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Quick Takes

Baltimore County fire just before midnight: Michael “FirePix1075″ Schwartzberg shot this video from a house fire at Pembroke Avenue and Flannery Lane in Woodlawn, Maryland last night. Details and pictures from the Pikesville VFC website.

The way we were: We posted some interesting videos yesterday giving a view of EMS in the 1970s. The first is a look at DC in 1976 and a paramedic unit that really wasn’t. Then from 1979 a half-hour special on how EMS was being handled in DC and the suburbs. Check it out here.

Selling out: In the early day of his blog back in 2007, Firegeezer Bill Schumm told the story of the fire chief in Stockton, California selling naming rights for a fire engine. Bill was not a big fan of the idea. Now it has been learned things went a step further and Bill likes it even less. Read his rant.

Boston’s battle: A rally by Boston firefighters and a marathon City Council hearing are the latest development in the debate over the 19-percent pay raise that came with mandatory drug testing after the city and the union went to arbitration. Click here to read and watch the story.

FDNY’s Medal Day helped launch campaign against budget cuts: The Uniformed Firefighters Association parked a large mobile billboard outside Medal Day ceremonies pointing to the plans to close 20 fire companies. Read about the awards and the controversy.

Two crew members killed in Texas medical chopper crash: Click here for the story from Midlothian about yesterday’s CareFlite crash. Two crew members died. The crash sparked a grass fire.

Pennsylvania firefighter accused of arson: A volunteer in Bedford has been arrested accused of setting fire to the home where his ex-girlfriend and her parents live. Read more.

Ammunition plant blows up: A bullet manufacturing plant in Bend, Oregon exploded yesterday. There’s lots of damage but no injuries. Here’s the story.

Shed fire in New Jersey: This occurred Tuesday in Milford, New Jersey.

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  • mofiretech1

    A safety concern — firefighters must consider the possibility that the roof they are checking is constructed or rebuilt with I-Rafters which are subject to the same collapse hazard as I-Joists.

    Also manufactured doublewide homes are now often built with very light weight trusses which collapse early in an incident.