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Mayday video: Lusby, Maryland house fire.

More pictures can be found here

A fire yesterday in Lusby, Maryland (Calvert County). The description with the video says there was a mayday called. At 2:25 you can see a firefighter being brought out of the house and then treated by EMS.

The fire was at 2715 Spout Lane and was report around 2:00 PM. The Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department (St. Mary’s County) has pictures from Brian Brown on its website. The Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department (Calvert County) also has more pictures and details.


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  • Dave

    Any Word on the Firefighter who was hurt??

    • dave statter

      The Prince Frederick VFD site says two were hurt. Haven’t found anything.


  • driverfiresuv

    And the poster Blue has the gall to refer to Pa departments as “Pennsyltuckey”?

  • Anonymous

    The guy who went to Medstar is back home…he’s doing fine

  • Anonymous

    Brush truck in the front yard! Red rubber snake on the ground being operated by a guy in street clothes. It’s no wonder that they had a Mayday. I hope the injured firefighter is OK! Think people and use your training!

    • CLT FF

      Crazy…all the dressed out people standing around and there’s this one guy in street clothes spraying water on the outside while there’s people inside…no wonder there’s a mayday.

      Then we have a guy go up on the roof with a hand line and no one is helping with the slack…he has the full weight of the hose while 5-6 joe cool Volleys watch…I’m at a loss, why post this video?

      • none

        you are an ass he was a member from their department and helped his brother. mabey he was on his way to the station and had to pass by the call to get there and stoped

        • Anonymous

          doesn’t matter you are no good if you can’t protect yourself. I understand your point but if he goes down because of CO and cyanide poisoning what good is he…

  • stormy

    quite noticeable lack of PPE (scba) in this video…..

    • CLT FF

      No SCBA or even PPE for many…then there’s this 3′ tall FF in a yellow hat outside the front door in full gear (including SCBA) getting in the way doing nothing. Some guy in regular street clothes on the radio giving direction…what the hell?

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  • doogie45

    WTF. This looks like a good old fashion cluster ****.To many running around the scene without PPFE’S.The EMT trying to help the injured firefighter is pushed around.Officers standing in close proximity to the house with a Helmet or gear on.A guy operating the hos line without PPFE’S.It is not untill late in the video that the Cheif Officers seems to regan control of the fire gorund.This would make a good trianing video of things not to do on the fire scene.

  • Anonymous

    wow what was he doing in there? …life at risk?…its amazing more ff were not hurt as well as the civ & ems standing 25 feet from the flames at the front door. Mulitiple safety issue here.
    That PD was gone on arrival.
    Feel better brother


  • John Mitchell

    A guy in a fire t-shirt on the knob, fully half of fireground personnel are not wearing ANY gear, one guy who I saw truly “working” was pulling ceiling onto his face with his helmet visor up and out of the way of his corneas. I saw a safety officer, what was he doing?

    Two guys got hurt? I say that’s a monumental success, Chiefs.

  • Kevin G.

    Wow. The operations on this fire ground are unacceptable. You have all kinds of firefighters operating without PPE, roof ops without SCBA (Or better yet, they’re wearing packs, but not masks), hose lines shooting at firefighters on the roof… EMS personnel operating inside the hot zone. They pull the ceiling with active fire without a hand line ready to go? Makes me glad I’m from a midwest “hick” department that actually cares about not getting cancer and going home at the end of our calls.

  • Anonymous

    defensive and offensive opps all at the same time. Its operations like this that give all of us volunteers a bad name. Get back to training before you turn your wheels again and actually get someone killed next time

    • NC FF

      Very true…scary tactics

  • ear.

    This is a disgrace to the fire service. I thought Ringling Brothers was the only circus. I guess I was wrong.Who was in charge of this fire? Whomever it was ought to up his liability insurance.

  • Anonymous

    What a disgrace to the hard working men and women who actually put time into their training! For a second I thought this was “Hosed-Episode 2, the satirical comedy of volunteer firemen.

  • Anonymous69

    Stay in the midwest then coward. Yall must sit outside and have a picnic as you spray water into the structure.

    If this fire was in certain parts of saint marys county that whole house woulda been lost. atleast i give credit to the men for going in an attempting to put the fire out and save as much property as the could.

    im glad the injured firemen are doing ok. dont forget people that this is a dangerous profession and people are going to get hurt and die… if that doesnt sound like your cup of tea stay on the ems side.

  • John Findlay

    “dont forget people that this is a dangerous profession and people are going to get hurt and die”

    I agree that this is a dangerous profession, but we are far to intelligent and well trained to accept injuries and death. These are unacceptable no matter the situation. I am not bashing the operations, but we can all see things that could be done differently and that by no means relates to weakness of ability or the bravery of the fire fighters.

  • Inside the Beltway

    It’s always been a clown show there. That’s what you get when you’re a rescue squad first, fire department second. Hence their name SVRS&FD.

    • WOW

      Solomons? I’m looking this dept up, MD – right?

      CHIEF – what the hell is going on with your department? That operation was FUBAR – full of unacceptable behavior…everybody likes to point fingers, but what the heck is going on there?

    • Joe Paczkowski

      If that’s your argument, then it’s a perfect reason why EMS should be separate from fire suppression.

  • Anonymous NOVA EngineDriver

    What happened to having a handline in place BEFORE hooking ceilings? Most of the house was a write off and even after the mayday, personnel were operating in the highly compromised portion of the house with the entire attic space off, and half-ass PPE use. I still get a kick out of the EMS in civilian clothes. This looks a lot like Southern Maryland jolly vollys trying to be heroes and get their helmets dirty so they can be more like their neighbors to the north.. (PG, DC, Baltimore, Anne Arundel). Should’ve just special called Kentland and LaPlata to handle this one.

  • Daz

    I have seen some poor efforts in my time but this is right up there, I will give them one thing, the fire is out. But what the heck was the old guy on the brush truck thinking, with 14 million other handlines operating, he still has to get in there with his forestry hose and get in the way.
    One of the most poorly run jobs ever, where is the IC, or his he the guy in the Solomons sweater on the radio running around.
    Safety Officer, what where you doing !!
    There is no excuse for this, that was just 10 fire departments doing whatever they felt like !

  • Kevin G.

    We aren’t cowards. We’d be on that roof and in the structure with no problem. We just prefer to wear our SCBA to avoid cancer and have a hose line ready to put the fire out. Don’t mistake cowardice for good ol’ common sense.

  • Anonymous

    Before we criticize our VOLLIES,,, the IC is in DCFD, the Safety officer is in a big VA county FD. ( cant remember which one).. and several other firefighters on the scene are either DC, PG and federal FF’s. so just because its a volunteer county doesnt mean we dont have professionals..HEHE

    • CLT FF – NC

      Well – they must have taken their “Professional” hats off for this one. UNSATISFACTORY HERE – someone mentioned it before – FUBAR!

      • dave statter

        For what it’s worth, the comment above from CLT FF – NC and the six below all came in back-to-back, written by the same person.


  • Blue

    Driverfiresuv, and others concerned, sorry for the late entry on this. I’ve been enjoying a weekend in the Poconos. And yes this gives Pennsyltuckians something to be proud of, the MARYmycuzinLANDers have won this round….

    Just remember lets be safe out there, never can tell when someone video tapes your first worker!

    On a serious note, lets keep those injured in our thoughts.

  • mike

    Despite the best efforts of the Fire department, the fire still managed to go out.

    • WOW


  • Denny

    WOW!!!!!Agree, When you have people in plain clothes, Firefighters or not, working around a structure fire you are asking for serious injury. Alot of Freelancing, I know you can sit back on any fire that is on video and pick it apart, but this is ‘Fire Basic 101′, placment of the brush truck? Its a Brush unit not a Truck, Tower, Quint!….. Training Training Training!!!!!!!

    Sgt. USMC
    Career FF/Paramedic

  • …Calvert County?

    …what did I just watch? Was this a training fire by chance?

    Seems like I just saw 4 departments with 4 different agendas, 4 different plans and then the neighbors showed up with their own plan as well. I’d be embarrased if was at this fire…Calvert County MD – I’m staying clear.

  • Anonymous

    look anyone can sit on their computer and talk smack o vollys suck o go to training o this is a good clip to use in training for what not to do but here is the deal you were not there and half the volunteer firefighters there were paid men in pg dc and ndw if you want to talk **** come to calvert county and stop by every firehouse and complain about it to them not to each other on statter 911 and let me know how it works for ya partners until then goodbye o and one more thing please stop crying o they were in the red/hot zone without proper ppe or scba you sound dumb

    • CBEMT

      WTF language are you speaking? Cause it ain’t English.

  • joker

    does anyone know if this is the first fire this group of people (not firemen) were ever at?

    what were the tactical objectives trying to be accomplished, outside of trying to burn the house to the ground?

    I believe this group should stick to coloring books and watching rescue me episodes.

    Maybe next time around they can roll out on their “BIG WHEELS”

  • Ouch

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Proof that even an uncoordinated operation can save the foundation.

  • Anonymous

    Well…I’m a Calvert volunteer and I’ll say that this looks pathetic. I hear many incidents down that way and can’t help but shake my head. I’m kinda concerned that I live in the south end, but this county has many problems that need to be fixed. I just hope it doesn’t take someone getting seriously hurt or killed to have it happen. We’ve seen that things didn’t change county-wide after the couple firemen were hurt in dares beach a few years ago on a basement fire. It’s a shame.

  • Seasoned Fireman

    Well folks this is the norm for a worker in Solomons first due, this one was just fortunate to be captured on video. I have been on many fires with Solomons since the Route 4 bridge opened in the 70’s and would not expect anything different.

  • 222

    Was this fire the newest episode of Hosed?

  • Anonymous

    people who are talking trash on this site def were not on this fireground i can promise you that…

  • yea yea

    i can promise u that the people talking trash on this site were def not on the scene of this fireground.

  • Shell Shocked

    Wow….ummmmm…don’t really know what to say here. I listened to it, shook my head a bit, made some phone calls to make sure the guys that got hurt weren’t my guys….then began to formulate a drill for my guys on what “Not” to do….

    I don’t throw stones, so I will leave any negative comments out of this. Everyone on here has brought up some great points. There used to be a running joke that when we went over the bridge we had circus music playing, welcoming us to Calvert…..I thought those days were over!!!

    Back to the drawing board. Everyone has an “off” day. You know the kind where something just doesn’t go right. It seems like they got all of the “off” days in for a very long time in one afternoon.

    I wish a very speedy recovery to all of the FFs injured. To the guys that are being critqued, take it with your head held up!!! Listen to it, evaluate it, implement it!!! As people have said…training is the key…however, you need to implement the training on arrival in order to be effective!!!

    Be Safe Fellas!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That was just plain embarrassing, just hope they all look at this video and learn from their numerous mistakes.

  • From: DannyBoy aka. Daniel Currin

    Whatz up southern maryland Firefighters and EMS all over? The Calvert working Fire in Lusby area had bad and porley jugementel ops and the commanding officers look like they didnt know what they where doing at the fire grounds! 2guys had critical injeries with the strucsure collapse on thim members from co.3 solomons and i beleve also from co.7 st.Lenoard speedy recovery! Look at this as a steepin stone and do better in the long run bros and sistas all over! God Bless ya all everyone go’s home safe!

  • FF/EMT Bryant

    its another edition of talk smack…..
    Something like this has happened to EVERY Fire Department.
    As someone in a neighboring county that runs mutual aid to Calvert every now and then I can say that at least it seems that the north end of Calvert does a pretty good job.
    Live and Learn is all you can do.

    -oh…and “Anonymous” …the one who posted above “Joker”….you sound like an angry Calvert volunteer, with your last sentance about how it makes you sound dumb with the talk about PPE and SCBA. Just saying…..

  • Anonymous

    Its amazing that many of the command (or lack there of) officers are paid professionals … some of them even battaion chiefs (note the omission of the word fire in the middle of that title) at airports and stuff

  • Anonymous

    Even the best command officer will look like a failure if he doesn’t have good knowledgeable firemen operating on a scene. I’m sure there were a few aggressive and seasoned firemen on that scene. However with only a few doing it right and many doing it wrong the scene falls completely apart. This video is a good example of that IMO.

  • Pro

    The bottom line is and always has been, if there is no command and control at a scene some one is going to get hurt.

  • gutsygirl

    This was a great video in the sense that it brought the fire right to my kitchen table. Yes, a million safety issues, total cluster **** I don’t have a lot of experience with volunteer companies, but is this the norm? I figure the guys in street clothes are volunteers who were closer to the scene than the firehouse when the call came in. Don’t they at least have gear in their own cars? No Incident Command that I could see, too many crews doing too many things…And why were people going back in after the evacuation command? Thanks for posting Dave.

  • safewith Statefarm

    finger pointing, If you want to put blame on someone start with yorself if you live in Calvert County. You must at some poin it time get a real fire dept started. This county brags about being the only county in the state of Maryland with a 100% total non paid fire dept. No one is accountable, everyone there was freelancing. First you must act like a company and a team. Looks like everyone did what they wanted. It’s a shame that a garage fire did so much damage and to have two f/f hurt is expected. That happens in every dept. Sorry.
    Some day this county’s freelance goverment is to blame and take credit for all the losses they have. A few years ago there was amassive fire in Solomons Island. If the fire boats for gas plant did come to the rescue the entire island would have burned to the ground. The next day the Calvert Recorder News Paper stated the S.I.V.F.D. saved us again. WTF were they smoking. This County bettter wake up befor they are sued for there lack of accountibility. Just wait until there is a huge loss of life. Shame on this county’s Commishners. Thank God for fire insurance, that is your only safeguard here.

  • anonymous

    Just to let you all know the mayday firefighter is fine with a an angle injury do to falling down the stairs….(a mistake everybody does wether on a fire or not) Also you have show up with a garage well of a portion of one house and a barn on fire with a rural water supply, its going to take a while to, one get the water supply established, and two you have to find out how to get to the house to fight the fire. The first and second due engines went down the wrong drive way which led to an adjacent garage(right address) and then pulled a hand line… it wasn’t until the third found a second entrance that got into the front of the house and got the secondary water supply established. With Calvert County still being 100% Volunteer means you still get a lot of home response to the fire house and the scene. Solomons has a lot of area to cover with some it being very well populated… I am just glad to see that the firefighting brotherhood has gone from worrying about each other first and then going back over the incident to improve each other to screw that guy and let’s pin the tail on whoever was trying to handle 1 the firefighters safety, 2 the possible victims safety, !ND 3 the point of trying to save property

  • Brian Brown

    At 2min 10sec if you look to the left of the screen that is the FireFighter being pulled out the front door the clip is cut short because at the time I didn’t realize what was going on (I was Focused on the fire), about 10 sec later I seen them wave over ems so I started the recording again. I’m not a firefighter by any means just a guy that likes to catch good videos and every now and again some pictures.

    • dave statter


      Obviously you mixed in someone’s helmet-cam shots.


  • Anonymous NOVA EngineDriver

    Is it too much to ask for posters to check spelling and grammar before submitting comments?

    • dave statter

      Whut yu dew meen bye thaht?

    • Anonymous

      I second that!

  • Well Informed

    Save with Statefarm,

    Obviously your not a firefighter and your vast lack of knowledge about firefighting tactics and hinderances is showing. Let me ask you this. If your fighting a fire in a 70 year old structure without fire stops in the walls, balloon frame constructure and sustained winds of 40 miles an hour, what do you think is going to happen?(Ref:Lighthouse Fire). The Tugboats from the gas plant have a capacity far greater then any firefighting boats or apparatus in Southern Maryland. They have a capacity of nearly 6000 gallons a minute which is why they were requested on the incident. Had there been a ship at Dominion at that time they wouldn’t have been able to assist due to the contract they have with the Gas Plant. I know this because I used to work for Dominion. The units on that fire did an excellent job of protecting the exposures they were capable of protecting and not risking lives to save walls and a ceiling of a structure that was well involved.

  • Luckily not a member at 3

    I volunteer in the north end in Calvert and I can honestly say that cluster***** like that don’t happen up there. It’s always been a Solomons and St Leonard thing to burn down houses. And whoever commented saying that Calvert volunteers try to act like Anne Arundel guys is a moron. I’ve ran mutual aid with them plenty of times and had to put the fire out because they either haven’t gone in or they did and then bailed.

  • Luckily not a member at 3 says

    To add to my last post I am a real tick.. a blood sucking parasitic one filled with disease. I am calling out my own brothrs and my brothers in AACO. I am a failure at most everything but most importantly I have no loyalty or integrity.

    I am doing my best to destroy a cohesive fire service in a rural area by making it a competition.

    One day I will mature but only in age since I am so dumb I will not look back and learn from my or one of my brothers mistakes.

    I hope that I can come back on here and talk crap about one of my brothers funeral’s should that day come rather than look at how to better my community thru training and keep my brothers and my community safe.
    That would take leadership and maturity two things I shall never possess.

    • Joe Paczkowski

      Aww, cute. Someone got a little passive aggressive when they disagreed with a post. Emergency services (police, fire, and EMS) online; more drama in the daytime than TNT.

      Pro-tip. Next time when you go to copy/paste a name in, delete the “says.”

  • Anonymous

    Ok people there seems to have been somewhat of a consensus of
    various comments that mistakes were obviously made. The video speaks volumes of what occurred and what didnot. The criticism of Calvert County Volunteer Fire Service efforts/tactics was to
    say the least unprofessional/unacceptable by any standards. It is now time to review among the respective Volunteer Departments what is needed. (1) A good Firefighting Strategy to be Trained and used by everyone. ie; MFRI Training Courses.
    (2) Individual Station In Service Training scheduled where each
    Station can Train and Interact to ensure one common goal on the fire ground. (3) Most important however is a Standard ICS which is in place and one Incident Commander who can direct Orders and deploy personnel/apparatus accordingly. (4) A Basic Body of Knowledge to ensure at all times SCBA/PPE are worn and in place. This is for Firefighter Safety. These may appear as written words, but stop and think, in today’s Fire Service it is critical/essential for all Firefighters/Rescuers to be protected to the very best level of Life Safety. The May Day May Day dreaded call as happened in this Incident must be either prevented to the best efforts of Training, so a scare which occurred here willnot happen. (5) “ACCOUNTABILITY” is what it is all about people. The National Fallen Firefighter
    Safety Measures (NFFF) must always be first priority for Firefighters/Rescuers to enhance their Professional Responsibilities on the Fire Ground. Everyone can/must Learn
    from what happened here. “EVERYONE GOES HOME”

    Thank You

  • FireMarshalBill

    1. What’s up the garden-hose PSI on your attack lines?
    B. Do they not sell 2.5 inch lines that far east?
    – Is there a difference between a “paid” fire run and a “volunteer” fire run?
    9! Status of garage foundation (and property line)?
    d. Why didn’t you just pull the brush truck all the way into the garage? Would have been less conspicuous…
    * With 65 firefighters, weren’t they over the occupancy limit for that residence? TICKET!
    W& How long’s the delay on their repeater for that Mayday?
    0) Statefarm Guy: Did they only have fire insurance on a quarter of that place? Hope they doubled up on flood insurance for the garage…
    f. Loved the mosh pit at the front door – EMS FAIL!

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