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Quick Takes

The best fire safety system?: This video was shot Monday morning at a fire in the largest market in Yangon in Myanmar. Hundreds of shops were destroyed. There were no injuries reported despite the people who appear to have been trapped on the roof. The fire raged for 10 hours. At one point it was thought to be under control but gas tanks in a fourth floor restaurant then exploded. In February an official declared the building had the best fire safety system. Read that story. Also check out 3:30 in the video. It is a place where they still ride the back step.

Chief saves family and firefighter calls for evacuation just before the collapse: If you haven’t seen it make sure you check out the story from a fire early yesterday in Everett, Massachusetts. Click here.

SC Swansea FF arson

One of the notes left to throw off investigators looking at a string of fires set in the Swansea, South Carolina area. Investigators say Lexington County volunteer firefighter Larry Williamson has confessed to the fires. Click the image to read and watch the story.

Memories of the way we were: If you really want to laugh check out the standup from Dave during a 1985 PGFD hazmat story. Some familiar faces are in the video. Just don’t look at it while you are eating breakfast. Click here for the video.

North Carolina POV response fatal crash results in charges: The Union Fire Department volunteer involved in the fatal crash Sunday that killed a 76-year-old woman returning from church is facing charges. Forty-one-year-old Terry Allen Moore has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. Witnesses told Trooper C.F. Rogers of the North Carolina Highway Patrol that Moore had passed a number vehicles as he drove his pickup to a medical call. As he passed another vehicle the woman was making a left turn into her driveway. Here is more from the Salisbury Post:

Rogers said while Moore had a flashing red light in his vehicle, it gave him no authority to break state motor vehicle laws.

Rogers said drivers aren’t required to move out of the way for a firefighter in his or her personal vehicle with a red light, although most drivers do as a courtesy.

Chief down but not out: Firegeezer has the update on the story we brought you  few weeks ago from Carlisle, Iowa where Fire Chief/Paramedic Scott Burger is accused of showing up intoxicated at a medical call. The chief is getting a six-month vacation. Click here for coverage from the Geezer.

Fire Station One: My son and I walked by the old firehouse on Georgia Avenue in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland about six weeks ago and wondered when it would be opening. This week is the soft launch of the new restaurant in the old Silver Spring VFD building. Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service Station 1 is now across the street from Fire Station One, the restaurant. Click here to read details.

Volunteer says he will resign over ambulance fee: Speaking of the Silver Spring VFD, one of its members says he is resigning because Montgomery County is implementing an ambulance transport fee. Darian Unger says it is wrong to charge for what he provides for free. The volunteer association is working on a petition to put the issue before voters. Read more.

Getting the word out about burglar bars: WTSP-TV’s Reginald Roundtree plays the victim behind burglar bars as he waits to be rescued from a house fire by St. Petersburg, Florida firefighters.

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  • Atty I. B. Lion ESQ.

    I believe you may have a workmans comp claim–It may be that you were in the hot zone at that hazmat—it may be the cause of your premature hair loss. I can represent you in your claim. Someone should pay for this scalpal injustice.

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  • Chief R. Kemp, Retired

    Not only do they sorta ride the back step in Yangon they ride in the hose bed where there is NO hose as well………..

  • WFDT

    Congratulations go to Darian Unger for absolutely taking the correct stand against the ambulance fee issue. More of your brethren should be doing as you. Keep up the good work!