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Unusual video: FDNY fire truck becomes tow truck. Rig pulls blazing car from atop burning manhole.

Check at about 1:10 in the video above as the FDNY shows a somewhat unique way to handle an automobile fire. The clip above is Part 3 of a citizen’s video as he watched firefighters trial to handle the stubborn fire. The problem, according to the videographer, is that the car was parked on top of a manhole that was burning and exploding. You can hear the small blasts at various points on the video (sounds like a bit of an electrical fire sparking and arcing underground).

There is no date or location posted in the description, but the tags indicate it happened in Queens yesterday. Part 1 is below. Click here for Part 2 and here for Part 4.


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  • Anonymous

    OMG! A car on fire…. Like 9/11 all over again.

  • Annon

    It looks like it was a rearmount ladder truck, dave just fyi

    • dave statter

      Thanks. I rush it on and had to go to an appointment. As I left I wondered if I should have taken a closer look.

      I am back now and will fix it.


  • Shhh…

    They should show this to all fire chiefs. Another PERFECT reason to run a truck company on vehicle fires.

    • dave statter

      You don’t even need an engine company. Just tow it to the car wash and run it through.

  • Shhh…

    That would work too.

  • Eric Statton

    Am I missing something, 1st they stand around for a few mins. Then a Firefighter sprays water on it with what appears to be a garden hose. Then they stand around for awile, then a Firefighter uses a Dry Chem Extinguisher while 5 other Firefighters stand around holding a charged attack line while two people with no gear on and other Firefighters stand directly in front of and behind the vehicles bumpers, then after some 4 mins or longer they finally use the charged line. NYFD’s Bravest? I guess we do things different here in Upstate NY. Maybe the 1st due engine was just a ladder but why stand around and try to use a Dry Chem on a working vehicle fire?

    • Hero Sandwich

      Steady Eric. These gents do more fire duty in a day tour than you do in a year. I’m sure they will read your comments and take them under advisement. LOL

      • Hawkeye Pierce

        Really? What companies were on the car fire? With more than 200 firehouses, there are plenty of slow FDNY companies. Not everyone in the FDNY sees multiple fires every tour.

  • Hero Sandwich

    ‘Hawkeye Pierce': It doesn’t matter what companies handled this incident. Firstly, FDNY doesn’t refer to vehicle fires as “Working vehicle fires”. A vehicle fire (not inside a structure) with no structural exposures is an everyday event. FDNY refers to a “Working Fire” as a serious fire in a structure. Having been on the job in NYC for over 20 years as well as having served as a volunteer in a small town in NYC’s northern suburbs for nearly 20 years, I speak from experience. If you haven’t worked in a large urban area fire department, you should not attempt to pass judgment on how such a department operates. Better that you watch, listen and learn.

    Stay safe.