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UPDATE: Three multi-alarm fires in Baltimore on Wednesday evening. Details & video. DC sends units to Baltimore for the first time since 1904.

Click above for video from WBAL-TV.       

Watch WBFF-TV story        

Watch WJZ-TV story        

For the first time since the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 fire equipment from the Nation’s Capital was sent to assist the Baltimore City Fire Department. Between 5:30 PM and midnight there were two four-alarm fires and a two-alarm fire in Baltimore.       

It started with rowhomes burning on the west side of the 1300 block of North Calhoun Street in West Baltimore around 5:30 PM. Before long flames were coming from homes on the east side of the street. Four-alarms were called to handle the fires on both sides of the street.       

Just past 6:30 PM two other rowhomes were burning two blocks to the east, in the 1300 block of North Carey Street. Many units from the Calhoun Street fire were then deployed on Carey Street. Operations Chief Donald Heinbuch walked over from the initial fire and took command. Fire Chief Jim Clack initially took the Charlie sector. This fire also went to four alarms.        

Click the image for more photos of the DC Fire & EMS Department units sent to Baltimore courtesy of Stanley J. Jaworski

Baltimore City required much mutual aid from around the region to respond to the additional alarms and fill firehouses.       

Sources indicate that the DC Fire & EMS Department sent the following units and command staff to the Steadman fire station: E-10, E-16, T-13, BC-4, FC Rubin, AFC-O Schultz, DFC-CA Crosswhite, and DFC-Special Operations Gill.   (Note: In 1904 the DC fire equipment went via the B & O Railroad.)     

Around 11:00 PM firefighters were called back to the 1300 block of North Carey for a rekindle. It was held to a single alarm.        

Here’s more from WJZ-TV:      

Sky Eye Chopper 13 caught the start of the second fire, right across the street from the first one on North Calhoun Street. Three rowhomes were ablaze and wind is most likely to blame.        

“It certainly could have played a factor in the second fire; we don’t know at this point. But when the initial companies arrived on location, there was very, very heavy fire and smoke conditions. Some embers may have blown onto these other homes,” said Kevin Cartwright.        


One hundred firefighters and 40 engines and trucks saturated the area, shutting down several streets. When the first and second fires were smoldering, there was another call. The third fire started just blocks away on Carey Street. Fire officials say the wind may have blown embers over to that block, but it could have been something else. Arson has not been ruled out.     

 As these fires burned Baltimore’s IAFF Local 734 sent this email at 7:01 PM:      

The fire originating in the 1300 block even side of N Calhoun Street has extended across the alley to the 1300 block odd side of N Carey Street.  A second alarm has been requested for that fire, in addition to the four alarms on N Calhoun Street. These fires have over 25 of Baltimore’s Fire engines and over 10 of its Hook and Ladder trucks on the scene. Remember,  due to the budget cuts from the Mayor and City Council,  there are currently 3 units sitting in stations unmanned in order to save money.        

There was also another multi-alarm fire (see video below). This time the fire was in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood at Charles Street and Madison Street.      


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  • Anonymous

    Dave, you planning on asking the Mayor of Baltimore how those rolling closures are going?

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  • Old Soldier

    Now to a 3rd Alarm on Carey Street – with two of those units being
    Howard County Engines.


    Don’t worry….Dennis Rubin is sending the calvary from DC….the whole city will be burning after this nutbag gets done…..Another PR stunt for this D-bag….

  • Lou Angeli

    Apparatus from New Castle County, DE are responding to Baltimore via I-95. Task force includes Ladder-12.

  • MDFF

    This is unprecidented. I have to hand it to the leadership of the BCFD they were none too shy about calling for help. Harford County (all volunteer) sent 2 Engines and a Tower which I cannot recall ever happening. I would be curious to know all the transfer units.
    Has staffing in Baltimore City reached such a low point or were they trying to make a statement about how bad things have gotten in the City?

  • Anonymous


  • Old Soldier

    This sounds like a PR stunt.
    Are DC Radios compatible or programmed for Baltimore?
    Wouldn’t it have been better for DC to shift to Cover PG and Montgomery, PG and Montgomery Shift to Cover Anne Arundel and Howard, who then can provide Mutual Aid to the City? AA and Howard are already setup to communicate with Baltimore City..

  • EdG

    You have to wonder about Baltimore City Dispatch. If you draw two circles around Baltimore – one inside the beltway and one just outside the beltway, there is more than enough engines and trucks to fill every city station from adjacent counties. And the vacant Baltimore County and Anne Arundel county stations would be covered by move-ups from their respective stations. And that could mean moves-up from adjacent counties like Howard, PG, Carroll, Harford, etc. to fill empty county stations.
    Running apparatus from DC, Harford County and supposedly Delaware is ludicrous – anybody with half a wit should be questioning how prepared Baltimore City really is for a disaster.

  • Pipeman

    Classic that we (DC) sent more commmand staff than apparatus.

  • StiffRichard

    “Classic that we(DC)sent more command staff than apparatus”

    Classic??? Classic my ass! How about expected? I wonder how many “white shirts” put in for overtime?

  • Brian

    Well they may have used those departments because of staffing levels, age requirements on equipment, training levels, etc.

    Some volly houses still have 16 year olds riding the equipment. No training and not staffing requirements. What good would it do BCFD to get a unit staffed with 3 guys, one who can work the pump, one who can enter a building and one red helmet that could not do anything but take pictures for the company web site?

  • Pipeman

    Richard, I am in complete agreement with you. Sorry if my post was a bit confusing. One BFC would have been sufficient to oversee three suppression units. What were the FC, ACF-O, and two DFC’s doing up there? Im sure the DC taxpayers love that.


    Balti city can… and should learn from this one…call early…call often!!

  • Anonymous

    In reading the comments there seems to be second guessing and questioning the who, why, the Mutual Aid Requests were made.
    First of all the comment about the Radio capability. There is in fact an FMARS radio Channel. This Mutual Aid Channel is Maryland and DC coverage. (154.280) As far as having direct communications contact I am quite sure any unit on the Baltimore Council of Governments (COG) Radio Frequencies which one can only believe all the Mutual Aid Responses from surrounding Maryland Jurisdictions wre ther in operation provide any and all assistance to DCFD. As far as the sarcasim against Chief Rubin and what he might do, he would follow any and all Directions from BCFD ICS Authorities. The DCFD only sent 2-Engines 1-Truck, Several Command Officers. The city of Washingon was covered from within the rank and file of DCFD Firefighters and Apparatus. Should a serious Incident have occurred in DCFD, there is Mutual Aid from surrounding Jurisdictions just as it is with Baltimore City. The simpleton mentality always speaking Negatively and vile words, is totally uncalled for, and out of line. This is 21st Century Fire and EMS Service. Mutual-Aid is alive and well with everyone sharing Resources. Wake up Smell the Coffee.

    Have a Nice Day Everyone

  • Matthew Woolston

    As far as DCFD radios being ‘compatible’ with Baltimore City’s system…yes and no. We do not have their system programmed into our radios. Would be pretty simple to do, but also a little too time consuming to consider for a short transfer like last night. What we can do is use the National mutual aid channels that anyone with an 800 system should already have (NPSTC). All that has to happen is Baltimore City tell us which channel to use, then they can establish a patch from their console to whatever channel on BCFD’s system, including dispatch and fireground channels. For example DCFD units could be on our 8TAC91 for dispatch and on 8TAC92 for responses. Don’t know if thats what was used last night though.

  • leon

    fire is crazy

  • ear

    Baltimore FD has some capable people to run a fireground.I agree one BC from DCFD would be enough to go with units.
    DCFD upper echelon is a bunch of egos. A true waste of DC taxpayers money to have Rubin and his cronies go to Baltimore.
    Fenty’s last move should be to fire Rubin and demote his cronies.

  • Howard Chief

    Brian, Where you from Southwest Va vollie force? U seem to know all about other companies except your own.

  • Clark de Bear

    DC is 40 miles (give or take a 1/2 mile or so) from Baltimore. There must’ve been a reason DCFD apparatus were sent instead of the DOZENS AND DOZENS of Companies from closer departments. Is there a pre-plan that dictates this Mutual Aid request/response? Perhaps it was a matter of not draining all locally available resources? Does anyone know if there is audio of BFD’s request, or DCFD’s dispatch/response – I’d love to hear how that went.

  • Brian

    Howard Chief,

    I am a member of DCFD not VA Volunteer fire department. I was just throwing out ideas as to why. Don’t get your mutual aide panties in a bunch.

    What makes you think I don’t know about my own department either?

    The ideas I had are justified. There are a lot of volly departments (and combination ones also) that don’t have or can’t meet NFPA 1710. That may be a reason why they were not dispatched on mutual aide. Many career departments want guaranteed staffing so they can continue to operate within there SOG’s. Also age plays a role because of worker compensation and legal issues. I realize the minors would be covered by their respective jurisdiction but many take things like that into consideration.

    Not really sure what was said in the original post to get you all bent up but taking cheap shots at someone aint the answer.

  • Capt Ho Co

    How did the hydrant connections work out? The great Baltimore Fire was the catylst for National Standard threads. This was a problem when DC came to Balt back in 1904. How crappy would it be over a hundred years later to have the same problem. I know BC still uses baltimore steamer hydrant threads.


    #15 comment…is this the press release secretly on hold until the media gets wind of what a PR croc of #*@! this was.

    Hey Dennis Rubin & accompaning ego staff, try justifying your actions and fragile egos of taking (forget the other PEC&2 Trucks) 1 PEC unit out of service to go 40 sumthin miles because your ego is bigger than your pea sized brain. Heck, this nutbag is hardly in the District, but has the audacity to put his PR stunts in front of the visitors and citizens of the Nations Capitol. .

    Better yet…#15.. maybe you could elaborate to the family of the poor 2 year girl that died the night before about mutual aid and how DCFD is covered by its own and surrounding jurisdictions. I’m sure they would TOLERATE the simpleton mentality of how incomprehensible the actions of Dennis Rubins ego were last night. I guess a unit 8 miles away with transport being provided by the firetruck(not their fault & kudos for doin the right thing) was Dennis Rubins world class EMS service at work… None of this is justifiable and even if it were, Truck 11 and Engine 14 are closer to Baltimore then Engine 10 16 etc..oh wait “the dime” and “first due to Barack” is more appealing then “Ft.Totten and “Brightwood”.GMAFB…

  • Matthew Woolston

    E-14 to Steadman: 34.0 miles, via I-95
    E-10 to Steadman: 36.1 miles, via BW Parkway

  • Capt Ho Co

    The IAFF and IAFC should jump all over this one. We all have heard how rotating companies and outright closures effect the saftey of the BC firefighters and civilians. Here is a chance to take it to the next level. In fact, with several surrounding counties and DC sending apparatus is goes to show that cutting big city resources can have a major impact that reaches beyond the city. This series of events effected the entire Baltimore / Washington metropolitan area. This proves that when make cuts in one jurisdiction the other jurisdictions will also be effected. 5 years ago Balt City would have handle dthis just fine on their own. Take the ball and run with this one union guys. Heck even get the channel 11 I Team on it.

  • Anonymous

    Brian: What you are stating is simply not true. NFPA 1710? Com’mon man. Yes, DC staffing is better than Baltimore but the volly/combination depts are equally, if not more able to respond half the distance into Balto City.

    As you said, “Some volly houses still have 16 year olds riding the equipment. No training and not staffing requirements. What good would it do BCFD to get a unit staffed with 3 guys, one who can work the pump, one who can enter a building and one red helmet that could not do anything but take pictures for the company web site?

    Baltimore City has 3 guys on their engines anyway, so your facts are not jiving with reality. As far as the other stuff, that’s PA and I don’t think York Co was dispatched anyway.

    I think it’s great that DC was requested, and if the Godfather Chief of Ops sent some “brand name” cos, what’s new? This whole regime has been a publicity stunt from Day 1 and it’s great to be the dime and midnight express makin’ history, rolling up 95, but it’s on Balto that they bypassed PG or Montgomery or Ann Arundel, uh, well, I take that last one back.

    Christiana Ladder 12, yea, that makes sense. After all they are the Kentland of the State of Delaware. Speaking of Kentland….

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to send a CSU unit and water supply unit

  • engineladder

    I am glad that DC was sent seeing all the volly unites with the 16 year olds getting off was scary.

  • DCFDmember

    “Baltimore City has 3 guys on their engines anyway, so your facts are not jiving with reality.”

    Baltimore City staffs their engines with 4 personnel, not 3.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT!!!!!!!! no kentland. I’m shocked that the gods of fire were not transfered to baltimore. Just what where they thinking by not bringing kentland into the mix. That is such a shame, they could have shown them HOCO and Hartford county guys how its done.

  • Doing it.

    I heard some of the Baltimore guys didn’t button their coats all the way on defensive operations. Someone could have been killed. We need a story about that.

  • loco 1963


  • Anonymous

    OK enough already, spoken comments of criticism and vile ignorant opinions. Yes BCFD made a request to send DCFD Aparatus, along with other Maryland Apparatus. Yes it may seem to some that perhaps another way/option should have/could have been made with Mutual-Aid Request. The distance from DC to BC may be some 30 miles or so. Ok sending the units that were sent
    makes reasonable sense and judgement. It is not the fact such a Mutual-Aid request get the actual closes units. Keeping the District Taxpayers covered with responsible response times. Sending E14 wasnot the absolute solution. How do you/can you say with any degree of certainty that the Maryland Apparatus
    had 16year old personnel riding the front seat. 16 year old is a Junior firefighter age. Can you Honestly and Truthfully say anyone of those Fire Companies would allow a 16 year old to be the OIC on any piece of Apparatus? Yes as was pointed out BCFD Staffing is 4 not 3. The DCFD sent a complement of Apparatus 2-Engines/1 Truck Fire Chief and his upper echolon Management. The District Taxpayers were not denied were without proper coverage. Yes there were and are surrounding jurisdictions ready to respond into the District had the decision occurred. as far as PG County they’re having their own Staffing issues. ie;2-on 1st response Apparatus. The DCFD was a definitive back up support to BCFD with Trained Personnel/properly staffed Apparatus. As far as the comments about the pediatric code. Yes the EMS unit was in rush hour Traffic 8 miles away coming from GW Hospital. There was a Paramedic Engine on the scene.
    Transporting the Pediatric code on the PE was a good sound decision. Basic Body of Knowlwdge/ ie;4-6 minutes with irreversible Brain Damage. Would you have chosen to wait through the additional 8 miles in rush hour Traffic for an Ambulance to Transport, or would you have used your Professional Experience and get moving with the Child Code?
    Think about it before you unleash your words of ignorant juvenile mentality. As far as the Radio capability yes there is a National Mutual Aid channel to be programmed into on 800 Radios. Yes there is also the Mutual Aid Channel (154.280) for Maryland and DCFD to communicate. Water Supply shouldnot have been a problem. With DCFD Apparatus and other Maryland Apparatus one can only believe adequate water supply was there.
    This Mutual Aid request was most unusual. How often is such a request made? Think about if the Incident had been in the District and DCFD requested Mutual Aid from BCFD? Do you really believe BCFD would have sent the 2-closes Station Apparatus. They would have exercised good sound management
    decisions. ie; 2 Engines/1 Truck and some upper BCFD Fire Command Officers, probably including Chief Clack. (BCFD Fire Chief) As far as the comment get IAFC and IAFF involved to further contribute to the outlandish unwarranted comments. Next time you and your colleagues are sitting around the Station think positve on best you as an individual Professional
    along with your colleagues can improve yourselves to enhance the fine Tradition the DCFD has earned with well deserved and
    each day/tour of duty one of the finest Fire Suppression Depts. in our Country.

    Thank You

  • BaltimoreScum

    I for one am glad that DCFD showed up
    1 because they are an aggressive dept like we are.
    2 they have fully staffed companies unlike the County Vollys that showed up with out even an EMT in the back.


    Chief Rubin…you seem to be overly perturbed about the comments that have been made so far. If you did nothing wrong, then you wouldn’t have to justify your egomaniac decision making to us simpletons.

    I’m sure you didn’t call Chief Quack whatsoever and it was he that called for you to send DCFD apparatus and your PIO compliment. It just so happens that E16 E10 & T13 were picked without any input whatsoever as to what companies would go. We all know that Bubes spent 3 seconds at “the dime” before he realized being a fireman was not for her and moved on to a safer enviroment, so sending E10 was just a coincidence. And you just happened to get to Baltimore with PIO in tow to greet the apparatus before they arrived. No way does this sound pre planned whatsoever.

    As far as my comment about the poor lil girl that died, you have to react a litter better and put forth some intelligence into your response. My comment was about justifying your actions to her family, since the simpleton attitude taken about your ego driven decision will not be tolerated. I’m sure if you asked that family prior to sending ANY type of apparatus, whether it was an Air Unit or Brush truck to Baltimore, they would have told you to pound sand. I never said that if those units didn’t go to Baltimore she would still be alive..And what did those units do when they got there..NOTHING!!! You make it sound like they were sent to block X and told to stop the devil before it catches Baltimore County on fire..

  • Brian

    “they have fully staffed companies unlike the County Vollys that showed up with out even an EMT in the back.”

    Thats what I was trying to say. I guess I ruffled some feathers some how but my point is proven by someone who was there.

  • Brian

    “loco 1963 says

    You must work for our OUC……..What language is that you are speaking?

    DC is not living off 9/11 money. We hardly got any. Our past chiefs made sure of that.

    Put down the Report from Engine Co. 82 book and pick up an English book. Then you can move on to big boy books and news papers so you know what you are talking about.

  • MDFF

    Baltimore Scum.
    Which unit(s) didn’t have an EMT?? Please let us all know because I doubt your information is even close to accurate. To the others who stated there were 16 yo riding as officers or even riding on the apparatus at all I doubt that also. Which units were those?
    If any “volly” company was foolish enough to send a unit without a FO1 riding as an officer, a certified PO as a driver and an EMT/FF1 or higher as part of the fully staffed (4)crew I would say shame on them and don’t ever come back here again. Because they should not of gone in the first place.

  • Brian

    That’s where my comments got screwed up. MDFF I never said there WERE pieces that showed up like that. I said they may have requested DC to avoid the potential of that happening and every volunteer on here got all pissed off and defensive. I know a lot of city departments want a guaranteed staffing level on mutual aide companies.

    The age thing was brought up because it is POSSIBLE to happen. No one said anything about them riding the seat or giving orders as an officer.
    My post was purely an idea or assumption. There was no merit behind it other than what would make sense on why some places were skipped over.
    Look at it this way:
    Anne Arundle: most houses staffed with 4 but 2 slide the floor to ambo/medic unit = no staffing guarantee
    PG: Same as AACO but higher call volume and almost a sure bet the engines/trucks will be understaffed.
    I can’t speak for Howard or Baltimore County because I don’t know there staffing or their system.
    DC Fire has a guaranteed 4 man engine, 5 man truck, 5 man rescue. Their training and building construction are very similar.
    I was simply stating a reason why they MIGHT have done what they did and a bunch of haters started spitting out dumb remarks and reading into what was being said instead of reading what was actually written.

  • EdG

    Brian – you need to spend some time in the Baltimore area. Three quarters of Baltimore City is surrounded by Baltimore County – arguably the oldest county department in the country (Founded in 1886 – DC in 1871).
    Unlike DC or Baltimore it did not originate from volunteer stations but was created whole cloth by the county commissioners as a career department. All of the existing volunteer departments came after the career department was functioning.
    Today the career department has 25 stations and the volunteers have 33 stations. All stations follow ridgid guidelines – always a minimum of a 4 person crew (or backed up with another piece), all trained meeting Baltimore County Fire Department standards and all under the direction of career battalion chiefs.
    Baltimore City Fire full well knows the standards of the county department and has used them extensively for assistance as well as transfers. During the Koppers Company fire, 9 county engines and one truck transferred to the city – one of many instances where this has happened.
    Chief Clack has admitted in interviews that he is not that familar with the county departments and that’s a big problem. With the resources at hand it is plain wrong to jeopradize the citizens of Baltimore to wait for DC personnel to adequately provide city coverage. That’s the real issue.


    Well said EdG……I’m not knocking the men on the rigs, as they did what they were told, but they weren’t sent to put a stop on the raging flames. They manned 1 firehouse which as Ed said, could have been done quicker by transferring a few pieces from Baltimore County.
    Chief Quack has people under him so to say he’s unfamiliar with the county is ridiculous. In situations like this, someone would get real familiar, real quick, with the closest companies that are available to respond into Baltimore.


  • Brian

    LOL if I spend any more time in Baltimore I will need to collect a pay check from them. I live in Federal Hill.

    As for the volly houses and Baltimore county. I was not defending the choice to bring DC up here. I was simply stating a few reason WHY it MAY have happened. There is no doubt in my mind there are qualified volunteers in the surrounding counties. I am not familiar with how the closest counties operate (other than what you just told me) so that is why I said what I did. I am only familiar with the system I work in and where I vollied at. That why I commented on the ages and training requirements.

    A lot of guys are getting bent out of shape when I WAS NOT BASHING THE VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was simply stating how SOME counties operate.
    I don’t think DC should have come up here and if it is true that the chief of DC requested to come up than he should have to explain it to city council.

    I am done responding to this post as everything I say is being taken out of context.

    Edg, thank you for your post it cleared some stuff up for me about the surrounding jurisdictions. Good info to have.

  • Anonymous2

    EdG- Baltimore County FD founded in 1882 not 1886…. Balto County E13 and Truck 18 on the Carey Street fire

  • StiffRichard

    “What were the FO, AFC-O, and two DFC’s doing up there?”

    Pipeman…I think it’s safe to say that we all know what they were doing up there…adding one more page to their biographies! That is why THEIR names appeared in print and not the names of the members staffing the apparatus that transferred. As stated in previous posts…what purpose did they serve durring the course of the entire incident/transfer?

  • Anonymous

    It still seems there are those individuals who cannot/willnot allow Fire Chief Decisions to send/deploy Apparatus Personnel.
    First of all “Hookman” Chief Rubin didnot make any of the comments you so explicitly criticised. I am a retired Veteran
    of the Metropolitan Region. You always seem to enjoy speaking in Negative words of vile intent. The comment what did DCFD do when they arrived in BCFD. They were Transferred to a Specific
    Station. I believe it was the “Steadman” station. What do you think Transferred Units/Personnel are supposed to do? Several months back DCFD Apparatus was Transferred to MCFRS Station 1.
    E24-T9-BC4. Ok now those units were in a Station ready/prepared
    to Respond should they have been called upon. The DCFD Units were also ready/prepared to Respond should they have been called upon. Yes the DCFd Fire Chief went with his Apparatus/Personnel. Good Decision. Just FYI in case you maynot have read it, the new “DCFD/Fires to Remember Book has Photos of the DCFD Fire Chief and one of the then Horse Drawn Engines on the way to General Alarm Fire in Baltimore. Photos are on Page 33. Your words about the Parents of the Child Code, if they were asked about Transferring Apparatus to BCFD
    they would have reacted negatively. In the first place why would any such tought be put forth to those parents? OK now Paramedic Engine on the scene with pediatric code. The closes EMS Vehicle/Ambulance coming 8 miles away from GW Hospital in rush hour Traffic. Just for the sake of your information and mine as well, how can you or anyone say with any degree of True Professionalism the Decision to Transport the Child Code
    was made in the best interests of the Child/Family. How about the Responding Ambulance in rush hour Traffic good possibility they may havenot been able to get through Traffic on a consistent basis. Stop and Start/ maybe at a stand still. Then there is always the possibility the Ambulance comes across another Emergency they cannot by pass. Worse yet, suppose they could have been involved in an unforseen Accident. You just are intent to go against anything you don’t like. Chief Rubin in BCFD, had some Chief Officers with him. That is his perrogative as the Fire Chief. Bottom Line Hookman, you should be ashamed of yourself always critical/speaking vile demeaning
    words. What is wrong with you? Baltimore County,Anne Arundel County, Howard County all have Career Staffed Apparatus. It is not the practice of any Fire dept. to send 16 year old Junior Memebers as the OIC on Apparatus. MFRI Training/Utilizing NFPA Codes other Local Jurisdiction Training is in place. FF1/EMT is a Mandatory requirement to ride.FF2/FF3 HAZ MAT/ Company Officer Training is all together in a Basic Body of Knowledge
    in today’s Fire/EMS Service. Wake Up Smell the Coffee.

    Have a Nice Day

  • Anonymous

    If Clack did in fact state he is “unaware of the capabilities of the surrounding jurisdictions” and that is the reason DC was requested instead of closer units, then he has a problem.

    Why were New Castle, Del units sent? Yes, these are top notch, excellent companies that went, but not the direction that a regionwide Mid-Atlantic mutual aid response should take.

    Move the closest companies within the region up accordingly, otherwise you end up this skipping over mentality which has plagued parts of PA for decades.

  • Anonymous NOVA EngineDriver

    There are plenty of career staffed houses that probably got skipped over by DCFD’s convoy. It seems like a nice souvenir photo to hang in the dayrooms and kitchens of the Trinidad and Franklin Sq stations, as well as Steadman. Why send the units from the 2 most famous DC firehouses to the most famous Baltimore firehouse? This was a perfect way to stage the perfect picture for the anniversary book. And of course all the big wigs wanted a piece of the pie. Engines 27, 14, and even 22 have a much quicker turnout time to hit the highway. What a joke.

  • Jerome Smiff

    Where was Truck 410?


    Anonymous NOVA Engine Driver… hurts me to say this, but you couldn’t have said that any better….Dennis Rubins tenure has been about ME, where’s the camera and what’s my travel itinerary for this week…oh and have the PIO smooth talk the media so stories are stopped before there released….

    Jerome….your right,Truck 410&Engine 410 could have been there quicker than any DCFD units…

    Now Chief Rubin,

    Clearly you need an asprin so that the portion of blood circulating to your brain that’s blocked, can open up and then you might be able to comprehend what I wrote. I’ll try to make this so that a 3rd grader could understand…Here we go…

    It was the concept, the idea and the idiotness (not sure this is a word) of the egomaniac decision making process by Dennis Rubin and the stupidness of Chief Quack, to allow Dennis Rubin to bring the brand name companies to Baltimore.

    Since the mother of the little girl that died had to wait for ANYONE to show up, due to units tied up in traffic, calls etc., how she would react if she knew that DCFD units were TRANSFERRED to Baltimore for absolutely nothing more than a PR STUNT. And that’s what it was Dennis, A PR STUNT and a stupid one in that. Whether the District was covered or not, it was the idea that if you ran this by her she would probably react in a negative way…It was another way to look at this PR STUNT considering it fell the night after this poor little girl died…Once again, the HOOKMAN never said or related anything to this little girl dying in relation to units being transferred. Here we have a call on the border of PG County (0.01 miles away) and not one PG unit (if they were called upon by DC OUC)was available to respond, but King Dennis has the audacity to send apparatus 40 miles away to Baltimore…

    See ya in Federal Court precious……


  • BaltimoreScum

    MDFF I do not know what companies it was but there were volly engines with out emts and a bunch of 17 year olds in the back. The fact is the city should have called a general alarm and have more off duty members come back to staff closed and companies and reserve unites. Instead they decided to call a bunch of clowns in to do it for free not knowing what there staffing/ or training was.

  • MDFF

    I still doubt your story BaltimoreScum, without the actual unit numbers. At the very least the BCFD should have a minimun standard for units transfering to the city.
    If it is accurate and any all Volly units went to the city without a fully qualified crew they should never be invited back (or should have been sent back immediately). I hope for the BCFD sake it will not become the norm and something like this (a dangerous pr stunt or a way to save ot) will not be repeated any time soon.

  • Anonymous

    For the information of those back seat critics, EMT-B is a Mandate in the state of Maryland. That is why everyone must pass the initial EMT-B Course, with Recertification everyn 3 years. The most recent EMT-B updates I believe have expanded
    with more time to incorporate the necessary Training for today’s 21st Century Fire and EMS Service. If in fact not assumptions nor opinions there were 16-17 year old Volunteers
    on any Apparatus they werenot in charge nor were they in a position to make any operational decisions. As far as why DCFD went to Baltimore, BCFD Fire Chief made some immediate quick rational Decisions to ensure protection for the taxpayers in the city. This was aa incident which at the time calling for the DCFD to assist with Transfers and whatever else may have occurred to deploy DCFD Units was an excellent one. Yes there were other units passed over. Why send units that may be the closes and immediate response units to any given geographical area. The DCFD sending 2-Engines and 1-Truck with full complement of Staffing, was also a good one. The Taxpayers in the District were at no time left unattended with immediate responses. 33 Engine Companies and 2-on Mutual Aid Transfer the other Stations were close by and would have made good response times without delay. Those critics who so choose to speak negatively and vile words of content, you are without
    any doubt SIMPLETONS.

    Have a Nice Day Everyone. (you as well Hookman)

  • Carl Bunkle

    It sounds like most of the whining about this is coming from the vollie / buffs who feel shunned by not being invited to race around the big city with their roto rays spinning, sirens screaming and dash cams catching the ‘thrill’ that they feel while driving ‘code 3′, ‘hot’, ‘emergency’ or whatever term vollies use for operating an emergency vehicle while in response to an emergency incident. Regardless, get over it kids, the incident commander made decisions based upon his need to provide proper protection for the citizens of his city. He did what needed to be done, I doubt if he based his decision upon how many vollie / buffs would suffer hurt feelings.