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Raw video: House burns in College Park, Maryland. Snow keeps firefighters busy.

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Read PGFD press release on four house fires

The storm that hit the Washington, DC area yesterday kept fire departments busy. Roads were clogged with abandoned cars during what WTOP Radio reporter Bob Marbourg called an “unprecedented” evening rush hour Wednesday. Emergency crews were having difficulty not just with the snow and ice, but getting around the traffic and stalled vehicles. Wires down and power failures added to the work load for fire and EMS. In addition, there were a number of fires in homes without electricity.

The Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department had four such house fires between 10:30 last night and 5:30 this morning. In one, a fire at a Glenn Dale home, firefighters rescued a woman from a second floor window. 

The video on this page is from a house fire in College Park. Here are details from a press release by PGFD’s Chief Spokesman Mark Brady:

At about 5:30 am, firefighters from the College Park area were alerted to a house fire in the 5000 block of Pierce Avenue.  Fire/EMS units arrived quickly to find a 1-story single family home with fire showing from the basement.  An interior attack by firefighters on the fire was in progress when a partial collapse of the first floor occurred.  Personnel immediately evacuated the structure and were accounted for and deemed OK by incident commanders.  An exterior attack continued on the fire which had now extended up to the first floor.  The family was alerted to the basement fire by a working smoke alarm.  All occupants escaped the home safely prior to the fire departments arrival.  The cause of the fire is attributed to a fireplace in the basement,  This home was without power due to the winter storm on Wednesday.  Fire loss is estimated at $140,000. 


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  • Wasabi Sauce

    Lot of guys outstanding in the yard and the boys from 12 just standing in the doorway GTF out the way, typical College Park prefomance WEAK!

    • Read

      Try reading the article….it says they evacuated when the first floor partially collapsed….most people do stand outside/in the doorway when the evac tones are sounded. Seeing as half the northside was there, and everyone was outside, either call them all out, or none at all.

  • 13sucks

    Good to see 13 made it out… to stand around.

  • Inside the Beltway

    What’s the cover charge? Sorry, I thought he was the doorman at a U of MD frat party!

  • Anacostia County

    That one Chief should either wear his suspenders properly or take em off. Also for the other firemen on the scene the Scott harness is designed to be worn with the waist strap properly buckled and tightened around the waist.

  • NotForPracticalApplication

    Excellent example of how to wear your hood incorrectly and be a yard breather from the guys at Hyattsville.

    Get the hell out of the doorway!

  • firemedic

    yea this fire is a mess! LOOK at all the guys doing nothing or just getting in the way. whats up with the 3 guys in the front door pulling ceiling with no hose ?