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Early video: Garage fire in Valinda, California.

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  • the Happy Medic

    My first observation was the fuel load in the garage. A great reminder that many folks are using their garages not for cars, but as storage units.

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  • Anonymous

    Terrible example of fireground tactics. First line goes in through the house!

  • Anonymous

    Tell me thats not a booster line being stretched into the house!

  • Anacostia County

    I guess they assumed that any entrance from the garage to the main house was secured. The first line should of gone inside to protect the exposure i.e. the main portion of the house. Once it is determined that there is no exposure/extension thru the door from the garage to the house THEN a coordinated fire attack from the outside might be an option.

  • Anonymous

    Love the guy in the black turnout imitating a fireman….What a tremendous help he was to the LA County fireman…Looked like his daddy was dressing him for his 8th grade Friday night dance, then when it was time to dance, he was hugging the wall….great job…

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone go to the roof anymore? WOW thank God for fire insurance, and that I dont live in that area. Basic fireground Operations folks

  • me

    Go to the roof for what? Take the line through the front door, make a left, put the fire out in the garage. Truck company hooks ceiling to check for extension into the attic space.