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Early video: House fire in Canton, Connecticut.

A fire on Tuesday afternoon at 43 East Hill Road in Canton, Connecticut. No injuries were reported. The fire is reported to have started in the kitchen. Here’s a description from Canton Patch:

Canton volunteer firefighters, Colin Narducci and Bob Barsalou ventilated the roof to release the smoke. The first attack team, Jonathan Gotaski, Juan Gonzalez and Jason Ronan found heavy smoke and fire in the kitchen, but were able to knock it down within minutes. Fire, that had extended to the second floor through the walls, was also knocked down by another attack team.  


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  • Anonymous

    Well…..they seemed to do good once they got in there, but 5+ minutes to get water on such a simple fire seems pretty excessive fellas.

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  • news hound

    No kidding. Its WAS just a kitchen fire. common guys, thats someones property.


    I’d take into consideration the hydrant locator blocking the road to get out of the way….ooops, I meant the police officer….the video doesn’t show them stretching the line into the house and whether or not the homeowners shoveled a path to the front door or any other obstacles they might of had. I agree too as we watch a fire like this and minutes seem to be hours, however, the video shows the arriving Engine Co. and within less than 5 minutes, water was flowing..I didn’t see any other companies on the scene, so I say job well done….

  • John

    Remember this is an all volunteer fire department dealing with congested snow covered streets which is typical here in New England right now. They also arrived on scene w/ very minimal staffing and had to wait until sufficient manpower was there to make an initial entry. I think for what little resources they had initially they made a good stop.


    How many fires do we see in big cities and surrounding areas, where they say the fire was knocked down in 10 minutes. We look at this without seeing video, to mean this was a routine fire and that it was put out quickly. Here it was probably less than 10 minutes.

  • Bread1

    Looks like the fire spreads from one room to another on the first floor. Good knock down when they get there. I love seeing that ladder in the air, even for simple residential fires, however this looked like a great opportunity for PPV and I didn’t see any fan.