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Raw video: Mabas 21 makes a return visit to Gary with a natural gas fed fire.

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There was a time we would regularly bring you videos from Gary, Indiana that were shot by Edward Malik (AKA mabas21 on YouTube). Malik stopped his coverage of the Gary Fire Department and concentrated on the suburbs. But he made a return visit early Saturday morning with this fire at 24th and Wisconsin. He titled the clip, “I Am Sorry, Your House Is On Fire? We Will Be There Later Not Sooner”. In his description of the fire Malik talked about the layoff early this month of 34 Gary firefighters following a record number of fire runs last year. According to Malik, there were at least five working fires in three hours on Saturday morning. Here is an excerpt:

On arrival a fully involved frame house was found with a fireball blowing out the side of the house from the gas meter. It took an engine company over 15 minutes to get on scene to fight the fire because the entire fire department along with several mutual aid companies were working their asses off at 4 other fires burning at the same time.

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