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On Christmas Eve, when not a creature was supposed to be stirring, our staff was working overtime at the World Headquarters Building to keep you entertained. They tell me they like it when I push them to do their best, even on the holidays.

I am headed out of town for the day. My employees left me a message that they have cooked up an entertaining Christmas feature for you with a very special guest. I will see it when I get back. So sit back and relax and enjoy the holiday movie above. My guess is it will soon be a classic up there with It’s a Wonderful Life and Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story.

To all of you who read this rag, and especially those working today, a very happy and safe holiday season.

My special holiday card below was created by’s Captain Willie Wines and features his close personal friend, The Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz.


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  • Legeros

    What a hoot.

    And the computer-voiced sympathetic dialogue “There. There.” will haunt me for Christmas mornings to come…

  • Will

    This is funny. I just hope Super Storm Trooper Steve doesn’t open fire with the 50 cal if he sees one of Dave’s cameras…

  • Fire Critic

    Hilarious…14 minutes though?

    Seems kinda long for a production made by you to talk all about you…

    • dave statter

      While I am guite disturbed that my employee and his guest let me down in this way, at least it is refreshing to know it was entertaining. As long as it was hilarious (note that’s the official reaction from THE Fire Critic, the fire service’s version of Gene Shalit) who cares how long it is?

      Now, if it was 14 minutes and not funny, then I would be concerned and the repercussions would be quite severe at the World Headquarters of

      Thanks for watching. As always, we look forward to your official review of our content.

      Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a happy and safe new year.


      Thanks for watching.

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  • Fire 21

    Why does Rhett keep moving back and forth on the couch? Does his diaper need to be checked? And for god sakes man get your employees some insurance, all though 6 weeks after birth, I think that surgery is an elective and may not be covered.
    Still very funny!

    • dave statter

      Willie is still working on potty training Fireboy from Roanoke.