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Quick Takes

 Buffalo, New York house fire: A fire yesterday at 6 Keystone Avenue. Erie County Fire Wire has the fireground audio.

Beer in hand, returning from parade, firefighter crashed fire truck: DUI charges have now been filed against a 20-year-old firefighter from Pennsylvania’s North Bangor VFC after the Mack tanker he was driving overturned. Police say the friend in the crash with Zachary Romano had brought a 30-pack of Coors Light to the Tatamy Fire Parade. Read more.

Virginia firefighters say no to county control: In Albemarle County, volunteer fire and rescue companies are standing together in opposition to the idea of a county fire chief. Some political leaders say with Albemarle County paying the freight, they must have control over the money. Watch the story.

Fire captain explains to politician why he is not a “terrorist” at the same time a new skirmish develops in Stamford, Connecticut: In this ongoing career-volunteer battle, the Stamford Advocate is reporting IAFF Local 786 is “asking for a city lawmaker to resign following comments he made comparing the union’s frequent criticism of the city’s volunteer fire service to the way “Hamas lobs rockets into Israel.” While City Rep. Scott Mirkin defends his comments here, Capt. Philip Hayes has sent a letter to the editor explaining how offended he is by the comments. Also, there is once again controversy over volunteers from Long Ridge cancelling other firefighters before getting to the scene of a call. Here is the latest. Here’s some of our previous coverage of this issue.

Raw video from Burbank commercial fire: Good video from the air and the ground of Tuesday’s fire at an import/export business.

Firefighter talks about fall into burning basement: Click here for the hospital interview with Capt. Michael Long, a Camp Taylor, Kentucky firefighter who is recovering from serious burns after falling to the basement of a burning home Sunday night. Long’s brother-in-law was among those trying to get him out. Long’s wife was on the ambulance dealing with another injured firefighter when the drama was occurring.

Antique fire truck badly burns firefighter: Just seven-months ago Firefighter Josh Higgins moved from New Hampshire to start a new life in Sherman County, Oregon. Now he is in a burn center recovering from serious burns after becoming engulfed in flames while trying to fix a broken down antique fire engine on the side of the road. The rig belongs to the South Sherman Fire District. Here’s more.

Drive-thru fireFiregeezer has good video and details from a vehicle fire with exposures at a McDonald’s drive-thru window in Vancouver, Washington.

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  • Mr618

    Only in Stamford would a story include ‘forming a volunteer fire department’ and ‘hiring 51 career firefighters to staff the new (volunteer) department.’ But what else would you expect from the city thatis home to the WWE wrestling empire?