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Fire chief talks about his burns & those who rescued him. Watch interview with Dauphin Island, Alabama's Brad Cox.

In October we told you about the fire that critically burned Dauphin Island (AL) Fire Chief Brad Cox. Cox is also a fire medic with Mobile Fire-Rescue. Because he was injured as a volunteer he was not able to use his benefits from Mobile. His colleagues from Mobile joined with others and raised $115,000 to help Chief Cox and his family. Mobile Fire Chief Stephen Dean told WALA-TV that they initially expected to raid 20 or 30-thousand dollars. Cox hopes to be back to work in about four months.

Here’s more from WALA-TV:

“Never thought I’d be that person in need,” said Cox. “Words cannot adequately describe the appreciate I feel for the kindness shown to myself and my family by our community. In addition to the kind donation which will help to ease our burdens.”

“Made it to where I have time to get healthy so I can get back on the streets,” said Cox.

Cox suffered burns on 17 percent of his body and was sedated for three weeks after the fire.

“I was five feet into the door, when there was a flash over and the pressure blast happened,” said Cox. “When I was trapped inside the fire I was unconscious and I had ran out of air. A Dauphin Island firefighter got me out, and a police officer. Even my wife helped pull me down the stairs. They saved my life, pulled me free.”

Cox is still recovering from his injuries. He was released from the hospital Friday, but is still very weak and has a long recovery ahead of him.

“I’ve been beating their goals,” said Cox.

“Biggest thing: never put yourself alone in a fire. I was fortunate that I had a radio with me and Mobile Fire Department training allowed me to survive as long as I did,” said Cox.

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