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Video: Firefighter falls from ground ladder.

This video has now been removed by the person posting it.

I am assuming that the reason this was posted is solely for educational purposes and not to make fun of a Southern Maryland firefighter who had the misfortune of not only falling off of a ladder, but doing so in front of an operating video camera. The caption says the firefighter was not hurt.

While my assumption about the motivation for the posting of the video may be in error, my very dusty recollection from fire school is there is an important lesson to be learned from the clip. Something tells me this video will now be used by many to illustrate that lesson.


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  • ltfd seattle

    Might I suggest that a 1-3/4″ handline, while offering over 100 gpm of fire flow, might be too heavy and unwieldy for the intended purpose of the task that the FF was performing- leaning out over the edge of a ground ladder to apply an overhaul stream.

    Other less robust options might have gotten the job done: jiffy (garden) hose; ProPak type foam line; the infamous ‘booster’ line, etc.

    Of course, I have never personally fallen down during an incident as far I can remember…. oh maybe I have 10-20 times or so. Glad the brother was physically uninjured.

  • Anonymous

    Is that NDW wow LOL

  • Devon Totnes

    All the “cool” stuff to look like a Fireman, the burned up helmet front, the light around the shoulder just like FDNY….but….forgot the basics!!!! Leg Lock, my young friend, is taught in the academy for a reason. Fortunately this was a short fall and you weren’t injured. Valuable lessson learned!!!!
    Continue on now a little bit wiser and a little bit safer.

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  • Kevin

    Leg lock is your friend.

  • Old School Fireman

    Dear God,
    I pray that the new fire safety gpm knowitalls come to their senses soon and petition that Pretent-To-Be-Godlike NFPA to mandate a booster line back on every Class A pumper. Then try and train people what a booster line is for. (I know it’s not really working with the 2 1/2″ training but someday it will.)
    In the name of the fuel, the oxygen and the ignition…AMEN BROTHER!!

  • Walter Taylor

    That was not a firefighter from N.D.W it was a member from Bay District V.F.D.

  • 3Fireman

    It is not NDW, they were on scene as second due engine. As a firefighter from the first due company I can say most were right about not using the leg lock. That goes to show you how forgetting the basics can get you in a sticky situation. As for the line used to overhaul we do not have booter lines on our apparatus nor was a garden hose handy as it was a vacant dwelling. I see that the bale in the nozzle in the video is half open but I am guessing the line was still being pumped at full S.O.P. for an attack line which was too much for that overhaul situation.

  • nogo

    The chimney nozzle and a lower discharge pressure are also your friend. Not to mention they also lower the chance you will damage the flu liner.

  • Itzall6

    Ladder Fail

  • Anonymous

    you get what you pay for

  • Me

    Thankfully he wasn’t hurt. NO THIS IS NOT NDW. This is just to funny. lol. Hopefully he and others can learn a good lesson from this. Leg Lock or a ladder belt is the safe way of working off a ladder.

  • CLT FF

    As brother FF’s we can all laugh at each other – but we all know that each of us has had similar things happen, maybe not on a ladder – but in some form. We’re human – this is a perfect example of the need to go back to the basics. An excellent training video, I bet the farm that this young FF will NEVER make the same mistake.

    First line leaders – good training opportunity for you when the calls are slow, show the video and discuss.

  • fyrecapt

    Damn it Dave….Why didnt you make a copy for all of us. Would have been a great training video for my crew

  • Bill Carey

    “This video has now been removed by the person posting it.”

    YouTube. The greatest platform for 15 minutes of fame in the U.S. Fire Service.

    Bill Carey

  • FF Fred Flintsones

    take your automatic nozzles off your trucks. they’ll get you killed faster that a wombat can eat a snail egg. automatic fog nozzles are dangerous. there is only true fire service nozzle, the solid bore 15/16th nozzle.
    automatic fog nozzles should be taken out of service immediately.

  • CLT FF

    …there goes the training opportunity. They pulled the video…

  • Mike

    Fred Flintstone looks about as smart as the guy falling off the ladder

  • Anonymous

    I have read all the comments and some of which seem to speak of sarcasism and criticism. The one comment “You get what you pay for” is without any doubt from IAFF (Hero). The comment clearly refers against Volunteers. This unfortunate situation
    could happen to any firefighter any where. Yes Career Firefighters sustain fireground injuries from whatevr the cause may Ladder Failure, Firefighter maynot have had a leg lock which is included in the Basic Body of Knowledge Training offered by MFRI. One can only believe this same Training knowledge is offered by any city Municipal Fire/EMS
    Dept all across our nation. Whatever may have occurred in this
    most unfortunate incident thank goodness there were no serious injuries sustained. What would be the thought and words if this situation happened to a Career Firefighter? Make no mistake it does happen. The National Fallen Firefighter Safety
    “Everyone goes Home” is in place to help all firefighters”. One can only believe that there are those Fire Service Authorities such as were the comments posted here speaking of “Good Training” effort with this situation. if the IAFF really wanted to put forth a positive effort in speaking of the need for Training for all Firefighters, perhaps those comments of negative sarcasim words with vile thoughts of Career Superior would be a welcome Training effort. In today’s
    Economy with Firefighters in some jurisdictions being Laid off
    as a cost cutting Budget measure, this obviously increases the potential for a similar situation to occur with Career Firefighters. Bottom Line here, stop the constant criticism and
    sarcasim. All Firefighters should be Trained to a high level of performance, it doesn’t matter who, where, why, when the Training authorities are in place.

    Thank You

  • NJSteve

    “Fred Flintstone looks about as smart as the guy falling off the ladder.”

    Yeah Mike I agree.