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The Rube exits: Listen to Chief Dennis Rubin's farewell message to the DC Fire & EMS Department.

Listen to Chief Dennis Rubin’s farewell to the DC Fire & EMS Department coverage of Chief Dennis Rubin’s administration

The new year is a time for transition. In Washington, DC that means a new mayor takes over on Sunday. Mayor-elect Vincent Gray has announced that Sarasota County Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe (a DC Fire & EMS veteran) will take over the DC Fire & EMS Department. Chief Dennis Rubin, who had been chief since April, 2007, said goodbye to the department in a recorded message just before 7:00 AM on Wednesday that was played over the department’s radio system. Click above to listen to that recording.


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  • DC Local Guy

    I can’t believe he didn’t mention the Hookman, the most important member of the department (Whoops, ex-member).

  • DC Native

    Thats because Hookman is too busy brown nosing Ellerbe for his job back.

  • Anonymous

    There you go! Now you’ve done it! Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing all about how bad Chief D’bag was. Hopefully HOOK will realize that he got his wish. Rubin is gone, so there is NO reason to keep beating that dead horse!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe Rubin would put a hold on dispatching those all-so-important medical locals for that B/S fairwell. Where’s the dedication to response times?!?


    Thanks DC Local Guy and Native, however, I’m sorry your hero is no longer here anymore, but I’m sure if clinch your teddy bear real tight and say to yourself, “everything will be ok”, you’ll get over it…..When I comeback and I will be back, it will be done the proper and correct way AND YOU WILL LIKE IT NO MATTER WHAT!…LOL

    Those were some remarkable accomplishments he mentioned, too bad he wasn’t in town enough to see any of the work being done. I’m sure there were plenty of DRY EYES and clapping when his well rehearsed voice came on the vocal…

    Anonymous…..naw, he got what he deserved, but he’ll get some great frequent flier miles between Atlanta and DC when he has to return for the many lawsuits he’s managed to rack up. I too hope to move on and not beat the dead horse, however, the damage he left behind will surface and so won’t the one responsible for most of it, RUBIN…MPD Police Chief Cathy Lanier was kept by incoming Mayor Gray because of her accomplishments and past record. If Mr. Zero had accomplished anything and established a decent record, he too would have been retained.


    Oooops I forgot…1 down 3 to go…..I’m sure the last 3 won’t be making farewell speeches over the vocal…

  • Anonymous

    Go away HOOKMAN! Your not one of us. You were fired. Just go away and quit embarrassing this fine organization. Quit concerning yourself with what goes on in OUR department.


    Its more like I’m not one of you or the ones you associate yourself with. As far as what happened to me, well ill leave that up to a judge in Federal Court. One more thing, I know its easy for you to remain anonymous, but try to just pick one name and stick to it. Oh and when I return to work, come by and talk to me if your still having a difficult time with what I post. I’m going to continue to post, so if your insides cause you to get all upset, ill give you a teddy bear to hold onto. I’m starting the HOOKMAN Teddy bear giveway program. For every disgruntled person that’s upset with me in the fire department, they’ll get a teddy bear with the words, ” HUG HOOKMAN ” inscribed on the front. Nite Nite

  • Clark de Bear

    Okay, so for those of us who are regular (loyal) readers of STATter911, but are not DCFD members, can someone please explain the Hookman story?

    I’ve lots of jabs back-and-forth over quite some time, but I’ve never seen anyone tell what happened to Hookman.

    Anyone. Please.

  • xray

    you guys who badger hook i bet your not man enough to say it to his face.If rube and uncle shultz were frighten in their boots i know you guys are.At least hook had the guts to lay it on the line by challenging the corrupt regime face to face,not blog in the shadows.Hook I may not agree with everything you have blogged,and dont get me wrong most of the time you were on point.But atleast you have courage to stand up for what you believe in,the department lacks this easy by 50% no doubt.We need more firefighters like your self on the job at least I know what im getting out of you, for the rest of these cowards I wish they go back to their volunteer counties and stay there fighting fire for free.And let the real firefighters who care and have a vested interest in the city do the job.Forgive me im just a home grown DC native who cares about the citizens well fair,I dont care about a fake fireman who grumbles about riding the ambulance(not sh@t boxs)getting paid good money to do so.To chief Ellerbie welcome back fix this mess we are and have been long over due.” GO GREEN WAVES” CLASS OF 86


    Thanks XRAY…let them be mad that Uncle Larry, Uncle Boo and Grandma Denise are no longer in the picture and things are going to be put back in order…..They certainly weren’t crying the last 4 years while the corrupt regime was running the clown show…..Don’t worry folks, its just the beginning and the end will be amazing….As Ronnie Mervis for Mervis Diamonds says, ” I guarantee it “….Oh and the only embarassment to the DCFD is when you twits wake up in the morning and look into the mirror, there’s the reall emabarassment…..HOOKMAN & Xray out….lol

  • Anonymous

    Well.. The Rube is gone…… As of now Chief Ellerbe states that he has no choice but to eliminate a shift to make up for the 16 million deficit. Maybe 24/48 or 3-3-3
    (3/12hr day 3/12hr night 3 day off). Alot of guys will lose there jobs. some with 1 year on and some with more than 15 years.

    Hold on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DCFD rocks

    Hookman , grow up . you will not win in court.Do not ever blame someone else for your screw ups , Blame You. you messed up and you know it. my father served there 25 years and you think dcfd owes you a living , they owe you nothing. if can not wear the uniform proudly and walk with you head held high then you do not belong there. and do not bash rubin again. he is the best chief dc has had in a long time. your just mad because he made you actually do some work for once.

  • Anonymous

    i hope he changes the schedule to 3-3-3 so all the fake fireman who dont really care about our people will quit because of the commute 6 days in a row..i love it im from the city, it doesnt bother me