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Medical chopper & plane collide at Virginia airport. Early details from Weyers Cave indicate two on plane dead.

Virginia State Police say Air Care 5 and a Cessna 172 had a mid-air collision this afternoon in Weyers Cave, Virginia. Two people died on the plane. The helicopter landed safely.

Here is the latest from

State police First Sgt. Scott VanLear said the AirCare 5 helicopter was returning from the University of Virginia Medical Center when the crash occurred. No patient was on board, as initially reported by authorities, he said.

VanLear said he did not know where the airplane was coming from or its destination.

Earlier from

Two people were killed this afternoon after a midair collision between a small airplane and a helicopter in Weyers Cave near Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport, authorities said.

The crash between a Cessna 172 and a medical transport helicopter happened at about 2:30 p.m. over the 800 block of Route 256 (Weyers Cave Road), a half-mile north of the airport, said Jim Peters with the Federal Aviation Administration.


Joshua Becker was on his way to visit family near Shenandoah Regional Airport when he saw the small plane and medical helicopter headed toward each other. Becker said he stopped the car, and watched as the plane grazed the top of the helicopter. Immediately after, the plane took a nose-dive to the ground and crashed.

Becker said the helicopter was able to land in the field in the 800 block of Weyers Cave Road. Becker said he thought there were one, maybe two people in the plane.

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  • David

    AirCare5 was on its way back to Shenandoah Regional Airport from Charlottesville. Pilot and 2 medical crew of the helicopter made it safely to the ground.