Room”) so you need to come down here and enjoy a stroll on the beach sometime soon and we’ll have a few cocktails.

    Good luck and keep me informed on your new endeavor; if you approach it like you approached this one, you have nothing to worry about.

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  • hashboe

    Ron Jon snags another one! A Perfect FIT! Best of Luck… Ditto on that PG personnel file…and I’ve got pictures!

  • Desert Deputy Chief

    Dave, wherever retired life takes you, I hope it takes good, safe care of you and yours.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that STATter911.como keeps on keepin’ on.

    Be safe.

  • Don Richards

    No one…I repeat, no one does a better “standup” to camera then Dave Statter. Your lucid and comprehensive reports were always spot on.
    Good luck Dave.
    Don Richards
    pioneer news anchor at WTOP TV, Channel 9.


    Dave; As PGFD PIO – Best of Luck and don’t leave your un-named sources behind – take them with you and let the others figure it out on their own. As a PIO it was often a pleasure working with a reporter that knew the fire service trade; sometimes it was a challenge working with a reporter that knew the fire service trade!!! PGFD has provided you plenty to talk about over the years, both good and bad. A.D. called to say Good Riddens!!!

    As a friend – Your departure is bittersweet. My best to you and family and I look forward to your next venture. We have not seen the last of Dave Statter.

    The BLOG has grown worldwide since you first started and is widely viewed as the “GO-TO” source of information in the fire service. It is no longer just All PGFD All THE TIME. Again, thank you for your continued interest in the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department.

  • Matt Stevens

    Thank you for all you have done on this site and on the air. Good Luck!

  • dave

    Your talent will be missed. Your one of the last old school greats left….. Channel 9 will wish the day after you leave they had held you hostage……. Anyway best of luck for all your have done for firefighters, EMS and the fire service.


  • Steve Singer

    Dave thanks for all the dedication you have given to fire and EMS coverage throughout the DC area for oh so many years. You have always been the one we could call to get our voice heard whether good or bad. I’m sure you’ll continue to be involved and I look forwarded to see you rise from the ashes like a phoenix in a new and probably better venue.

    Steve Singer

    Fairfax Fire
    Stafford VFD 2


    I say this with a heavy heart and watery eyes, GO EASY DAVE………As for the rest of you…..BLOG HARD OR GO HOME!!!

  • Steve

    Good luck, Dave! Statter911 is the best and most comprehensive source for information of Fire/EMS issues anywhere. Glad you’re keeping the website alive!

  • Dan

    Dave, Thanks for everything and good luck to you!!

  • Kim Martucci

    Wow, I am glad I had a chance to work with you when I did. I don’t think I have come across anyone else in this business who works harder and has cultivated such a unique and loyal following. I am really looking forward to seeing what you will be up to next… it only gets better!!
    Much Love,
    Weather Kim

  • Peter Lupkowski

    You’ll always be first due for my news. Thanks for taking us along for the well informed ride!

  • dave statter

    Don’t worry Mick there will still be a blog. Thank you for all the support and kindness. Can’t retire yet. Have a 10-year-old at home.

    Linda baby thanks. Just hold onto those pictures. I haven’t jeopardized your job in many years.

    Desert Deputy, don’t worry you can’t get rid of me yet.

    Don Richards, you are the man. We all learned from you. Hope you are well and Hill and I would love to see you soon.

    Brady, it is much better for both of us if they think we don’t like each other. You have the toughest PIO job in the fire service, handle it all by yourself and do it amazingly well. Thanks for all you have had to put it with from me. It ain’t over yet.

    Kim, you are way too kind. You know the boys in Alexandria miss you. So happy to hear all of the good things happening for you.

    Matt, Steve and Dan, thank you for your support and kind words.

    Steve Singer, it is a very postive move I am happy about. It is time. Thank you.

    Hookman, thanks for keeping me on my toes and challeging me. I am always better for that.

    Thank you all for your thoughts.


  • Tim Riley

    Good Luck Dave, you have done an awesome job. I am glad the blog is staying.

  • Jonathan

    Dear Dave,

    I am both sad and happy upon hearing this news. Sad, because I know what TeeVee does to folks, and sometimes, it just ain’t pretty. Happy, because I had the honor of sending you some bits and pieces, and look forward to doing that more. While you leave TV behind, just know that your hard work will not be forgotten by those on the nozzle, or those behind the Assignment Desk. Good Luck, and see you on the interwebs!

  • mark

    Good luck in the future Dave, I hope it works out well for you.

  • Tom Jackman

    If you are leaving the news biz, this is a terrible development for local journalism, and that means the entire public who are served by your knowledge and reporting skills. You better stay at this — We will demand your continued presence. Otherwise, we are all at a loss to understand this stuff.
    Good luck and keep us informed.

  • fire /medic

    hey dave don richards lives near me in good ole front royal and us warren county folks would love to have you out! you can ride with me on medic 10 or rescue engine 10 ! it all depends on the call since we staff both.any way congrats and thank god you ar not giving up the blog!!!!!

  • Fire Critic

    You mean to tell me I was the first commentor and wasted it saying “WTF?”…

    I could have said all kinds of great things about your retirement Dave…I could have wished you well, offered my assistance, given my best to you and your family, or many other things….

    But you know what I really am mad that I didn’t say…


    If you don’t know what I am talking about just watch this video:

    warning, it contains language that you might hear at the firehouse or if you meet Dave in person!

    Does anyone read this rag of a blog anyways?

    Am I talking to myself….?

    Dave, see you in Baltimore! I like import beer!

  • F. G. Gnome

    Oh croiky! Dave is the only guy in the fire media shorter and fatter than ME!

  • David Schlosser

    It was a great run with you. As I broke into the whole PIO thing, your words of wisdom, gentle encouragement, and when needed constructive feedback made this chapter of my life better. The public safety community is a better place for what you brought!

    Best of luck for the next chapter of your career!

  • dave statter

    David Schlosser, you are one of the PIOs who gets it. Listening to you in the early stages of the Holocaust Museum shooting made me realize just how good you are. And you share the glory with the firefighters. How rare. Thanks for the kind words.

    Tom Jackman … a great reporter who is helping guide the next generation in the business … thank you. We will talk soon and will tell you what I am up to. It’s all good.

    Jonathan, we have a lot in common. I have appreciated your input and I thank you for the kind words.

    Tim Riley, it was great meeting you at CFSI. Keep the material coming. I will still be here.

    Fire/medic. Thank you. Don Richards is one of my heroes in broadcasting. He has been very kind to Mr and Mrs. Statter. Thanks for the offer.

    Mark, much appreciated.

    Gnome, fat yes. Short, I don’t know, but I am shrinking.

    Speaking of short, that was a rather long response from the Fire Critic. The only reason you were first is because you are a groupie. Face it, you sit with your eyes glued to the computer just waiting for my latest entry. It’s okay boobie, you don’t need to lash out because you are upset that you might lose me. I will still be here for you.

    Again, thanks you all.


  • depchief 62

    Dave, from one of your Canadian fans. Firstly, I have all my officers click on each day to your blog to see whats going on. From one with 37 years in the game I truly appreciate what you have accomplished with this site on behalf of all firefighters on both sides of the border. Yes even those infamous Gary fire clips were useful for training purposes, seems they have been put on hold, shame. None the less to have achieved 25 years in the pressure cooker in DC news is NOTEWORTHY and the praise is much deserved. Congratulations, enjoy some time without the suit, keep the blog going, we are all much better off with it then without. Sorry I missed not meeting you at FDIC this year. Stay Safe, Good on you eh!

  • bert

    Dave, Have a great time in retirement, now you can show up on firegrounds and offices and no part of peoples anatomy will pucker. Good luck in all you do

  • FitSsikS

    Just like the bar tender said when a Rabbi, Priest and Minister walked in…

    “What is this, some kind of joke?”

    Oh wait, I get it. This is like when Orca…I mean Oprah announced her retirement.

    Apparently she’s still on tv doing her show.

    Best of luck in whatever you do. Maybe…..

    …you can join me in my multimillion dollar discrimination lawsuit against all of the modeling agencies who insist on setting the bar so high….I can’t get any work.

    Seriously though as long as you keep this site going everything will be AOK. ;)

    Thanks for all your work and you’ll always be one of my first ‘clicks’ of the day.


  • dave statter

    Bert, thank you for your support both on the blog and at 5012. Maybe now that I have some time, I can finally get to those documents you gave me on lightweight construction from the 80s.

    Fits, or whatever name you want to use today, thank you too for your support and humor. Especially the humor. I am afraid we are too much alike in that department.

    depchief62, I have grown very fond of the contingent from Canada that checks in here daily. They usually provide great input. Thanks for the kind words.


  • Jason Thomas

    I thought you had too much time allready to do your blog…now I am in real trouble.


  • Texas Gordo

    Dear Dave,

    I’m very sad that the viewers of Channel 9 are losing an old school journalist. Your retirement from broadcast journalism denotes a true sea-change in how the media functions, investigates, and reports the news.

    We have all benefited from your tireless (based on time stamps of your posts, I’m not sure that you ever sleep) efforts, and your long historical knowledge about the individuals, departments, and histories of the fire service in your region of the country.

    I’m pleased to read that the website will still be up and running. It makes me think, laugh, and at times ponder my own actions and mortality.

    May G-d continue to bless you with long health, happiness, and a love of investigating and reporting on the fire service.

    With true appreciation,

    – Gordon

  • dave statter


    Thank you. I have always appreciated your input. Besides your rational take on most issues, the humor you inject makes it a joy to look at the comments section. That is why I am greatly dissapointed in this post. Too damn serious. Don’t let it happen again or I will have to hit the reject button.


    Thanks for all of your support. Sorry I have been slow in getting back to you this week, but it has been very busy getting ready to make the exit. Maybe now I will finally have time to answer your 10 questions.


  • Jack McElfish

    Dave, I am sorry you are “retiring” from Channel 9. I hope you will stay active.. It is my opinion that people who retire die.
    I have always enjoyed your stories and reporting over the years as a former Montgomery County Fire Officr (1965-1976). I wish you the best. Jack