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Early video: Cinnaminson, New Jersey house explosion. Elderly woman badly injured.

Looking at this, I’m not sure how they did it, but neighbors say they rescued an elderly woman from this burning pile of rubble that used to be her home. The explosion occurred last night on in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. According to neighbors the woman was badly burned, but conscious.

This was the home that was destroyed last night. Click the image for Bing's Bird's Eye View.


“They were watching the Flyers game, everything came off the shelf in the house, it blew out a couple windows across the street, it was bad,” neighbor Jackie Larmanis said.

The surrounding homes suffered significant damage and authorities say those residents may be displaced for some time.

Public Service Electric and Gas is investigating the cause of the explosion. They are looking into whether it was a gas explosion.

Action News viewers called into the newsroom shortly after the explosion saying they felt the effects from as far away as Northeast Philadelphia and Columbus, New Jersey.


An elderly woman and here dog were at home when the blast happened and were rescued thanks to the quick thinking of neighbors including Ron Ruppert.

“I went and looked and I saw the older ladies house on fire,” Ruppert said.

“I knew she was in there,” Ruppert said. “We tried to get through the front but there was too much fire so me and another guy… we ran to the back of the house and she was standing towards the back of the house with the dog.”


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  • Americanjoe

    Northern New Jersey tatics are questionable at best. Understndable the fire is the result of possible gas explosion. It appeared for the 3 minutes of the video that they were at first content to stand around with uncharged hoses and watch the house burn with no concern for the two exposures. There was comments made by the person making the video concerning why they did not protect the exposures. That is just great when some citizen seems to know more then the so called proffesional.

  • Lizard

    Love the converstation in the background, especially the argument he gets into with his girlfreind about video taping the fire.

  • Armchair

    Love his comment “though it was a meteorite” too funny.

  • Crowbar

    Why doesn’t anyone know how to spell anymore?

    • dave statter

      Yu meen me oar sumwon elss?

  • Crowbar

    Duh udder guise.

    • dave statter


  • Tower62

    The best was the guy who claimed to be a former fireman. ” I guess cause its winter, they don’t have water in the tanks.” Awesome.