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Raw video: Another view of DC's second-alarm at 1332 D Street, SE on Tuesday.

Previous video from this fire

We had posted an earlier video from this two-alarm apartment building fire on Tuesday at 1332 D Street in Southeast Washington. This one gives a close-up view of the operation.


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  • Inside the Beltway

    Still waitin’ for post from one the “textbook firemen” about how they would have done it in their neck of the woods, and how we’re a bunch of “heroes” because we do what we signed up for. You know who you are. ????????????

    • Inside the Beltway

      sorry, grammatical correction…”Still waitin’ on posts from one of the”………….

  • ScienceOfFire

    Yeah. I thought 1 1/2″ was fast. What took so long?

  • Pipeman

    They were probably waiting for you to show up riding your PPV jackass.

  • 1051

    Sience, are you kidding me? This fire was knoecked down in less than 3 minutes after the companies entered the building. That is after forcing doors and stretching up a stairway. I’d say that there are very few Departments that can knock down a fire like this that quickly. DC does this on a regular basis, but it is hardley ever caught on video or mentioned on the news or in the papers. This is nothing new. Been that way since I’ve been on this job (going on 26 years)

  • Mr. Knowitall

    Took so long? At 3:08 the fire is being knocked down. Guess it would have been faster to blitz it with the 2 1/2″ through a window (like “real” firemen do). But, thats not how fires go out in D.C. At least not the ones that are of this size. I guess those guys that were running to get inside are out of line as well. Science, what type of life did you have before the inception of the internet and fire department blog sites? Just an observation, but it must have been pretty boring.

    • ScienceOfFire

      It would have been at least 3 minutes faster to knock to “Blitz” this fire, probably 10 minutes faster to ventilate if you had used PPA. Whatever took the 3 minutes to accomplish (Forcible Entry? Finding the Stairwell?) could have taken longer. It COULD Have been 5 minutes, or 7 minutes, or longer of fire pumping carbon monoxide, cyanide, and heat throughout the apartment building. This is an example of your tactics depending on everything going right instead of anticipating everything going wrong.

      Conditions in the back of the fire apartment, in the apartment above, the stairway, and the other apartments in the building would have improved faster if you had 1) extinguished the fire with a blitz line immediately upon arrival. 2) transitioned quickly to an interior positive pressure attack – progressive hose lay of an 1 3/4″ hose pack on the end of the 2 1/2″ – Like Chicago, Detroit, or LAFD. 3) pressurized the stairwell prior to opening the fire apartment door thus reducing the risk to any victims trapped above. This would also make it safer for firefighters searching above.

      No one was going to live through the conditions in the fire room. Contrary to “common sense” firefighting, blitzing a room doesn’t push fire, smoke, or heat into other rooms, anymore than an interior attack*, so any victims in the back of the apartment, or the apartments above, would have been better off if the fire was blitzed as the camera started rolling, rather than hit from inside 3:15 later. Note that there was a charged handline on the ground at the beginning of the video. The camera stopped rolling before the building was adequately vented for non-SCBA equipped people.

      * You saw from the video how much steam a 1.5″ hose creates when fighting the fire from within. The steam, smoke, a heat follow the easiest paths out. A 500 gpm stream from outside, applied 3 minutes earlier, would have darkened that fire with a <30 second blast. The now cooled room would produce much less CO, cyanide, etc. The conditions in the rear of the apartment would have begun improving at the 0:30 mark, instead of getting worse until the 3:30 mark. Any risk of flashover or rollover in the hallway would be severely reduced.

  • Brokenhearted

    3 Minutes for an entire Apartment to get knocked. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • ScienceOfFire

    3:30 after the camera starts rolling, after a line is stretched to the apartment below? (I can’t see) and a ladder is thrown.

    3:30 is a damn long time. How long would it have taken with a 1 3/4″ hose? 5 seconds longer to stretch dry line, and 15 seconds faster on the knockdown?

    I can’t hold my breath for 3:30, can you? Do seconds count? I think they do. You guys justify 1 1/2″ because it’s faster? You guys couldn’t afford to give up 7 engines to get 5 men on each engine, because it would delay your response time…even in traffic, an engine could drive a better part of a mile in 3:30 – how far away is your second engine in DC? Third? Google Earth shows less than a mile difference for most of DC.

    So does time matter or not?

  • Anonymous

    First off the fire did not involve the whole apartment, yes they had to stretch a line in a odd shaped garden apartment, yes they had to pop the door, and the fire involved the balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floors and a bit of the cockloft, this was defintely a truck fire!!!

    Secondly, as was said on the fireground, if this fire had been in PG County they would have set up ladderpipes and burnt the roof off of this place!!!! Got to give credit to us, the DCFD for aggressive firefighting!!!

  • 30+ on the job

    The reason why you do not usually see us getting it “Done”, is we have it knocked down and hog tied before the camera is out and focused.

  • Herc

    South Side PG would not have burned the roof off. Maybe the North Side where many of DC’s “finest” volunteer. We do more with less staffing. This is a DC fire that appears to go well. Take your trash talk and ticks back to the District. You have enough of your own problems to deal with.

  • Anonymous

    RIGHT!!!!! Because the southside has never burned a roof off before. . . . . .It’s nice to work for the agressive DCFD where we do more and more with good staffing!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am beginning to think Sci Fi is really a DC Firefighter trying to get everyone’s goat. You really can’t take it seriously…