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Helmet camera from West Islip, New York.

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  • Bill Hoke

    Do they wear seatbelts in West Islip? Doesn’t look like it.

  • RFDJake

    Good God…Get off the safety staff already! Look at this job well done, aggressive, good application of water for the most part…the fire was controlled and it appears no one was injured.
    It used the be that good ole jakes discussed who was the bravest, most experienced and who got the job done. Now all anyone wants to do is play the “Lets find a safety infraction and harp on it” game.
    Give it a rest, Firemen are Firemen, Do your job and do It as safely as possible…but dont forget the fine tradition that came before us. Everyone is missing the heart of the job in this political correct society.

  • Captain

    THANK YOU RFD…………Well said!!

  • Pipeman

    Seatbelts dont put fires out.

  • hosemonkey

    Great statement from RFD!!! They don’t make’em like the used to thats for sure!!

  • Molly

    …and anyway, there is absolutely no way you can see if they were or were not wearing seatbelts. There’s about 4 seconds where you get a vague glimpse of the lap of one crew member and that’s when they are almost stopped and ready to jump out.
    I thought that was pretty cool footage and certainly one of the better helmet cam videos that’s out there.

  • Former Islander

    Typical Suffolk County “Moths to the flames” operation. Taking into consideration that the video only shows so much of the operations; It looks as though his line was the first one on the fire. Why the first line wasn’t brought through the front door to prevent fire spread and unnessary damage to the rest of the house is beyond me, and just poor tactics, but also typical of many of the volly companies in Suffolk. That crosslay doesn’t really look like it is racked too efficiently either. Aside from almost falling into the pool, i give the nozzleman an “A+” for effort and aggresiveness. Sounded like he was having trouble trying to get his backup man to make any kind of push on that fire.

    Over all, not bad. The fire went out and hopefully no one got hurt.

  • E1LT

    Getting ejected out of a rolling firetruck doesn’t allow you to put out fires either. I agree that we are sometimes to anal about what is going on in a pic or video. But to say that “seatbelts don’t put out fires” is somewhat rediculous.

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    Hey Bill..why don’t you go read some smoke…

  • Anonymous

    We actually see a good application of water in a circle pattern. Lowering the temp and putting out the fire at the same time. Safety Sally can wait outside.

  • Captain Daddy

    Why waste air on the lawn? Stretch the line to the front door. Flake it out. Take a knee. Call for water and don your facepiece as the water comes. Bleed it and move in. Sounds simple enough.

  • Anonymous

    “Bill Hoke says
    Do they wear seatbelts in West Islip? Doesn’t look like it.”

    Let the men do the job they signed up for, just like they were doing it when they were riding on the backstep. Job well done fellas.

  • Anonymous

    Former Islander – Why bring a line through the house for a DETACHED garage! ?


    Captain….the lineman was cooling off the perennial rye grass so it didn’t spread into the bushes and then to the woods and then to the forest and then to the mountains…..


    yeah…that would be Long Island Mountain….

  • mark

    Anybody else remember the days of mom’s arm across the chest as a seat belt?

    Amazing that we evolved this far without them for so long.

    Thanks goodness riding tailboard is verboten now, can you imagine the server Dave would have to use to post all those comments?

  • Pipeman

    Whats amazing Lt., is that you dont know how to spell “riciculous”

  • E1LT

    Well “Pipeman,” neither do you “reciculous.” Guess you shouldn’t throw stones. Looks like your keyboard also came without the (‘)key. Hey Mark, I’ve been in a high-speed rollover, and my seatbelt saved my life. Sometimes I think we should go back to not wearing SCBA. Think of all the fun and exciting cancer we could catch these days. Ever watch a loved one die of cancer? I have. Not something you want to go through, so why go through it? Because “it’s how real firefighters fight fire……”

  • Steve in NJ

    Dave, thanks for posting. This is one of the better helmet cam videos I have seen regards to the quality of the video and audio. Good visibility of scene conditions and fire attack. Regards to tactics, what is being lost here is the fact that this company used the appropriate size handline, proper stream (solid tip nozzle), made an aggressive push and extinguished the fire with tank water in about 5 minutes from arrival. I am no fan of yard breathing but in the grand scheme, hey I am more than willing to give credit where credit is due. Good job.

  • mark

    E1LT, did I say that? Just making a point that some of these comments are absurd as yours.

    As for the cancer thing, obviously I haven’t died from it, but I am a survivor, coming up on 25 years since I was diagnosed. So your BS comment falls flat. 3 months of chemo in addition to 5 surgeries. Lost 1/3 of a lung because it had metastasized.

    Don’t be absurd.