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Paramedics testify the were disciplined for telling the truth about Detroit EMS to TV crew. Wisam Zeineh & Richard Cadoura say they are whistleblowers. Watch the story that got them in trouble.

A report that aired on WJBK-TV resulted in discipline for two Detroit paramedics. The pair, Wisam Zeineh and Richard Cadoura, told the Detroit City Council last night the Detroit Fire Department piled charges on top of relatively minor infractions that the video showed when reporter/columnist Charlie LeDuff rode around with the crew. Zeineh and Cadoura say they are whistleblowers and the charges really stem from them speaking the truth about the state of EMS in Detroit.

 Here’s more from last night’s report:

Zeineh got in trouble for smoking.

“They didn’t charge me with violating the smoking policy. They charged me with neglect of duty, wanton and willful neglect of my duty as a paramedic to protect the public by smoking a cigarette,” he said.

“I’ve been disciplined with not having my shirt tucked in. One of the charges that I received was prior to coming on to duty when I was on my own personal time,” said Cadoura.

A lawyer for the city cautioned council members to limit their discussion about the EMS workers complaints because of possible legal implications.

Council members listened to the paramedics, but did not comment on their accusations.

Asked for comment, FOX 2 received no immediate response from Detroit’s fire commissioner.

Below is the story that got the paramedics in trouble.


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  • Ralph

    These guys are screwed. They are in front of a committee of the corrupt. The corrupt that they called on the carpet.

    They deserve a metal, not disipline.

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  • Michael, NREMT-P

    I think its about time that stories like this gets out to the public. We work our butts off trying to take care of people. Most of the time with very little pay and even less respect. We give up our weekends and holidays that we would much rather be spending with family and friends but instead we are out in the streets trying our best to get your help. Budget cuts are killing the emergency medical services nation wide. I think EMT’s and Paramedics around the nation need to pull together and form a nation wide union.

  • Freddie

    These EMS providers have ‘nads the size of cannon balls. Telling a much needed story to the public, while having cameras installed in their EMS unit and being tailed by a news crew chase car, all without permission from the department? Disciplinary action is guaranteed. I wish them luck during the disciplinary process.

    With all the media coverage related to EMS and fire services, what actions, changes, or results have come about? Are those in positions of authority still in place? I believe other city services may be in the same condition. If so, how many city council members were re-elected? Is the mayor on his/her way out during the next election? Without significant political changes, I don’t see any real improvements on the horizon.

    As Ralph identified in the first post to this story, Detroit is one of the capitals in the lands of corruption.

  • Keith T.

    If the lawmakers in Detroit were serious about public safety and improving the state of EMS in Detroit they would first remove EMS from the Fire Department and mandate that Fire provide first response to more EMS responses. They run fires in Detroit but not that many where they cannot provide EMS first response.

  • uk-fb-buff

    I’ve watched the decline of the Detroit FD since a 24 part article series appeared in the Detroit News appeared online about 10 years ago.

    Watched the online video of Reporter Charlie LeDuff’s interviews and ride out with the crew.

    The Rank and File are contuining to get the “short-end-of-the stick” in Detroit.

    These two paramedics have essentially become the “Squeeky Wheel” for the EMS Division and their supervisors don’t like this. I wish them success in thei “Battle” with management and they should be commended for telling their stories.

    The Citizenz of Detroit deserve better service which can’t be delivered because “City hall” keeps under funding the Public Safety Agencies and spends the monies on their own perks.

  • JV

    Keith T,

    DFD has been cut to the bone, both Fire companies and EMS. Sending the engines to EMS runs will not fix the 30-40 minute response times for ambulances, and tie up fire companies that are busy enough already. The city lies about the run #s for both Fire and EMS. There are engine companies averaging 6-8 fires a day, the trucks and squads even more. Because of the cuts, they are so spread out that it is common to be second/third due to fires that they used to be on a 3rd/4th alarm for. What happens when they get tied up on a typical priority 3 medical while the fires burn?

    Besides, Detroit has never required EMT for it’s firefighters, so there would have to be a massive training evolution.

  • mark

    When is the FBI going to investigate Detroit City Council, Detroit Fire upper management, etc???

    Shown by Charlie’s previous story it is more than obvious that there is corruption that probably makes PG look like a playground argument, yet our worthless AG won’t do anything. It took a perjury charge to get Kwame out of office.

    Absolutely sickening.

    I agree with Ralph, they need medals, not discipline.

  • South Jersey Captain Retired

    Detroit EMS, BRAVO for having the guts to come out and tell the story like it is. This is happening all over the country and the mindless politicians keep cutting Fire, EMS, Police ’cause its easier than having to cut overtime and cronyism for their buddies working in other areas of government service.

    I just watched a TV commercial for the City of Camden, NJ which is suffering from layoffs, and station closures everyday putting the the safety of the public at severe risk. The Mayor Ms. Redd has the audacity to say that the city is on its way back, that people are leaving their hearts in the city, and can’t wait to come back. Yeah right…. As is the norm the people running government is most cities haven’t got a clue about the fire service, EMS Service, or Police Protection. They they lie to everyone about everything. The status quo once again.

    Good Luck to the Detroit brothers. Keep at them…