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  Listen to 911 call from man stuck in wall while home is on fire: I am sure many of you considered the option of going through the drywall as a means of escape if fire trapped you in a room. A man in Keizer, Oregon did just that after he first fled to a bathroom when his home caught fire. The man became stuck in the wall, but was able to call 911 for help. Click the image to watch the story and click here to read about it. 

Resignation from firefighter who was in movie while on disability: On June 11 we told you the story of Lockport, New York’s Michael Collette. The firefighter came under scrutiny for his appearance as a security guard chasing after bad guys in a Keanu Reeves movie. That turn in the limelight cost Collette his job. He was out on disability from the fire department when the movie was shot in Buffalo. Collette has now resigned from the fire department, but still could face fraud charges. Click here to watch the story, including an interview Collette did about a month ago

When it rains it pours – - it never seems to end in Westbrook: The fire department in Westbrook, Maine has had lots of troubles in recent years. Despite a new chief, it doesn’t seem to be behind them yet. The department put three of its firefighters on leave in recent days because of a variety of legal problems. A call firefighter was suspended after a domestic violence arrest. While investigating the charge, police determined the roomate of that firefighter, a full-time Westbrook firefighter, was in possession of firearms. That is a no-no because the full-time firefighter has a 1983 felony robbery conviction. Unrelated to this is the suspension of another firefighter who has a protection order against him after being accused of harassing a social worker who works with his wife. Read the details

While we are at it, a former Westbrook firefighter was just sentenced yesterday to 18-years in prison after being convicted of arson. Click here to read and watch the story

About two weeks ago, one of two female firefighters who had sued the department for sexual harassment came back to the job. Those suits brought about “a rash of firings, resignations and discipline involving top administrators and rank-and-file firefighters”. Read more in the Portland Press Herald

Inspections found problems at New Jersey home where four died: Starting in January firefighters and inspectors discovered problems with the wiring inside a Paterson, New Jersey boarding house where four people died and three others were hurt in a fire early yesterday. Read details on the inspections. Firegeezer has more on the fire

No wonder it saves energy and money: When the quarters for Louisville, Kentucky’s Engine 6 was finished 15 months ago it was touted as being energy efficient. The chief told reporters, “We’re looking at about a third of the cost to utilize that system as it would to use traditional either gas or electric systems”. Well one reason for the savings may be that the air conditioning in the new firehouse just doesn’t work. After two grievances filed by firefighters over four hot weeks, the city has installed not so efficient window units. Read the story


Mayor’s home destroyed: The home of Somersworth, New Hampshire Mayor Lincoln Soldati burned on Tuesday. The fire went to four-alarms. Click here for more details and video

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