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Bi-plane crash at Reagan National Airport caught by multiple cameras. Washington Post reporter on board. No injuries.


A small vintage plane, part of a fly-over demonstration, was already on the ground when it tipped over.

The plane was part of an aerial demonstration for Legends of Flight, an IMAX movie making its debut in DC.

The main runway at Reagan National Airport was closed during the investigation. Auxillary runways were being used so planes are still able to arrive and depart the airport.

The main runway was reopened at noon and all flights were back to normal.

A crane was brought in to upright the plane.

Washington Post reporter Ashley Halsey was aboard the plane that crashed.

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  • Fire21

    Not sure why he hit the brakes so hard, but he really smoked the tires right after touchdown!! Glad both inside were OK.

  • Anonymous

    Audio from the crash is up on youtube.

    Stearman flips over on runway at DCA!!!

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  • Jeff Flippo

    Left brake clearly locked up when he touched brakes. Not unusual for this type of aircraft.