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Raw video: Interior attack on Eastport, Maryland boat fire.

This is a video from PropTalkMagazine’s YouTube channel of yesterday’s boat fire at Turner’s Marine in the 300 block of Chester Avenue in Eastport, Maryland (On the Chesapeake Bay just across Spa Creek from Downtown Annapolis). The fire was reported on board Monoponson II, a 45-foot Chris Craft, at 8:18 AM. It is 12-minutes of raw video, sped up and condensed to three minutes.

The Capital reports that 26 firefighters and the Annapolis fireboat responded. There were no injuries.


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  • Shhh…

    Ok. It looked like quick and safe work. AND done without using a leaf blower.

  • ltfd seattle

    When the Fireboat pulls up to the incident, it should have a foam handline already charged- ready to use or immediately available to pass off to the shoreside crews.

    Still, it is nice to see a Fireboat available at nearly the same time the first hose stretch reaches the vessel on fire.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute, I thought the happiest days of a boat owner is the day they bought it and the day they got rid of it? Good work by the crews on scene.

  • Anonymous

    I would have used the fireboat to put out that fire, not have my men hang over the side of a 30yo POS Bayliner trying to extinguish it with a hoseline. Ever ask yourself “what are we doing and why are we doing this?”

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  • herman glick

    Land-based firefighters making a good attack with foam, with an RIT crew both water side and shore side. The Fireboat didn’t need to flow water….job well done.

  • Boat Wax

    Whoa! What a crazy vid! I don’t know what I’d do if my boat were on fire! Freaky! Glad they got it under control quick and speedy.

  • used boat sales

    Spilled gasoline is one thing that causes fire on a boat.