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Quick Takes

 Arson blamed for Sunday afternoon house fires: A pair of  homes that burned in Tampa is being looked at for a connection to a strong of 22 arsons in the area. One vacant home burned and a second home used by an adjacent business was damaged in the 1500 block of E. 17th Avenue. Firefighters kept the fire from spreading to the main building of Tommy’s Wholesale. Click here to read more about the 3-alarm fire.

Firefighter John Glaser: A Shawnee, Kansas firefighter died in a house fire Saturday night. Thirty-three-year-old John Glaser was a six-year member of the department who leaves behind a wife and two young children. Here’s our coverage.

What did the firefighters know and when did they know it?: Free Lance – Star reporter Dan Telvock has an interesting follow-up to his story about the fire in Spotsylvania County, Virginia where firefighters couldn’t find the woman talking to 911. According to Telvock, a police report by a sheriff’s deputy who was first on the scene indicates the deputy gave some important details to firefighters about who was in the house. Telvock reports this information was not part of the official review of the incident ordered by County officials. Read more.

AU topless firefighter 2

Remember her? I warned you this Australian trainer would get more publicity than any of you for her efforts at firefighting. Tash Bennett helped put out a fire in a palm tree while doing some topless sunbathing. Now she is posing for the men's magazine ZOO Weekly (source for picture above) and says a firefighters' organization in Illinois is bringing her in to speak. Click the image to read more.

Hazmat from 22-years-ago: From the Archives (actually I found it on my desk) a 1988 story on a series of hazardous materials incidents in the Washington area and a look at how firefighters were trained to handle such things. There are interviews with the late Warren Isman, then chief in Fairfax County, and Pat Walsh, a reader who was then a DC lieutenant. Check it out.

Firefighter charged in pipe bomb incident: Volunteer firefighter Walter Scott Jr. from Salisbury, New Hampshire told police he found the bomb and then took it back to his garage before calling for help on March 16. Scott is now charged with reckless endangerment for tampering with the bomb.  Read and watch the story.

Caught on video – master stream hits chief: Video from Stamford, Connecticut shows a very lucky chief.

Lt. and crash victim wrestle for gun: In Florida, Port Orange Fire Department Lt. Joe Carrasquillo spent his 44th birthday facing the barrel of a gun held by a man who crashed his vehicle. Read the dramatic story of how this one ended.

Mobile sick-out: The latest news report indicates there were eight firefighters out sick Sunday compared to 31 on Saturday in what some are calling a spontaneous sick-out in the Alabama city. The department recently closed three fire stations and dropped minimum staffing to three. Firegeezer has the original story.

Lawyers not interested in case of collapsed gurney: The daughters have the video showing their father hitting the ground after the gurney he was on collapsed during unloading at a Michigan hospital, but no lawyer is interested in helping them sue. Read why.

Sheriff says no to raise for firefighters: In Broward County, Florida where the fire department is part of the sheriff’s department the top man is saying no to a raise ordered by a special magistrate. Read details

Long Island fire:  Lots of video from last week’s fire in Baldwin in a block adjacent to the firehouse. Click here.

 Three-alarms for vacant electronics plant in New Jersey: Struthers Dunn electronics moved to South Carolina 16-years-ago but their old building is still around in Mantua Township. It burned early Saturday. Click here to read more about the fire

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  • Texas Gordo


    The story on Ms. Bennett really worries me. Australia is a nation of super athletic individuals, do we really want to get this started here in the USA?

    I worry that if the likes of Ms. Bennett were already on scene doing their civic duty that the first officer on scene would probably not make a complete 360, but would stop to observe the attempts by the topless volunteers.

    I can see all arriving companies refusing to respond to the A or B side, but only wanting to be on the C and D sides. Ms. Bennett seems to be a C sider, but that could be airbrushing and lighting.

    Ms. Bennett seems to come by her topless firefighting talents naturally, but here in Texas, I can see this sort of attempt turning into a HAZMAT incident as the first due engine has to pull the Material Safety Data Sheet for breast implants.

    Do we know what type of hose and nozzle Ms. Bennett likes to handle. Is she a size queen like my chief (he likes us to pull 2 1/2″ for everything). I’d hate to pull my line out just to have her laugh at me (not that there is anything wrong with my line).

    Do any of us want to make a nursing home fire with all those grandmas running around topless, doing their best to help us? I have enough problem not tripping over hose and curbs, let alone low hanging fruit.

    I will point that it is only a matter of time before some young man screams about discrimination and deploys his water cannon.