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House fire video: Waldorf, Maryland.

NOTE: After almost a day on the site, these videos have now been removed from YouTube by the person who posted them.

From top to bottom, all four parts of a video from a house fire in Waldorf, Maryland (Charles County)  on Thursday. 


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  • Anonymous

    These guys definately have an issue with safety of there members. I don’t care who they think they are they all should have full turn-out gear on working around this house. You have guys ventilating outside with no safety equiptment at all.

  • fyrecapt

    I love seeing the two guys in their “PPE” working hard. What century are we in again??? Just curious.

    Doesnt make a bit of difference if they are paid or vollie. And toss out the “tradition BS too. Lets quit being a statistic people

  • Retired Chief

    Totally agree. If the person in the white t-shirt and shorts is a FF, he needs to be suspended. If he is an fire officer he needs to be demoted and suspended. If he is a chief officer he needs to be removed from his position by the Board of Directors. If he is a civilian he needs to be arrested. And we wonder why FFs get killed. Come on guys, wear your PPE.

  • Anonymous

    All those rigs, and one guy in shorts and a tee shirt seems to be doing all the work.

  • Anonymous 2

    Good way to get someone hurt.Evidently there is no control by whoever is running the incident.And people wonder why the members of fire departments get injured on the fireground. I know everyone wants to do their part but use common sense.A

  • mike

    “One hundred years of tradition unimpeded by progress”. No wonder fire insurance costs an arm and a leg in Charles County.

  • Fire21

    The old addage says, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all……..” I’m not saying anything!!

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  • Jake Speed

    DC’s finest…

  • Rescue 26

    So many things wrong here that it is hard to find a place to start.

  • Donnie Love

    i THINK THE VIDEO SPEAKS FOR IT SELF !!! The guy in the shorts shouten even be on the fire grounds ! And as far as COMMAND it burnt down with HOUSE !!! They should have vented that fire and tried to knock it down in the attic !!!! Point Said House and Fireman Safe !!!!!

  • Kevin

    Seriously. What is the deal with all these videos of late showing poor firefighting tactics and unsafe activities? Aside from “the Short King” running around playing Fireman… I have to wonder how long the span of fire was? How much time are we missing between videos? A 2 1/2″ with some ceiling hooks should have made quick order that fire.

  • Capt Amazed

    Oh man I wish Grampa woulda got a head full of melting dripping vynal siding on his head when he poked his head in the door and yelled, “Hey guys, you got fire venting from the roof” OK Gramps, take your big red Hovaround and you can go go go back the the retirement village and dazzle all the hotties there of how you saved another foundation.
    And Young buck in shorts and the white t shirt rippin the window out the back of the house. I’ll give you credit for using an 8′ pike pole instead of a 6′ pike pole, you were 2′ closer to where you should have been—on the sidewalk with the rest of the untrained onlookers.
    I hate comin on this site sometimes because it makes me embarassed to be called a firefighter, the same thing these guys are called. I think we have to come up with a new term for people who fight fire, intelligently, who wear PPE, who use SCBA and who do it right.

  • Jake Speed

    DCFD’s finest…

  • mark

    Isn’t Maryland on the East coast?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure most of the people making comments about the guys PPE are either Fairfax Co. firemen, way too safety concious not enough balls, or the PG Co. firemen that showed and up and was standing outside. So if you wanna cast stones try to do some work yourself. He probably came from home and didn’t go to the firehouse to pick up his gear. What works for them is fine as long as it is safe, should he have had PPE on sure, but i’m not going to chastize him especially if he is a DCFd brother of mine. Oh and by the way whoever suggested a 2 1/2″ hoseline inside should go back to fire school. You are about stupid if you think they need a large hoseline like that in such a small house, people don’t realize that multiple 1 3/4″ or 1 1/2″ do just as well!!!!

  • DCFD Backstep Grunt

    Its not DCFD….last time I checked its in Waldorf MD…no where close to DCFD, might wanna check your google maps pal…

  • MDFF

    Many of their volunteer members are DCFD which is good. Working that close to an incident with out any PPE,not good. If they were DCFD off-duty, I bet they would not get away with those unsafe methods at work,would they?

  • Anonymous

    where is command? whos calling the shots? saw a white hat, going inside? is he the only one? im my mind lack of command creates alot of freelancing, which in turn creates, dead firefighters!

  • Jack Blimmer

    What a JOKE!! These guys looked like a bunch of homeless bums at a carnival. The homeowner would have been better off just letting the house burn to the ground and collect the insurance.

  • Anonymous

    I guess who ever posted the videos isn’t holding up well under all the scrutiny. I just tried to watch the videos and each of them are saying they’ve been removed by the user.

  • Gil

    Oh my god is this what the fire service has come to a bunch of cowards crying about a little house fire. Sure things are not prefect but the job got done and everybody went home. I guess these days if you are not standing outside breathing air with your vest on and hiding behind the command board you are not safe. I was there on the first arriving engine and things went just fine. We put the fire out and the house was still standing, unlike some places around the metro area. As for the 2 1/2 with a lot of hooks the attic floor had 1/2 plywood floor so that was a good idea. NOT. Its a good thing the camera man didn’t get me coming out of the house when it was over because you girls would have had a baby when you saw me without a hood and my 3/4 boots folded down. What a bunch of crying school girls.

  • Sgt.

    I agree Gil, some of these crybaby asses on here complaining are the same ones that you see outside with there vests on doing walk arounds while us REAL Firefighters are inside putting the fires out. Let the girls continue to complain and we will continue to put out the fires.

  • mike

    Good thing this was only about a 400 sq. ft house- if it had been any bigger it probably would have burned down to the foundation.


    Don’t worry Waldorf VFD..probably the last time these ninnies saw a fire, was inside there training burn building where they lit off a bale of hay topped with 2 pallets.
    When you women get together to watch Rescue Me, do you critique the shows entirety and say harsh things such as “oh my Tommy Gavin had his bunker coat unbuttoned and his Scott waist straps were dangling from his waist side”. And gosh after the fire was out, did you see FF Gavin smoke a cigarette.

    Girls, you can watch all the DCFD Fire Videos in the world, but experience is what’s going to give yourself a mind of your own when your on the fireground. When you go to enough fires you will know what your capabilities are…Common sense rules over everything.
    Sorry if I see light smoke showing or if i read the smoke….i’ll put my mask and helmet on and save the hood for the big one..Things like that are foreign to the safety critics because 1. they’ve gone to 11 fires in the last 15 years and 6 of them were training fires. 2. they haven’t developed a mindset of their own away from what they’ve learned at the training academy.

    I think if this was a tree house on fire the safety commanders would have burned it to the ground along with the tree.

  • mark

    Ya just gotta love how the wagons are circled.

    Instead of addressing the obvious issues, those people are attacked and made fun of, all the while not having a clue who they are and how much fire they may or may not see.

    Point being, it really doesn’t matter how much fire they see when a scene as screwed up as this one is posted for the world to see.

    But hey, keep defending stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    I think all of your names will look good in emmittsburg with that kind of attitude.

  • dcfdbackstepgrunt

    Couldnt agree more Hook….

  • John

    Would yall like your full name in the bricks at emmittsburg or first “nickname” last because with that advice thats where youre headed

  • Shamrock Driver

    Didn’t get to see the vids but I see the trash talking is hot and heavy. Love it. Why? It means one of two things. You’re hungry to do the job or you’re trying to justify NOT doing the job. Either way is good for me when I ride the back instead of driving. If you’re hungry, I’ll have good back-up when I beat your ass to the nozzle(HUNGRY old men are fast…we’ve been known to eat our young). If it’s the other, it will be easy to take the nozzle away from you, that is if you’ve even stretched the line to begin with. As for the turnout gear, oops we’re supposed to call it PPE now, you wear it, including your hood, incase the scene goes south. Hungry old men get grumpy when we have to catch you jumping out the window because you didn’t wear ALL your gear and that made it unbearable to wait for the ladder I’m bringing. Yes this Engine guy throws ground ladders. Last moan….using the term “girls” for a firefighter who can’t do the job, really. I know quite a few girls who can kick butt firefighting. There are good and lazy firefighters and they come in both sexes.

  • CHIEF2

    If this wasn’t as bad as it sounds, why would the user remove them from the site? I agree, we have a job to do and the building may have been saved. The ultimate goal though is to go home at the end of the shift to see my three kids and wife. I owe it to them not to get cancer for some house. Take 5 minutes and make it a little safe, how hard is it to put on gear? Whatever, were are own worse enemies. I amsure that whovere posted the video was embarrassed by the actions of some as the videos are removed…Enough said, leave the tactics alone, we have seconds to get it correct. So what they took a line you didnt like. Must have had enough water to absorb the BTU’s…Eventually…Oh and I am one of those guys that wears the Command Vest and sits behind the Command Board and I do require accountability. I also understand that some days are better than others and if we learn from it, then we are successful. I don’t believe in the saying “Well we put the fire out and nobody got hurt, whats the big deal”. When someone does get hurt or worse killed, what are you going to say then?? he was brave and was doing his job? Not without gear, that is the basics taught at any of your fire academies. I do consider myself a REAL firefighter with experience of about 8,000 calls a year and 25-30 “jobs” in a year, Not one of the GIRLS that SGT relates too….

  • MDFF

    The Charleston, SC FD considered their department to be second to none until about 4 years ago. I can be critical because I have been in the fire service for 30 plus years and will leave it at that. No sense in stating the obvious.

  • Steve in NJ

    Damn, I missed it! Should have signed on as soon as I got the tweet from Statter911 instead of waiting til today to find out they were pulled. Bummer.

  • 2truck Capt

    Did they buy their teaining at Walmart?????

  • 2truck Capt



    On a side note…..I was at a Construction site today and I was appalled at the many OSHA violations I witnessed. The biggest safety violation was the cowboy walking around without his hardhat and the other was the driver of the crane eating while he was maneuvering some steel around. I was further appalled to see that all of the portable toilets had empty sanitizer containers and had not been properly cleaned of and dumped of their human waste. Try going potty in one of those when its 95 outside and 135 inside.

    To top this day off, I paid $38.50 for a bag of chips, 1 soda, and some rice/beans off the roach coach.

  • Texas Gordo


    I am shocked to read about your encounter with the lack of urinal cakes, the abundance of floating turds, and the stray pubic hair while on the work site. I hope this isn’t a case of PTSD in the making. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and since you made me laugh, I share this old, but solid joke with you.

    Two firemen are using urinal at fire expo. The first fireman finishes and walks to the sink to begin thoroughly washing his hands. The second fireman finishes and bypasses the sinks and walks toward the exit.

    The first fireman coughs and says, “In my (volunteer/paid/Northern/Southern/rural/big city/fill in the blank) fire department we always wash out hands after urinating. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe working environment.

    The second firefighter hikes up his pants, adjusts his massive belt buckle, spits a wad of dip on the floor, looks at the first fireman and says, “Well, in Texas we don’t piss on our hands.”

  • DCFD Andy

    Really Chief 2 8,000 runs a year 25- 30 “jobs”?? What do you run every medical, trash can, dumpster, car, putting somebody back in bed ect ect. I bet your command board is all a buzz with 4 PAT tags hanging on it and supervising 3 guys standing around a trash can as paper, plastic and other rubbish burns. 8,000 runs; you sir deserve a medal because I bet you don’t have to even look at the cheat sheet any more to tell the first due company they are the attack group leader or the truck company they are vent supervisor and I’ll put a years salary that you even know that Squad is gonna be in charge of the rescue group. But then again your big on accountablity and I bet your guys have all of their costumes on including the scott pack on their backs!!! What is truly sad is you ” REAL FIREMAN” sit back and piss and moan about not having a costume on, what about the 2 lawn ornaments with hooks leaning beside them watching the short pants commando open this house up. Not only did the short pants commando take out the window to get the heat off the men inside but he cleared the entire window out. Why you ask because if one of the costume wearing souls has to make a quick exit they wont get caught up on broken glass on the way out. Kevin, I guess where you work or volunteer you guys wagon pipe a dog house, a 2 1/2 for a kitchen fire with some extention in to the attic, get a grip but then again I’m sure Brunacini and the rest of the bunny petters in the fire dept would most certainly agree with you. For you Mr Jake Speed it would be DC’s bravest not finest he’s obviously not a cop, because the plug out front wasn’t blocked by his cruiser.I should tongue punch your mother in her fart box for a comment like that. As for the rest of you bunny petters, the house would have burned down?? That’s amazing because by the looks of the video the bulk of the fire was knocked down in a reasonable amount of time and access to the attic was hindered as Gil informed you that the attic had 1/2 plywood decking for storage. But I guess if you drug in 3 or 4 2 1/2 and crossed the streams to further absord all available BTU’s this fire would have gone out with out a hitch. BTU’s thats funny the last time I heard that I was worried about how many I would need to heat my house not what a hose line is absorbing. Chief 2 you make me laugh…. Ive never heard a Chief use BTU’s in a real sentence un-less he was getting on a paralegal for being out of uniform, but then again he might had said BDU’s.

  • DCFD Andy

    Oh by the way while you guys are being so safety minded….I’m kinda miffed that nobody realized that the shorth pants commando was not only in a T-shirt and short pants but he was also wearing crocks as foot protection. Certainly his piggys could have been burnt.


    Texas Gordo…well done my friend….

    On a side note for the others…I saw 2 teenagers today riding their skateboards without knee or elbow pads and also didn’t have their chin straps snapped together on their helmets…..Just a matter of time before their faces meet the concrete sidewalk and mommy has to break out the antibacterial ointment and bandaids…Cmon you guys wear your pads and properly utilize your chin straps.. Your not Tony Hawk or Rob Drydek…

  • mark

    Must be hitting too close to home for a few of the all-knowing ones.

    Bunch of wimps anyways, why bother with engines? What happened to horse drawn steamers?

    Turnout gear? Bah, another waste of taxpayer money.

    SCBA? Screw that, leather lungs, baby, leather lungs.

    How’s that go? 100 years of history unimpeded by progress, is that it?

    Maybe some of you haven’t figured out that there is a happy medium between stupidity and overly safety conscious. But based on the comments, there aren’t enough living brain cells from all the CO you’ve taken in over the years to comprehend that.

  • By-stander

    Hookman…you will be the first to breech the “disability teet” in 20 years because your “extensive experience and knowledge” told you that you weren’t breathing anything toxic. Your experienced nose told you there were no sealants/adhesives/binders boiling and bubbling in that fire, so the smoke is perfectly safe to breath. Your x-ray eyes told you that the structure certainly wouldn’t collapse, so no other safety gear was required.

    Those that decide on there own what PPE to use and when BA should be used are called “FREELANCERS”. As I recall “freelancing” is discouraged in the fire service.

    Saftey rules and guidelines are there for everyones safety. EVEN YOURS.

    Lets hope that someone at Waldorf uses these videos as a training tool.

  • Kevin

    That’s fine and dandy. When you’re dying in 20 years because of all the garabge you’ve inhaled because you’re too cool for SCBA, I’ll be not thinking of you while I enjoy breathing easily on my farmstead. :)


    Chief2…are you self employed or are you just your everyday handyman…25-30 jobs a year..Were those jobs done with your hand or did they require different tools to get the job done right? Were those 8000 calls for service just your ordinary plumbing leaks to replacing some siding or were they more challenging?

    Mark..stop reading so many Billy Goldfedder articles and when your done gazing at Firehouse magazines hotshots section, please wash your hands ok..we all know the “firefighter” you are and thats the nutjob with the handlebar moustachio, stickers galore on your Metro Helmet and tattoos all over your epidermis that show such things as flames stretching across your backside and your license plate cover says, my other car is a brush truck…

  • Teddy

    If you were still in the fire department, I would hate to have to tell your family that you died fighting a fire. But hey, maybe they would feel good about it if we told them you were getting some good nob time, he was whipping that thing. Wear gear, nah he didn’t need too, he was tough, but hey , we saved a piece of crap old house. I’m sure that would make them feel better. But then again, we don’t have to worry about that, Unemployed firefighters don’t get hurt or killed at fires.

  • Doing it.

    Andy, well played.


    Today I was apalled as I witnessed a truck driver, who pulled over on the side of the highway, get out of his cab without using 3 points of contact and on top of that his reflective triangles were not properly spaced apart..I guess this guy was better than the DOT and follows his own set of rules.. time you get a chance, see if you can do an air quality test from the nice clean air that surrounds the Washington DC metropolitan area. You’ll probably die quicker from breathing the air outside then you will from any by products of any Class A ordinary combustibles.

  • Flash

    Blah Blah Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shamrock Driver

    It’s getting personal I see. Now it’s a party.

  • Gil

    The thing is the cowards in charge these days have to try to keep real firemen from doing there job so they don’t look bad as they are hideing in the coward sector. Most of the the cry babies these days have never rode on the out side of a real fire truck in there life.


    Teddy Bear, that has to be the most touching post of the year, but if your going to get to my nerve central, you’ll have to post something a lil more imaginative than that….Your right Unemployed Firefighters don’t get hurt at fires, but since my temporary work stoppage commenced, I’ve developed over the last year a slight pain in my left elbow, due to playing golf almost every single day. I guess you could sum up my situation and say unemployed “fireman” while temporarily on hiatus from work, risk the chance of getting golfers elbow, but when alls said in done, they do return to work..

  • DCFD Backstep Grunt

    Hook, Guess what I saw today. A sign that said “Please keep your dog on a leash when in the park”. Well I was appalled when I saw a dog run past me not leashed up. Then he took a crap and his owner who was not following the rules, refused to pick up his dogs droppings. Just thought I would add to the crazy things you have been seeing.

  • FM114FD

    WTF is up with all the animosity? Where’d the BROTHERHOOD go? In case you idiots hadn’t noticed, which I’m fairly certain of because you’re too busy bashing each other, the ultimate goal of our PROFESSION is to safely extinguish the fire/mitigate the emergency/prevent injury.
    Nowhere in Probie school do I remember the class on beating up your fellow firefighters because you don’t like what they have to say. I think there was a word used instead, something like, “Tolerance” or “Teamwork”, or maybe it was “Respect”?

    Has the fire service come so far from our tradition and history that this is where we find ourselves? Hateful spitemongers who have nothing better to do than bash others anonymously?

    I can’t see the videos, they were gone before I arrived at this little hate-fest. I do see, however, all the misery and hate spreading through what should be a lively discussion of why we are better than this. There’s a reason things change in the fire service: Someone DIED. No one is out there saying, “Hey firefighters, you should do this because it’s in your best interest”… No, they are telling US to follow the STANDARDS because one of our brothers or sisters was killed by the very thing they are trying to change.

    Guys, get a clue. If you don’t want to wear the gear, be willing to accept that it may cost you your life. If you do wear the gear, understand that this profession is filled with dinosaurs who learned it a different way, and haven’t accepted the fact that our job is full of dangerous things we can’t predict.

    Stay safe, take care of each other, and take care of the job. In that order.

  • seymour

    After reading the above posts its no wonder why “I” feel ashamed many days to even be part of the American Fire Service anymore! I’m not sticking up for not wearing the proper gear on a fire scene but i ask many of you this. How many of you that are on here preaching the “how do you want your name spelled on your brick soapbox” overweight, smoke,drink to much, and don’t wear a seatbelt??? I don’t recall ever reading a LODD NIOSH report from a firefighter killed in the front yard of 1 1/2 story wood frame venting a window with a 12′ hook. I do see every month at least several from heart attacks, strokes, and accidents. As i get older in this service i do notice several things, overweight firemen, lazy firemen, cocky “new” firemen, and many clueless firemen who when they fail to do the basics on a fire they use the “safety” excuse to hide behind their lack of knowledge or skills!
    For any of you guys that are getting tired of always reading about bashing our fellow brothers i suggest you check out “” which actually contains many useful articles written by experienced firemen. Many of the articles contain great training tips and useful knowledge to pass on to the fellow guys in your companies or houses.


    DCFD Back Step Grunt…..good looking out…if that neighborhood you witnessed this disgraceful and inexcusable act has an Homeowner Assocation, I would demand that you get answers to why tootles wasn’t properly leashed. What if tootles ran out into the road and caused an accident..geez willickers…

    @FM….ease up wildhorse and stop reading so many safety articles out of FireChief magazine…I know i’m not getting to worked up over this and I’m sure neither are the fellers who bravely put out this fire, whether they had shorts, flip flops or their Absolute firefighter t-shirts on…And by the way, I don’t think this is the first fire Waldorf has gone too…Kudos to Waldorf for putting out another fire….and to the gentleman in shorts…please tuck in your t-shirt, its looks more

    @Seymour…well said and your right about LODD’s and that I cant recall a single fireman who lost his life because he was wearing shorts while holding a hook or anything outside of the fireground…..i think its ironic that the people you mention are more than likely the ones that make their safety comments on here. To only know what they’ve been taught at the training facility and nothing else…of course seeing people who routinely put out fires and are comftorable doing what they are, is going to look foriegn to them..


    One more tidbit from HOOKMAN’S box of tidbits…yes I have a box of tidbits……All you safety critics should be ashamed of yourself, as it is you, that is responsible for the uprising and soaring costs in Homeowners Insurance, which has doubled in the last decade. Hope you sleep well at night…

  • Gil

    I am glad to see that there is real firemen out there with street sense instead of the ones with book sense. Book sense is good for exams and resumes but not for firefighting. And the other thing the more they try to make it so called safer and make more rules on how to put fires out we still kill about 100 firemen every year. Go figure.

  • Shamrock Driver

    I saw my son drink orange juice this morning. He didn’t “shake well before opening”. Kids these days. What will I do?

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  • DCFD Backstep Grunt

    I saw a sign that said “Fire zone, NO PARKING” and by golly geesh, guess what. Someone parked in it. I tell ya, the things people do.

  • Flash

    Some of these guys should be on comic last standing!!


    @Flasher…it beats last lawn standing..

    All these safety critics have never seen the street smart way because they’ve been brainwashed over the last decade by reading the same safety article, written by the same people who have repeated that same article, but in a different way. How many times can you write about the same friggen thing over and over and talk about the same crappola year after year.

    Well, if it weren’t for the suckers like yourself who flock to see their beloved heros like Uncle Brunacini to the ever popular Dennis “out of town” Rubin, they would be out of business. You relate to these types of people because they made it to the top by taking every class and college course known to man, but since they probably never put out a trash can fire, they’ll continue to talk the talk and not walk the walk and will spread there garbage onto people like yourselves who feed off their germs so you can go back to your Hose Co. and spread them on to the street smart fireman.

    And on a side note, I saw an Outlaw Biker yesterday wearing flip flops and chaps…Cmon dawg safety safety safety….

  • DCFD Backstep Grunt

    Hook, I wrote a really nasty letter to the Discovery Channels series, American Chopper. I wrote this scathing letter due to the fact that watching numerous episodes, I saw the lead fabricator welding without face protection. I jotted down, the pros and cons of welding. Yet, I know nothing about welding. Just like these jokers jotting down tips on how to put out a house fire. Most of them, HAVE NEVER DONE IT. But, I hope I hear something from Discovery Channel, explaining their reasoning for this horrid act of safety blindness.

  • Flash

    Hookman, Rubin I have nothing in common with except for rank. I am a retired Chief. Nobody here is my idol or anything else. What I was saying is there were alot of funny things put on this board and I hope its always like that. It breaks up the crap that people want to dwell on over and over. get a grip!! Its not your board!! Dave put it here for the public. Like the guy said about his kid with the Orange Juice my son drank Prune Juice this morning and had to take a dump. Man what will they think of next!

  • mark

    So, most esteemed HOOKMAN, you are saying it is impossible to extinguish a fire in a safe manner? Using full PPE?

    BTW, your utter ignorance and immaturity is showing.

  • FM114FD

    Don’t you guys have lives to get back to? All the commenting here would leave the uneducated to believe you’re all “make believe” firemen, with nothing better to do…

    Glad I know better, eh?

  • Flash

    Mark!!!! Well said!!


    DCFD Backstep Grunt….I’m glad to see that you’ve taken action as this sends what kind of message to the society that makes up welders. Though I’ve not taken the necessary steps to hold American Chopper accountable for their safety violations, I’ve recoreded in my safety log book, the numerous times when Vinnie just hot dogged it around the shop without any disregard for his brother workers….

    @Flash….I’ll always man up when I’m wrong and I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. I presumed your comment was made towards the individuals in the video..MY BAD…

    @mark…everyone that went into the fire had their PPE on, however, the people outside, though not wearing full or any PPE, had no influence on the fire going out, because none of them went into the tiny framed wood structure to tame the flame.


    @mark…by the way, I take great pride in my 3rd grade mentality…Learn to adapt to those not as intelligent and sophisticated as yourself.

  • Shamrock Driver

    Hey Hook! Just wanted to let you know that I ate at Firehouse Subs today on the “Hook and Ladder” side of the room. I’m an Engine guy. Have been for 21 years. Never been assigned to a ladder. Love those guys though. Did it out of spite.