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Video Roundup: We know what some of you were doing Christmas Day.


Evacuation ordered at Cumberland, Rhode Island fire: Three families were left homeless after this fire Christmas morning. Matt Gregoire at shot this video.    

Now that I’ve reclaimed my blog after it was hijacked by one of my employees and a fellow blogger, we are back to business. Sorry about the disruption. On Christmas Day some of the videographers who regularly contribute to (Michael Schwartzberg, Matt Gregoire and Bill Rohr) and others were out documenting the efforts of those who staffed our firehouses during the holiday. Here are some of the videos I have found of fires yesterday.   


Building fire in Randallstown, Maryland: Michael “FirePix1075” Schwartzberg was on the scene with Baltimore County firefighters around 9:00 Christmas night at Liberty Road and Bayer Avenue.     


Two alarms in Allentown, Pennsylvania: Bill Rohr at was at 2115 Downyflake Lane. Two alarms were called to handle the fire in a motel office around 2:15 Christmas morning.    


Warehouse fire in Russellville, Alabama: The D&D Tool Storage building on Lawrence Street burned around 3:30 PM on Christmas Day. Click here for details on the fire. And here’s more video.     


Fire in the Philippines: A nice close-up view of firefighting operations yesterday morning on Palm Drive in Davao City. The music is among the more interesting I’ve heard added to a fire video.     

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