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Raw video: Two children & mother dead in Fairfax County, VA fire. Three more kids & adult injured.

Images from Lorton fire courtesy’s Emily Cyr

Watch noon report from reporter Peggy Fox


A woman and two children are dead after fire broke out at a Lorton, Virginia townhouse complex on Hagel Circle around 8:30 this morning.

At 2:30 pm Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department spokesman Dan Schmidt says that firefighters did not rescue four people via ladder from the second floor of the burning townhome as the department originally reported. Three children were lowered from a window to bystanders by an adult male who then escaped. All four are now at the Medstar Burn Unit at the Washington Hospital Center. Schmidt says their conditions are now not considered to be life-threatening.

According to Schmidt, those brought down by ladder by firefighters were the victims who died in the fire.

Schmidt says there were heavy fire conditions on Side A on both floors when firefighters arrived.

Earlier from (more to follow):

Firefighters are battling a two-alarm blaze in a Lorton town house that has already claimed three lives, including two children, this Wednesday morning.

Captain Willie Bailey, spokesperson for the Fairfax County Fire Department, confirms one adult and two children have been found dead inside the home located at 9639 Hagel Circle.

Bailey says four more burn victims, three children and an adult, have been flown to Washington Hospital Center.

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  • anon

    At noon, listening on Talkgroup 4D, still reporting some active fire in the fire apartment.

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  • Anonymous

    I left Fairfax 15 years ago… and Mastin as B4 didn’t sound like that then! What happened? Did he move north towards Boston???

  • Anonymous

    Does it make a better sound/video bite for the FD spokesman, whether it be the Fire Chief or PIO to wear a fire helmet? Does the media ask for this? This guy is obviously in an admin job. He’s not doin’ it anymore. Why the helmet sparky?


    Makes him look like he’s from New Yawk


    Why the helmet sparky?

    And if he wasn’t, you’d criticize him for being on the fireground without PPE….

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  • JJ

    I’m sure Chief Mastin is glad to know ,that he we have a high profile fire within his jurisdiction, and the only criticism anybody has is the fact that he wore his helmet during a media interview. Major issue? I don’t think so. In fact, no issue. Good job Fairfax , the outcome had nothing to do with the efforts and aggressiveness you displayed.

  • Nada

    I was there in the fire scene and saw all the Fairfax County fire department doing all their job well done. Great job to that. They tried their best but it was too late cuz of the blaze. I was also next to FD Chief when he was interviewed. I was wondering about his hat but he’s just doing his best to help out too. It’s his choice to wear a hat like that. ;) Peace everyone. RIP to Allie, Tokie and Solomon.